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July 2004



Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point suffered a cable snap which showered the riders being launched with shards of metal. The result was a train full of blood covered riders.


Big Thunder Mountain trains collided in the station at Disneyland California injuring a number of riders.




June 2004



Riders on Alton Towers' sky ride were stranded for hours and had to be abseil down to the valley when one car suffered a major brakeage.


At Flamingoland in England, a worker crossed the Magnum Force track and was struck by the train. Magnum Force is a 110ft tall Schwarzkopf Drier-Loopingbahn.




May 2004



A 55 year old man was killed when he fell out of the train on Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England. This is certainly a bad time for the ride's manufacturers, who face a similarity on another of their rides in Wales, Hydro, which ejected a rider last month.




April 2004



An accident occured on Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyworld, a train went into the back of a stationary train although there were no major injuries.


A 21 year old woman was killed at Six Flags Magic Mountain when she ventured onto the tracks of 'Scream' where she was hit by the train


A 16 year old girl was thrown to her death from Hydro at Oakwood in Wales during the vertical plunge, she hit a young boy on her fall knocking him free from the boat as well although the boy survived with injuries. Scroll down and you will see Intamin's other Vertical Drop River Plunge ride had a similar accident which prompted Knott's to add extra restraints.




March 2004



A 51 year old woman fell 60ft to her death from an inverting swinging ship ride manufactured by Zamperla. The ride was called 'The Hawk' and is located at Rockin Raceway in Tennessee




September 2003



A woman suffered a heart-attack whilst riding The Incredible Hulk at Universal's Islands of Adventure. She arrived back in the station slumped and with no pulse. She later died.


11 were injured and 1 killed on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland California when the train at the front lost a 'bogie', which is the assembly which carries the wheels. The train then jumped up off the track, struck the roof of the tunnel and then slammed down onto the front passenger car killing a man instantly. The train then de-railed. The train arrived back at the station the run before making an unusual clicking sound. Ride operators sent the train around one last time, expecting to take it in for inspection when it returned, but it did not.



July 2003



A woman died after suffering a heart-attack on Top Gun, at Paramount's King's Island. She arrived back in the station with her head down, with her young children screaming when they noticed.


A giraffe at Disney's Animal Kingdom was struck by lightening and killed.


A girl fell from a rollercoaster and was seriously injured when a ride came to a stop, and a child pressed the start button whilst she was exiting the kid's coaster.


A woman was injured when part of a Fabbri Booster ride at Orange County Fair flew off and hit her in the jaw.


A woman was seriously injured at Orange County Fair. She was riding the SCAD tower, which involves jumping off a platform into a net below... The net didn't properly catch her and she hit the floor.


A woman was killed at Six Flags New Orleans when the ride operator started a spin-and-spew ride whilst she was walking in between the cars... she was hit multiple times and died.



June 2003



A man was struck by lightening at Paramount's King's Island. He then sued the park.


Tidal Wave at Hershey Park (Water Flume) malfunctioned sending a boat full of passengers crashing into the guide rails after the big drop.




May 2003



An 11 year old girl died after riding 'Raging Bull' at Six Flags Great America. She began to struggle once the ride was in motion but no-one could help her - she was choking to death on a piece of gum. She died on the ride and was pronounced dead when the train arrived back in the station. Her parents, both enthusiasts are not angry at the park, and believe it was an unfortunate accident. The ride re-opened after a short minute delay.


A female rollercoaster enthusiast was killed at Holiday World's annual Stark Raven Mad event on The Raven rollercoaster. The event is highly acclaimed due to 'One Click' rides on The Raven wooden rollercoaster, rated the best in the world due to its extreme airtime. The woman was sitting in the last seat of the train without a seatbelt and with her lap bar not securely down, not really strange behaviour from enthusiasts at an event like this. The woman was thrown from the train on the last drop and killed. Her fiance who was sitting next to her was alone when the train returned to the station.




December 2002



A rollercoaster at Brighton Pier in England was operated by a bumbling employee with a section of track missing, nearly killing the riders.




November 2002



A teenager suffered serious injuries at the annual IAAPA show. Manufacturers display their rides and often allow visitors to test them out. In this case, the manufacturer was allowing guest onto a completely safe freefall ride a SCAD Tower. The boy jumped, only to hit the floor when the net failed to catch him.




October 2002



A Top Scan called Samurai malfunctioned leaving riders stranded for hours.


A power outage left riders stranded upside down due to automatically activated trim brakes on Stunt Fall at Warner Bros Movie World Madrid.


Five were seriously injured at Hull Fair when a Fabbri Booster ride released its restraints on the riders mid-ride.




June 2002



Three log boats on Cedar Points White Water Landings water ride collided injuring a number of guests.


A Fabbri Booster ride threw a man into a fence when the restraints opened mid-ride.


A school trip to a Thorpe Park turned into a terrifying ordeal for two

teenagers as they were thrown about inside a dangling car, a court heard today.


The boy and girl were sitting in a mobile gondola on the Zodiac Enterprise

ride at Thorpe Park in Surrey when a support snapped, leaving it dangling.


The pupils, from St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, remained inside the car as

it repeatedly crashed against the ground each time the contraption rotated.


Woking Magistrates Court heard that the ride's controller, Abigail Baldwin

pressed the emergency stop button but watched helpless as the car crashed

repeatedly before the ride finally came to a stop through its own momentum.


Two mangers from the park, Keith Workman, 46, from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey,

and Christopher Edge, 58, from Witley, Surrey, each deny one charge of failing

to discharge duties under the Heath and Safety at Work Act in connection with

the incident in September 2001.


In a statement read to the court, the girl, who was 14 at the time of the

accident and who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: As the ride started

to lift I heard a bang from the back of the car.


It sounded a bit like two pieces of wood banging. I thought nothing of it,

the ride continued to rise and and go up.


But she soon heard a friend in the car behind screaming before she felt the

car drop at the back and hit something as it reached he ground.


She said: I hit my head on the car gate. The car started to go up again and

again hit something on the way down.


The ride went up another three or four times hitting something each time.


I could see bits of wood I thought were bits of the car flying past into the

car behind.


As the car passed the control box I screamed at the girl to stop the ride.

She was crying and kept saying, 'I can't' .


Ms Baldwin told the court she was at the controls when she heard a large

bang and looked up to see a piece of the fence flying through their air as the

dangling car crashed against it.


She reached for the emergency stop but the car crashed with each rotation as

it slowed down.


She said: Following my hitting the emergency switch, as the car came down

the back was repeatedly hitting the fence and as the ride got lower it was

hitting the floor as well.




May 2002



A man was killed when he fell from a ride at Six Flags Elitch Gardens. The ride was called Rainbow.


A man was killed when his head was struck by the leg of a passenger on Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Over Georgia.


A power outage left riders stuck on the pulley of Deja Vu at Six Flags Great America for many hours.




April 2002



A severe storm caused The Whip at Kennywood to collapse, killing one and injuring many visitors.




March 2002



A wheel broke off the hyper coaster, Desperado in Nevada causing the ride to screech to a halt, injuring all riders on board.




January 2002



S&S Power's Vertigo ride collapses at Cedar Point.




October 2001



A man died when struck by a train on The Gauntlet, a Pinfari Looper at Camelot Theme Park, UK.


Two trains collided on The Beast at King's Island causing minor injuries.




September 2001



A woman died at Knott's Berry Farm when she was ejected from Perilous Plunge. The woman weighed 330lbs and was 'standing up' on the drop.


A woman who rode Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's Berry Farm died of a ruptured brain aneurysm after being taken to hospital.




August 2001



A woman riding the Monkey Business spinning mouse ride at Six Flags Marine World complained of a headache and died of a ruptured brain aneurysm.


Two trains on the Intamin Hypercoaster, Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England collided causing about 20 minor injuries. The accident was probably due to a sensor malfunction which sent a car full of passengers into the back of a stationary car which was full of passengers without restraints on.




July 2001



Chaos, a Chance Thrill Ride at Michigan's Adventure toppled over and collapsed trapping riders in their seats.


Passengers had to be cut from a lift in the Observation Tower at Six Flags Elitch Gardens when it stopped.




June 2001



One of the Land Rovers on Rhino Rally, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, tipped completely over during a normal park day. The passengers were thrown out of the vehicle into the animal habitats (Rhinoceros and Crocodile) and two suffered minor injuries. The remaining riders crawled out of the vehicle whilst the driver called for help. This could be due to the top-heavy vehicles used on the attraction which undertakes a few sharp turns. The ride will remain indefinitely closed until safety experts are convinced the ride is safe, and this won't happen again.


The Corkscrew at Alton Towers stalled mid-ride, with the train failing to complete the circuit. 28 riders were trapped on the double corkscrew inversion for 90 minutes. The ride has stalled before, when four members of staff were trapped upside down and had to escape with a ladder in 1997. Whilst Alton Towers attempts to find out what went wrong with the ride, after numerous reports of the ride's roughness from guests and now safety issues, the park may be looking to remove "It's First True Thrill Ride".


A man was arrested after assaulting the Cookie Monster at Sesame Place, a theme park based on the popular kids entertainment show. The woman inside the costume suffered minor injuries including bruised ribs.


A 20 year old woman suffered serious head and neck injuries and later died when a train slammed into the back of another on the Treetop Twister, a Reverchon Spinning coaster, at Lightwater Valley, North Yorkshire, UK. The woman was air-lifted to a hospital in Leeds. Other riders, mainly male were injured by the crash. The ride was shut down and is being investigated. The park had only recently acquired the ride in an attempt to improve their reputation.


At Lake Compounce, riders were stuck on a level section of the Zoomerang coaster. The train overshot the station and came to a halt on a level section of the ride. 28 riders had to be rescued by firefighters and ladders.


A groundskeeper at Lake Compounce was killed whilst attending to the area around the Boulder Dash coaster. The man was wearing compulsory safety equipment including safety glasses and ear protection, and as a result could not hear the coaster train running, when it was unexpectedly run early in the morning. This is the third death at the park in less than two years (See August 1999 and July 2000).


Riders of the River Rapids ride at Paramount's Carowinds were exposed to deadly toxic chlorine fumes in the tunnel of the ride. They were taken to hospital and treated for inhalation of toxins.


A court ordered The Walt Disney Corporation to hand over all their reports on accidents in their parks after the company was blasted for withholding information. The reports are nothing less than shocking. Hundreds of serious injuries have occurred in the Californian park alone, with many more at the Orlando site. No accidents have occurred at Disneyland Paris, which is not owned or run by The Walt Disney Corporation in any way. The prime culprit of the accidents has been the turbulent computer-controlled dark ride, Indiana Jones, at Disneyland. Hundreds of minor and major incidents have been reported on that ride, some suffering major brain conditions such as bleeding at the brain stem.


A 28 year old woman died on Goliath, a 255ft, 85mph hypercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA. After leaving the station, she arrived back slumped over the seat, reports indicate that it was an aneurysm or bleeding at the brain stem. The woman had suffered from a related problem and the ride was operating normally. Goliath has been known to cause minor black-outs on one of its more intense helices, this latest incident could force the park to take action and schedule re-tracking of that part of the ride. However the ride was NOT to blame, the woman could have died doing other similar strenuous activities such as bungee jumping, running or climbing stairs.


The boomerang at Knott's Berry Farm, CA, stalled mid-ride on the cobra-roll, or boomerang element. Riders were able to get off the ride because of a walkway which had been installed on a number of the boomerangs on the dip of the roll.


Two girls suffered slight injuries on the Boomerang at Six Flags Fiesta Texas when the lift-hill let go of the train early, causing it to shunt around before coming to a stop; nothing serious.




May 2001



The Amusement Industry's "Safety Man of The Century", Bob Gill pled guilty to manslaughter after a a fifteen year old girl was killed on a rollercoaster which passed safety tests performed by Bob Gill's company just ten days before the tragedy. The incompetence shown by his company whilst inspecting that ride can be seen when closely examining the ride, Himalaya. It was found that the girls safety bar had broken off at ALL points of attachment which led to the girl being thrown out of the high speed ride and into the foot of a wall adjacent to the ride, which killed her. During the inspection that day, Gill's company found that four safety bars had broken locking mechanisms and one of the seats was completely broken. Although they said that the car should not be used, they allowed the ride to stay open. On the day the girl was killed, three other people reported that their safety bars were broken and on tests performed after the accident, more bars broke. Although Gill's company has now gone out of business after being found guilty of "rollercoaster murder" it's suprising that other rides which have been operated by B&B Amusements, who were also charged with manslaughter last yea, are remaining open.


At Six Flags Marine World, a woman fell out of the starfish ride, all versions of this ride have been shut down, pending a full investigation.


At Disneyland California, 20 people were injured when a large tree fell onto guests in Frontierland, no injuries were serious but eighteen were taken to hospital, and five children were injured.


At Phantasialand Park in Germany, 63 people were injured when a fire broke out on the Grand Canyon Bobsled Rollercoaster. 150 people were riding the coaster and an adjacent ride at the time the fire started, which quickly spread to buildings forcing the park's guests to flee for safety. Some people jumped off the ride whilst others escaped by ladders. Over 600 people who were standing in line were also forced to evacuate as flaming wood flew across the park covering an area nearly 300ft away. Eyewitnesses were terrified that huge burning structures would fall on them. In all, nearly 20 000 guests were affected by the blaze. The cause of the accident, is now known to be a short-circuit resulting from faulty wiring.




January 2001



At Disneyland California, a young girl lost part of her finger after it got caught in an attraction on Tom Sawyer Island.




November 2000



Man Killed on Splash Mountain, Magic Kingdom, after he left the boat mid-ride and was struck by another boat.




October 2000



A boy suffered serious brain damage after being pinned under a car on Roger Rabbit, Disneyland.




September 2000



14 people were injured on the Pepsi Max Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach when the brakes failed to stop a train, which plowed into the rear of a train in the station. injuries included broken legs and ribs.


Whilst renovating the Tower of Terror at Camelot Theme Park, UK, a fire started which burnt the entire thing down!




August 2000



A car on Space Mountain, Disneyland, de-railed causing injury to a number of riders when the ride came a sudden halt.




July 2000



At Lake Compounce, a 6 year old boy was killed when he fell of his inner tube on the park's Lake Plunge water slide. the boy was recovered half an hour later from the bottom of the lake, 15ft below the surface of the water. He never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead.




May 2000



At Six Flags Ohio a 17-year-old ride operator was injured after falling from the loading platform of the Batman Knight Flight roller coaster. The accident happened in the ride's station where the trains are dispatched. The floor below the roller coaster trains separates and drops off to the sides as the trains leave the station, because it is a floorless coaster. While standing on the floor, it retracted and the operator fell 12-15 feet from the loading deck into a room below the ride.




February 1999



A worker at the skyride cable car ride at Magic Kingdom was struck by a car and forced him a grab on to it. He held on for about a minute before letting go and falling 40ft to his death. The ride was removed following this incident.




March 1999



One woman was killed and ten were injured after a raft on a river rapids flipped over trapping riders beneath the water surface.




April 1999



On Thunder Road at Paramount's Carowinds, a train plowed into the rear of a stationary train.




July 1999



A woman riding Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal Studios Hollywood suffered chest injuries after being thrown into the lap bar restraint at the end of the ride after the 81ft high drop into water. Heavy padding was added to the two Jurassic Park Rides.




August 1999



A man feel from Drop Zone at King's Island and died.


A man died after riding the Shockwave rollercoaster at Paramount's King's Dominion


At Knott's Berry Farm, on Ghost Rider, a wooden coaster, a piece of wood came loose from the framework and struck riders in the heads as they passed.


A boy of 12 was killed when he fell from Drop Zone at Paramount's Great America


A park employee of 16 years of age at Lake Compounce was struck by the Tornado ride and dragged to his death.




September 1999



A boy jumped out of the Shockwave rollercoaster at Paramount's King's Dominion on the lift hill, claiming he was not properly secured in.


A man who wasn't properly secured into the ride fell out of the Shockwave rollercoaster and was killed.




September 1998



On the Tower of Terror, Disney MGM Studios, Orlando. A lift car malfunctioned sending 20 people crashing down when they weren't supposed to. All had to be taken to hospital. The accident happened at 9:00am shortly after the park opened, and an emergency stopping procedure prevented the riders from falling to their deaths.




July 1996



At Six Flags Great America, a train full of passengers was stranded upside down for three hours on a vertical loop on the Demon rollercoaster. This was a very famous incidence and the whole world was shocked when treated to images of children trapped upside down for hours.




May 1996



At Six Flags Magic Mountain a 25-year-old male employee was struck by a 6-ton train on the park's Revolution roller coaster as he was crossing the track in the station.


A Man who had ventured into restricted area beneath TOP GUN: The Jet Coaster, to retrieve his wife's hat which had been dropped from the ride earlier in the day, was struck in the head by the foot of a passenger on the inverted train. He was killed, and the woman who struck him suffered a broken leg.




May 1987



During a ride on a roller coaster in New Jersey, a 33-year-old man left his safety restraint, stood up, and leaned outside of his car. His head struck an object. He sustained a fatal head injury and died seven weeks later from complications resulting from the accident.




June 1986



Mind Bender, a Schwarzkopf drier loopen coaster suffered a fatal accident. The ride was at Galaxyland in Canada.






July 1980



A 26-year-old male was killed at an amusement park in Missouri when the ride operator of a roller coaster mistakenly assumed that the train in which the victim was riding was empty, and switched the track to direct the train into a service area. The area in which the service track ran through was of low clearance, and the victim's head got jammed between the back of his seat and an overhead wooden beam. At least one other person was injured in the accident.



now I'm not sure if all theise are all true but it is intressting to read.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

They are leaving out some important details.


A man was killed when he fell from a ride at Six Flags Elitch Gardens. The ride was called Rainbow.


The man that was killed was mentaly challenged, and undid his seat belt.




Passengers had to be cut from a lift in the Observation Tower at Six Flags Elitch Gardens when it stopped.


That right there is crap. The fire department was called, and just cut a hole threw the side of the car, and the passengers walked down the stairs, no injuries. That is why 1 side of the tower is always closed.


There are just some details missing.

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"May 1996


At Six Flags Magic Mountain a 25-year-old male employee was struck by a 6-ton train on the park's Revolution roller coaster as he was crossing the track in the station." (Emphasis mine.)


It was a female attendant, actually. That was on May 30, the original media event day for Superman---The Escape. (That event was delayed due to the ride not being ready. Otherwise, I would have been at the park that day.)


Anyway, I know that's a minor detail, but it makes me wonder about the accuracy of some of the sites that deal with these things.



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July 2004



Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point suffered a cable snap which showered the riders being launched with shards of metal. The result was a train full of blood covered riders.



Ha. I've only been to Cedar Point twice, and I was there the day that happened. The acciedent actually happened about an hour or two after I got off, so I didn't know. The funny part was listening to the rumors the next day at the park, and seeing 20 guys in suits inspecting TTD.

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Holy Crap that was a Long Post!


I personally have no concerns about visiting Theme Parks (Not Including Traveling Carnivals)


Often people who get injured at Theme Parks were doing something Stupid during their ride. I mean if YOU chose to undue you seatbelt and stand-up while riding Disneys Matterhorn, well you get what you deserve!!!

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It's more like a malfunction.


About a week before, the bay area did happen to have an accident. Remember when the 12 year old challenged boy fell off of dropzone? Honestly, I think there's more behind it than him being mentally challenged. I say this because I was there the night before the incident riding DZ. The ride was just seconds from dispatch and our OTSRs weren't secured...we weren't even checked for crying out loud. Lastly, we sat in the same chair thingy as the boy did. I didn't think much about it until I was hearing about the accident at PGA the following day and watched it on the news.

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