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I'm through to 10. In a little jam.


"Operator said it"

"he was impatient" - title of page


"quick quick, don't let me wait"

"%SystemRoot%\System32\sndrec32.exe can capture what u hear"


I just switched to IE and I can hear a low frequency rumble. I am not connecting these too well.

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I actually thought level six was REALLY easy... i didnt even brake a sweat.


8 on the other hand....


Yes it is making little sense right now, I am thinking it has something to do with Jay Turser Guitars?


Nevermind, I think I am way off now.

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^ Level 12 is pure luck. There are no clues. PM if you want to username and password for that level. Level 67 is a b****.


Yeah, you're right, i stopped using logic and put random stuff in. i got it. After that i googled it to figure out how the heck you were supposed to get that. read the description, did what it said and i still didn't see it.


13 is calling my name.

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^^yeah right you're going to find somebody on level 80!



btw, [other] AZN, you have now got me addicted to two things, SuDoku (you asked in the yes or no if i liked sudoku, i tried it out after that) and this. Thanks for stealing all my free time!



Im still on level 13, no hints please. Im a 'diy' type person.



EDIT: 13 was easy... i just misread somthing.


Im on 14.

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