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microwave popcorn: the poll


Is eating an entire bag of microwave popcorn every now and then a bad thing?  

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  1. 1. Is eating an entire bag of microwave popcorn every now and then a bad thing?

    • Hell no! It's mostly air and salt and butter anyways. Dig in.
    • Well, there is quite a bit of salt in microwave popcorn, so you should try to avoid it.
    • An entire bag? Are you CRAZY? You are putting yourself at risk for a heart attack! Keep it up, and you'll be ready to join ACE in no time.

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Like some others have stated, I prefer my popcorn popped in a pot on the stove. We use peanut oil in my house, which actually gives the corn a better consistency when popping and rarely do we have kernels that don't pop. I never cared for cheese or butter on my popcorn, but I'm a sucker for hot sauce, especially the Mexican brands..... ok, now I'm hungry for (you guessed it!) popcorn with hot sauce!

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^ The one year I roomed with my older brother at college, he popped his popcorn with Mongolian fire oil. Gave the popcorn an odd taste, but boy, did it burn my mouth!



My favorite microwave popcorn is Pop Secret Homestyle with butter. I don't eat it much anymore, unless I rented movies and am not drinking, then the bag is gone within minutes.

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i personally don't like poopcorn outside of a movie theater






I'm sorry, I always share popcorn with someone else, but it should be okay. As long as, as previously stated, you don't overdo the salt and butter.

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who cares, its just popcorn (mind you inside out corn...corn is a veggie, right? ) I know kids who can eat a bag and a half...just as long as you dont find out that it bothers your stomach (like I did). Its not like eating a pint of haagen-daas everyday or something like that.

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