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GAME: Continue the Story!


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Robb, though not existing, noticed that this story was in a dead end and decided to turn it his way. After noticing someone celebrating Post 666, he thought that wasn't funny. So he used his magic wand that he stole from the Fairy God Mother to turn it into Post 69. But as that happened, he noticed that the magic wand had also...

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... stood up and yelled, "pizza!" This notion forever changed the way we look at life; everything was clear now, including:


-- The universe being the result of a burp measuring 200.69 on the Richter Scale


-- The pyramids having been built just to f*** with future generations


-- The guy who yelled that probably has Tourett's


Socrates himself would have given up all his previous ideals. But two questions still remained: Who invented liquid soap, and why? The answer was quite obvious to the guy with Tourett's: it was...

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But nothing happened. He kept pressing the button on his Time Travel Belt, but nothing happened. After realizing that time travel is impossible and that he bought that belt at Toys'R'Us for $9.99, he realized that Time Travel wouldn't get him his Wii back. So he just beat the crap out of the people who had it. The people then cried "PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!!!" The guy then said "Why should I?" None of them thought of a reason why he should stop. But one brave bystander had an answer. The bystander said "Because...

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....you shouldn't hit, it's wrong and hurts peoples feelings! However this didn't make any difference as the guy pulled out his deadly ray gun and blasted all peasants into oblivion!!!!! They slowly ascended the lift...then...over the edge..Don't look down!.....

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