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Time to Move the Sticky's?


Should the majority of the Sticky's be moved to their own board?  

63 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the majority of the Sticky's be moved to their own board?

    • Yes, move them to their own board.
    • No, leave them here.

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Phew, I'm quite relieved, thought I was gonna get lynched for suggesting that. It's not that I'm mean or anything, but I tend to glance at the birthdays on the calendar at the top, and if it's anyone I speak to much I tend to PM them saying happy birthday in case they don't read the birthday sticky so... To me personally, it's pointless. As someone above said, a lot of the time I don't even recognise many of the screen names as not every member posts.


Maybe you should start another poll for this one Robb.

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I think that you can unstick happy b-day


And I will, from now on, post my "Random Birthday Greetings to No One In Particular" - on those said days when 'no one' has their birthday... or not....


...in the "Say Something Random" Forum. Altho, I am sure the Birthday Greetings...uh...Thread will be continually umped, bumped and ka-dumped for a good while, lol.


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Ok, since it seems a toss up, I have put the majority of games/annoucements/sticky's back up top. That way they are all in their own place without disrupting the rest of the random board or creating a new board.


We'll see if this works again!

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There is a games mod I'm looking into. If I think it is of high enough quality, it's something I might consider doing for the site. We've always wanted to host 'game nights' anyway (something we haven't done in WAY too long).


If I think we can make a REAL games forum out of it, then maybe I'll do that. But for right now one more board would be too much for us. After the new year I'll figure it all out!



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