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^^ Ugh, damn you, I'll probably spend hours on this now, I hate for anything to beat me. I was stuck on Level 3 for a while simply because I didn't get what I was supposed to be doing. Checked the hints and I understand the methodology now.


Jack, Level 5 was the EASIEST so far (apart from 1, obviously)!! Just gotta think about the right way. Look at the text on the screen, and think about songs. Don't forget the Google toolbar, what might you use Google for in relation to a song? Try that, and then use the information to answer the question you're being asked.

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Yea so am I SLUSHIE, I can't find anything, and I'm pressing things that I thought would be related on my keyboard, but nothing is happening... it says stop being so negative, so I'm like pressing the plus signs and negative signs and turning caps lock and num lock and scroll lock on... because you can turn them on... anyone who knows, am I close or like way off?



now let me stay on level 4 for an hour!

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I dont need (ok, i need, but i dont want) help... but im friggen stuck on 7!!!


and i am SOO DAMN CLOSE...


ARGH how is it too new????




EDIT: YESSSS!!! i got it... its funny/annoying.. actually tried the correct answer a long time ago, but i think i misspelled it. WOO!

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Im still on 6. An ALTernative? The closest thing I can come up with are those lil shortcut codes like with the ALT button with 4 numbers. But yet, can't get it.


Also, if you dont get it right the word in the htm code sdrawkcab (aka backwards).


Another is, The Source Code might help, no effing clue what that is...

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