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Alien Encounter @ WDW

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really liked A:E, haven't been on Stitch version yet (nor do I plan to)


but I think it's quite funny how many of you refer to it as a "ride". Exactly where are you "riding" to in the attraction?


Though I enjoyed A:E, I knew all along that it was a bit intense for a Disney style ride, though someone brought up the good point about the Tower of Terror. Maybe they should have called it the "Killer Alien Invasion" or something scarier

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It was a joke... That's what JK means.


Sometimes, one doesn't see that, depending how it's typed out.


Another thing to do is j/k or the old fave


Then again, there's the always more practical and easily located along with it's more 'fem' side , though not necessarily in that order...





(And then again, not everybody -yet- knows what JK means, mmm?)


Note to Chris ^ Yeah I was noticing that too - and wondering if these two attractions had something that I had missed knowing about, all these years, lol. Thanks for making 'the observation'.


(EDIT: Spelling goofs. )

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