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Universal Orlando Resort (USF, IOA, Epic) Discussion Thread

P. 625: Dark Universe revealed!

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My friend that works at USF was at the park late tonight and got video of them INSTALLING THE RINGS!!!! They look AWESOME!



USF Installs Lift Rings!


Check it out!


This "Rick Roll" nonsense is getting pretty old--no more "Rick Roll" links, please.

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Spending much of the day at universal yesterday and watching HRRR I have some good and some not so good news.


Starting off with the not so good stuff-The rings are not up yet nor could I get a time frame of when they will be up when I asked about them. Once I even got a response of "What Rings?" Also asking nicely and offering twenty bucks per person in station for a test ride on rockit does not work.


Now for the good news- Earlier in the day I caught rockit's train running with all of it's flashy goodness of LEDs. (As soon as I figure out a way to get the video off my phone, i'll put it up unless someone beats me to it) I heard one person say something like "ooh sparkly" or something along those lines. Another plus is there are at least another two trains in the storage shed.


As for an estimated time for opening, I was told gruffly go to rockits website.

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I've never heard of anyone that prefers HOS to HHN.


That would be news to me, too--but it's possible.


I'm not a fan of the Saw flicks, but these movies would be ideal for HHN's mazes. As for the Wolfman, bringing back a classic Universal monster in some form works for me.

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The rings are still supposed to go up along with the signage on the front of the lift.

Over the last few days, workers have been doing a little bit of work on the pieces that will hold the rings to the lift.


Those pieces can clearly be seen in the video below:

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Thanks for the vid.


Am I the only one that thinks this look boring?


I guess the appeal to this ride will be the "onboard experience" of audio, lights etc and the DVD you can make.


I won't be rushing 12 hours to FL for this one anytime soon.

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Can you say extreme air coming off that first block? Looks like it didn't slow the train at all!


I personally can't wait. I LOVE airtime, and seeing as how the closest coaster with more than two moments of good air is Goliath, I think it will become my favorite coaster in Orlando.

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They've been running the coaster during the day with the LEDs on the trains switched on. They've been turning them off during nighttime testing, though.


From what I've heard, the lights are pretty visible during the day.

Hmm...Me thinks it will be a great light show at night!

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I was there yesterday and the lights on the train are easily visible. It's what got my attention that it was testing. HRRR is very quiet during it's circuit, it looks like a very smooth ride. Which I don't know if it is a good thing or not.


My trip to Orlando is now over

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^Good for you.


The rumor is a movie theater usher. I think it would be cool if it was the director back when he was younger and worked at a movie theater. He's my favorite icon.


That's a clever idea. Actually Brilliant! I would love to see that happening.


Jack the clown is my favorite icon so far for all of the HHN after reviewing many people trip report and watching hundreds of HHN on YouTube and other video media. : )


I'm not a fan of the Saw flicks, but these movies would be ideal for HHN's mazes.


I can now see how SAW can be use for with HHN. I can't see it as a Haunted House alone since it would be boring to see Jigjaw in every room. But in maze-wise... I can see it as a game to escape.

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I am officially in Orlando and I will hopefully bring some updates along.


When we went past Universal, there were several workers on the lift and (I believe) a crane close by.


I'll be at Universal tomorrow from the time the park opens until the time the park closes.

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Rumor has it RRR just vallyed. Anyone hear anything about it?




It might have. Someone close posted this less than an hour ago.."Something tells me another delay is upon us..."



[EDIT] Lmao, it did vally. Here's some pics.


"It was windy as hell, which prevented the second car on the train from making it up, and it flew back down and teeter-tottered back and forth for about 10 minutes."

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You've got to be kidding me what is wrong with this coaster!

It's something that's not really been done before.


Sure this "type" of coaster has been built at other parks, but not to this size or configuration of elements.


What's wrong with it? It's going through testing.


If all testing went without any problems at all, it wouldn't be called "testing" now would it?


--Robb "I'm happy they are working the bugs out NOW instead of opening it pre-maturely and creating long downtimes." Alvey

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