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I think he was wrong...My instincts tell me no. I would say that many layers of H2O (vaporized or in liquid state) and nitrogen would automatically turn a shade of blue without any need to reflect. When sunlight and the image of the gases enters our eyes and hits our retinas, it turns a 'blue' shade (if we can perceive them, that is).


Am I right?

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^Pretty close. But water doesn't reach very high up into the sky. Also, nitrogen is colorless. The main reason is that the atmosphere absorbs red-end light, so blue comes out. Additionally, oxygen, which has a larger range than H2O in the atmosphere, and is fairly common, has a very faint blue tinge. And yes, that's from what I've learned.


Major pet peeve?

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Helllllllllll no! The worst I ever feel is from the Gravitron, and that's my favorite flat so it obviously doesn't bother me! I've never felt more than dizzy or slightly nauseous.


Do you choose a particular animal when you ride a merry-go-round?

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I think so-Magnets attract certain metals by it's magnetic field. The space around the magnet contains the magnetic field, which is created by the movement of negatively charged electrons. Electrons have mass, and a slight charge. Magnetic metals' electrons are unpaired, and spin in the same direction, which creates lines of force that move in the same direction.


Do you have a friend who fits the stereotype "geek?"

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