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TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

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Final Day at Disney (Last full day of the trip) :(


Part 1


although I knew this was going to be my last full day in Japan (and at the DisneyParks), I declined to meet up with those who were going to be meeting up early to head to the parks at open.


they were going to meet at 6:45 am, as both parks opened at 8am on Saturday. I understood, as some folks were leaving this afternoon and had things they wanted to do.


but I was exhausted, I'd been getting up early for nearly 2 weeks and had been cramming in long days. Oh, it had TOTALLY been worth it, but even tho I had a few things on my "hit list" i wanted to get to in the parks? I needed to sleep in.


So I had set my alarm for 9am - although I woke up before 7:20am anyways, and got out of bed.


I was dressed and down at the breakfast buffet by 7:30, and it really worked in my favor that I had slept in a little bit. The restaurant was WAY less crowded than it had been on previous days, and not only was everything fully stocked up and tasty, but I was able to get a fresh egg from the chef who was making them as folks were asking.


yeah, this is "bert is not super hungry". . . LOL. . but everything was delicious!


the smiley faces are hashbrowns!


since I was by myself, they sat me towards the back of the room, near the windows looking out the backside of the hotel.


it looked very overcast and drizzly, but I got this lovely view - that I hadn't noticed on prior days - of some fountains, sculpture, and a quaint temple building out back of the hotel.


I finished up my breakfast at just around 7:50 and headed to the Monorail station. . really the only one I saw walking.


yep, the Monorail was deserted, as most everyone at the resort stop who had planned to go to the parks, was either already at the park gates, or was waiting for the weather to clear up a little.



love the glasswork on the monorail. . so lovely.


here's the whole Monorail route. . . I was going all the way around, since i wanted to go to Disneyland 1st.


I had a few things I wanted to do today - at both parks - but 1st on my hit list was Buzz Lightyear at Disneyland, and I wanted to get a fast pass for it.




showing up just after the gates have opened, really makes a difference in terms of how many people are in the courtyard!


but as you get closer to the gates, there are still some folks around lining up to get in :)


LOVE this view. . . hell, I've been dreaming about it.


I can't wait to go back at some point in the future and see it again in person.


headed to the right towards Tomorrowland, as I was gonna get my fast pass for Buzz, but stopped to take a pic or two of store windows along the way.


the Star Tours castmembers out front trying to entice folks into the attraction.


As you can see from the clock there, the park had been open ~45 minutes, and it was still a walk on.


I told them I'd be back, after getting my fast pass.


after getting my Buzz fast pass - which I think ended up being around 10:45am, I then went into the lottery building to try my hand at getting a Spooky Boo Parade lottery ticket.


Since I was solo this am, I hit jackpot the first try (and got premium seating by the main parade stop). Now I just had to keep fingers crossed that the rain would hold off enough the parade wouldn't be cancelled.


Peeking at the already LONG line for Space Mountain, I headed back to Star Tours, where the cast were thrilled to see me again.


gee. .I wonder how they remembered I had just passed by. . .LOL



Exiting Star Tours, you cross over the main walkway, and come out near the top level of the pizza restaurant there.


it was way too early to eat (and I had just eaten anyways), so no one really in the restaurant ordering downstairs. . . but I noticed upstairs? an entire animatronic display of alien & machines making Pizza and buns.


very cool.


even in the rain, folks still lining up to see "One Man's Dream" show (and Space Mountain behind it)


I think I will go ride Pooh's Hunny Hunt. . which means I have to take a detour thru the new Beauty and the Beast area. .and pass by the new Baymax ride.


a peek of the building by lifting my phone over the hedge barriers.


after a ride on Pooh, I rode a few more things in Fantasyland, and remembered to take a pic of the unique top of the Pinnochio ride.


it was starting to drizzle, and the timing was good that I was in Fantasyland anyways, as there was something here that was on my "hitlist"


Yep, Philharmagic - Tokyo Disneyland style. the lobby wasn't super crowded, so was able to take some nice pics.


the show was wonderful, and it's been so long since I've seen the American version, that I can't recall if we get Donald's butt on the back wall in America.


but I loved this.






I did a little bit of wandering and admiring the Halloween decorations around, before I had to head back to Tomorrowland for my Buzz Lightyear fast pass.





on the way back, watched a few moments of this street entertainment - he was pretending to be TDL maintenance, but the cart was full of props and magic tricks (and fought back against him).


Didn't have time to catch the full show, as I had a fast pass, but it was wonderful to stumble across this as I was walking.


Toy Story soldiers.


buzz buzz buzzz. . . . . .just as fun as I remembered it being.


Even tho I only got to ride it this one time? glad I got to get a ride on it.




Coming out of Buzz, the Spooky Boo Parade was passing thru the main area. . i noticed it was the "rain" version, with not a lot of dancers between the floats and the characters wearing raincoats.


so snapped a few pics, while still hoping that my reserved spot for the later parade would still happen - if the weather held out from pouring rain.






and honestly? it didn't look all that appetizing to me.


(and this is the example of what it looks like.. so you KNOW they picked the best one to display). . LOL


a sign in a restaurant window caught my eye and distracted me from the parade. . and I discovered a NBC Jack Skellington themed Tomato/braised beef sandwich.


which i was SO tempted to try. . but I wasn't all that hungry, and I really had my stomach set on a Mickey Waffle. . so settled for a picture of it.


I decided while in the front section of the park, I'd do some shopping, sightseeing. . so was in and out of a few main street stores.


what DOES Grandma say????

(mine always said, don't sit on the couch! it's for guests only!).


some store window displays, including the unique "Chocolate Crisp" tins they had for Halloween


too bad the cranes are up. .but still a wonderful view.


next time, I hope to get to go thru the castle :)


more displays in the Stationary store.


(i was on the hunt for magnets, diecast cars, any kind of fun souvenirs. . . and I bought a bunch of em on this day)




as I shopped I made my way towards the New Orleans Square area. . .. and the Mickey Waffle Stand.


the theming over here is fantastic (and Pirates is just back behind this building, which are bathrooms)


looking up the "street" for a fantastic view of the castle - from in front of the Waffle shoppe.


the line was LONG. . but oh so worth it.


line in front of me to even get into the shop. . .


and extending out behind me into the walkways


the menu


tho they have a cast member walking the line and taking orders, who then hand you the pre-written order so they can move the line fairly quickly. (tho i think I ended up in line for ~25 minutes)


I got Strawberry and Custard with Iced Coffee.


the line zig-zags back and forth inside the shoppe, and thru a big window you can watch the chef churning out waffles.


it's quite the show.





once I got my waffle and found a window seat (not too hard, surprisingly, as crowded as the place was!), a Pirate brass band popped up on the walkway outside.


oh how was the waffle?




SO good, I'd say it was worth the trip to the park *just* to try one of these. I thought this would be the highlight of the food I ate today, but it did get one upped later at TDS. . .(in part II)


waffle and coffee


and since right here by Pirates, it would be "wrong" not to ride it, right?


If I recall, Jon had texted me while I was eating my waffle and asked if I had made it to the parks and where was I?


It turned out that he was close by, so we met back up and I think we rode this together (and possibly did Country Bears and Tiki Room together again too).








some Halloween atmosphere in Frontierland, near Country Bear Jamboree


I still had a bunch of time before the Spooky Boo Parade and there was some things I wanted to do at Tokyo DisneySea. . . so I parted ways with Jon and headed past the Castle and towards the front of the park.


the transportation system double bus was parked and ready to take on passengers, but this one wasn't on my list, so just snapped some pics of it as I walked by.



the closest I could get to the castle, during the refurb.


Still incredible to see tho. . as I keep saying.


some more Halloween decorations up in the main courtyard.


I mean. .it's a pic one *has* to get, right?


Beauty and the Beast Cosplay. . holding Gelatoni cosplay. . LOL


the bicycle Piano guy entertaining among the crowd around him in the Main Street area that I passed on my way out.




bounce bounce bounce


and Piglet too


and Eeyore. . all just outside the front gates, and mingling in the main courtyard in front of the Monorail station.


the lines were just a bit too long for me to stop and wait, so I was happy just taking pics of others posing with them.


Cinderella and Prince Charming cosplay on the way to the monorail.

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part II


it was only 1 stop up (and between TDL and TDS), so I stopped off at the hotel to drop off all the souvenirs I had bought - including several tins of Chocolate Crunch :p. . and then quickly headed back to the Monorail Station for a 1-stop trip to Tokyo DisneySea


and perfect timing. .here it comes, and there's the hotel in the background.



Ariel and Belle cosplay on the monorail.


I *did* ask to take their pic, and they said yes, but then didn't look up from their phones. . so this really is NOT a "stealth" stalker pic. . .


hello my lovely!



the main courtyard of Tokyo DisneySea from the Monorail station.


the TDS version of Walt and Mickey


So of course I had to take a picture of it here!


headed to Sindbad for another ride, came across this group posing for a pic on the Camel prop.


they were ok with me snapping a copy too :)


Sindbad !!




coming out after my ride? Abu was out!


for Abu? yeah, I'll wait in line for him. . .




Lilo & Belle cosplay at the Arabian Coast area, with Stitch - and his girlfriend (??. . no idea, never seen this character).


but they were out posing with guests.


THIS is the main reason I wanted to come back to TDS today tho.. the Chandu bun


Sold at a little stand across the way near Sindbad.


the packaging is adorable.


and I love how the packaging adds the "cuteness"


I believe this was a pork bun (tho could have been chicken). .but the "hat" was SO good.


Only topped by the chicken in the main body. . OMG. . easily the BEST thing I ate at the Disney Parks.


so, so good.


while enjoying my snack in the Arabian Coast, I snapped some pics of Raging Spirits and Indy across the river and thru the trees


if you look close, the coaster is on the track just behind the fire.



also a perfect picture of Mermaid Lagoon with Mount Prometheus behind.


ah.. THAT'S why it's such a good pic :)




speaking of Mount Prometheus, of course I have to cut thru there - stopping to wash my hands with Mickey Soap - for another ride on 20,000 Leagues.


but I need to head back to TDL, I don't want to miss the Spooky Boo parade, and the weather has really gotten rather nice, although it's a bit overcast.


on the way towards the front of the park, I spot Geppetto out near Soaring


ooo. .Gideon is out???


Wow, a character I don't think I've ever seen as a walk around character!


(come to think of it, with the Aristocats the other day, and the popularity of Geletoni? it shouldn't surprise me that cat characters are popular at TDR).


and then there were lots of bells going off.


and applauding.. looking around? it was a wedding at Tokyo DisneySea.


a closer look at the happy couple.


Jiminy Cricket was out too. .


*sorta* got a pic with him. . LOL. . he can't really see in that outfit, so didn't know I was behind him.


guest cosplay. . as Pinocchio (and I *think* Lampwick as a donkey?)


and since Gideon was out, I wasn't surprised to see Honest John out and about too.


on the way back out to Monorail, Goofy in a different Halloween costume was out and about too.


snapping a pic of the TDS entrance map as I passed by.


not a whole lot of folks on the Monorail in the afternoon either, so I was able to stand at the front and watch the track as we headed towards TDL.


I believe this is just a cast member, and not the operator -


as there was nobody over there running anything.


he just spent the whole ride waving to folks out the window as we passed :)


I'm still here at Disney! for at least another 6 hours or so!



back in TDL, I headed over to grab another ride on Haunted Mansion NBX. . . . but passed by It's a Small World on the way there (it's sorta next door). . HOLY. . look at that line!


after my Haunted Mansion ride (and I believe another spin on the Carousel right there), it was time for the evening Spooky Boo Parade.


The weather had held out, with no more drizzle. . and they announced they were going to be doing the Rain Version.


but I quickly found my spot when they called my ticket #, and I sat down with everyone else to await the start of the parade.


it was a great spot, and shortly before start time, they removed the hanging railing to allow us fantastic views of the Spooky Boo Parade.




these are the kind of views I got from my "lottery" ticket spot I won.


even with the rain version, there were quite a few marchers between floats - with the main thing noticed is that they were all wearing clear raincoats over their outfits.


but the incredible outfits were still clearly visible during the parade. . very good, with some great music (I bought the soundtrack CD).











































the parade was wonderful, especially sitting so close up to it. . but by the time it was over, my legs were asleep, so I had to take a moment to get steady again.


gave me time to enjoy the area, and the evening lights were starting to come on.


fan cosplay - double Rapunzel and her mom from Tangled, and Snow White, who were happy to pose for me :)


heh. .hadn't noticed the "ghost driver" earlier.



wandering around the castle, while on a treasure hunt to find the Haunted Mansion candy dispenser - it was really a hunt too, but it worked out well, since they were so hard to find (and not at either of the locations they were noted as being on sale at on the "special Halloween merchandise" map), that when I eventually DID get pointed to the right place (a food stand in toontown) they had plenty for sale.


anyways, here's a castle pic.


and some topiary on the castle grounds


I'm back in Toontown for my search



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Last Day final part


my scavenger hunt for the Haunted Mansion candy holder eventually brought me here, to Huey, Dewey, and Louie's Good Time Cafe.


why would the Haunted Mansion Candy holder be here?


Beats the hell out of me, but thank goodness in my search at locations where it was supposed to be for sale, a castmember thought they remembered seeing them here and sent me to ToonTown.


the line here was super long, so before getting in the line, I asked the castmember who was directing the ordering lines about it.


and she brought me up to this display and pointed, asking, "this?"




and note the sign that you can purchase up to 3 items. . .. so you bet I got 3 (two for me, and one as a gift for a friend who also loves Haunted Mansion)




amazing.. and yes, the ghost glows.


Speaking of friends that love Haunted Mansion? I texted Jon this pic and told him what I found. . his immediate response?




(he ended up buying 3 of them also) :)


killing time in ToonTown waiting for Jon to meet up with me.





it was getting late, so I told Jon I'd just meet up with him later, and told him where to get the candy holder, and I headed off to Frontier land.


i wanted another ride on the Jungle Cruise.



yep, it was pretty crowded, but they fit so many on each boat, that the wait was only maybe 15 minutes.


I ended up riding on Senegal Sal. Another great ride, tho again in the dark. . so never got a daylight ride. . next time!


I then headed sorta next door for another visit to the Tiki Room :)


no apologies, I love this stupid show. . and it's a chance to sit down.


right at the end of the show, I got a text from Jon asking where I ended up and told him I was in Tiki Room, but was just heading out.


he was nearby, so we met up again to spend the rest of the evening hanging out.


I think we may have headed over to Big Thunder Mountain, and on the way back we passed the ferry station for the Mark Twain.


I stopped to take a pic of one of the lit decorations outside. .then just kinda noted I'd never actually been on the Mark Twain Riverboat.


It hadn't been on my "hit list" of things I'd like to do today, but Jon was up for it, so we headed into the station as the boat was pulling up from it's prior voyage.


cool little model in the station.


the ship returning with some happy passengers


close up to show it's the Tokyo Disneyland version.


it wasn't super packed, but Jon had told me that when we get on, we should go all the way up to the top level - especially since I'd never been on it.


I was expecting a lot of things to be hard to see, since we were riding in the evening (something I had noticed on Jungle Cruise which is SO dark once the night falls).


But lots of things were really well lit around the river and the views were really great.


Glad I finally took a ride on the Mark Twain.


possibly my favorite picture from this day: The Castle from the top deck of the Mark Twain, before it pulled out of the station.


yep. . I done rode it.


and away we go!


these scare the crap out of us. . . SO LOUD when the horns and bell rang as we pulled away.


holy that was loud!




the ship is really beautiful at night too.


so is the surrounding areas.


Big Thunder Mountain here.








love this pic too. . .Splash Mountain in the evening from the riverboat.



after our Mark Twain riverboat ride. ..we needed to *BOUNCE*. . . so over to Pooh's Hunny Hunt!


(with I think maybe a stop along the way for Small World).


such a fantastic ride, with a fantastic queue. . you are IN the storybook.



Pooh butt !! (with a face on it.. . silly rabbit!)


we had been invited by some of the TPR folk to meet up by Splash Mountain towards the end of the night. . so Jon and I headed over where we met up with Alex, Allison, Zach, and soon, Luke joined us too.


we had a wonderful ride on Splash Mountain. . . and I think we *may* have gone over to Big Thunder for another ride too. . .but then it was getting close to closing time.


I didn't want it to end :(. . but all good things must.


and so with a consensus. . we decided that the last ride of the night / trip should be:




Tired but happy TPR group in the line for Space Mountain (sorry, my selfie camera sucks in the lower light).


and after a wonderful last ride, we exited into the park which was pretty much shut down. . .


Luckily Luke's selfie camera (or maybe Alex's?) takes a much better picture in the evening.


So was able to get a really good final pic of us at the Monorail station while waiting for it to come and bring us back to the hotel - where it was time to pack, since we all had flights out the next day.


As tired as I was (and suspect everyone was), look how dang happy we all look.. . and the Disneyland hotel behind us - across the Monorail tracks - is striking when lit up at night, so it made a lovely backdrop.


and with that, the Monorail showed up, and brought us one stop and back to our hotel exit. Some may have gone to get a snack (I can't recall).. . I wasn't really hungry despite not eating anything since the Chandu bun earlier in the day, but since I still had a bit of Peanut Butter and Jelly (in the mini-fridge) leftover from Typhoon preparations? I went up to the room and ate PB&J while finishing up packing, talking to my Spouse, relaxing and actually turning on the TV to watch some whacky Japanese Television for my last night in the Country.


i also organized and played "Tetris" figuring out how to pack all the containers of Chocolate Crunch (and other flavors) into my luggage.


it had been a great day.


and a great trip.

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I had such a wonderful time on this trip, and with such a fun group! I miss this!


me too! I cannot ditto this enough.



Aw, sorry to see this report come to an end. I'm glad you had such a great time in Japan!


thanks, I take that as a great compliment.


and I did have an absolutely incredible time (regardless of things like a Typhoon), because Robb & Elissa do such incredible planning, and that we had such a great group of people, who truly seemed to get along and enjoy hanging out with each other.




I do have a few additional updates (final day/plane flight, all the souvenirs, etc), but yeah, this was the final - in a park on a TPR trip update


can't wait to go back to Japan in the future!

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Good stuff, Bert! Anything on TDL and TDS is golden to read through. Lots of great photos you've taken, there. Glad you had a really good First Visit!


Now, you need to start planning for when you're going back!

(And looking forward to seeing all those SOUVENIRS you collected, lol.)

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Bert, you've truly earned your Ph.D in TPR's Trip Reports! Hope you continue to go on these trips and reap many, many more 'doctorates' so that you can go on entertaining your friends, here! I had so much fun following you.


P.S. That hotel buffet breakfast pic that you posted - that luscious plate of 'this & that' - was that a sausage resting on smoked salmon nestled in a bit of ketchup for the smiling hash browns? (Gotta love a buffet!!)



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Great report! Tokyo Disney really is the best way to end a Japan trip. Once you get to Tokyo Disney, it's hard to leave.


thanks, and agreed 100%



Good stuff, Bert! Anything on TDL and TDS is golden to read through. Lots of great photos you've taken, there. Glad you had a really good First Visit!


Now, you need to start planning for when you're going back!


Thanks, Bill.


and I really did have a fantastic 1st visit. . it was a bucketlist dream, and it totally lived up to it!


and yes, earlier this year, I renewed my Passport (thank goodness got that done before things went nuts, since I'm certain it would have been more difficult nowadays, what with restrictions and wait times increased - especially since very little overseas traveling is happening at the moment).


but I've got it renewed, and fully intend to go back in the future


Bert, you've truly earned your Ph.D in TPR's Trip Reports! Hope you continue to go on these trips and reap many, many more 'doctorates' so that you can go on entertaining your friends, here! I had so much fun following you.


P.S. That hotel buffet breakfast pic that you posted - that luscious plate of 'this & that' - was that a sausage resting on smoked salmon nestled in a bit of ketchup for the smiling hash browns? (Gotta love a buffet!!)




aww. .thanks so much, Alice.


glad you've enjoyed reading thru, I'm so happy that folks have enjoyed the pics/stories.


yep. . that was sausage sitting on top of smoked salmon near the smiley face potatoes. . and with a bunch of pork dumplings in the front. and the other plate has a chocolate croissant with a schmear of Nutella on top.


everything was so yummy.

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.....but I've got it renewed, and fully intend to go back in the future


Bit of advice. Wait until at least 2026 to go back. Everything should be completed and built

and running, I/we hope. Fantasy Springs, especially. We were planning to go back in 2025.

But now that everything is at a medical standstill, everything in construction gets pushed along,

too. So we're now considering 2026, just to allow extra time in catching up, etc. Hopefully.


I'll be 73. And David will be 79. Here's hoping you can make another visit there.

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Bit of advice...go back as often as you can and don't wait! You never know what can happen.


Also, great finale to a great report!







and as i mentioned to Chuck, I do have a handful of pics from flight home, and then souvenir pics, but thank you Elissa!


For both the compliment, and for all the work & effort you put into making this such a fantastic trip.

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^ Well yeah, there's that way, too. Winning a lottery (or three) would certainly help.



it's been a brutal couple of days, and it's highly likely that I'll be unemployed in the next few months. But that ain't gonna stop me.


if there's anything worth spending savings on, it's going back to Japan.


And after all, what are savings for, if not to spend on something worth doing that you enjoy? And Japan definitely fits that bill. Hell, even the Spouse is ok if I spend $$ on trips.

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Awesome end to the report, bert! That last day evening was awesome, we couldn't have done it any better. I remember being sad about leaving Japan, but also looking forward to not walking 10 miles a day and getting some good rest haha.


Man that breakfast spread was so good. We ate so well over there! Tokyo Disney Resort is no doubt the best theme park experience I've had. I'm realizing there are so many attractions I didn't experience! I didn't ride Buzz, huh how did I miss that

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^ the queue was directly across from Space Mountain. . I'm sure you were just distracted.


I really enjoyed it, tho only got to ride it once (and that was with fast pass too.. the line was NUTS the whole time we were there. . just as long as Toy Story, Pooh, and Monsters Inc). . . but when/if we go back, we'll have to ride it together!

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^ thanks.


yeah, I loved it, even if it wasn't my favorite attraction in the park, the moment I saw the magnet, I knew which one I was getting.


I try to pick up Magnets as souvenirs (and gifts for friends), and although the vast majority of them I got on this trip are "generic Japan" magnets, I did get a few unique ones that caught my eye:


Nagashima Spaland: Arashi

Fuji-Q: Fujiyama (again, not my fave ride there, but easily my favorite magnet)

Yomiuriland: the Bandit one

TDL/TDS: all they offered were the "puffy" logo ones, but i liked them (also picked up the "ghost" mini-magnets for Halloween)


Himejii Castle: unique Dragon-head & Castle magnet

Godzilla head magnet

Shibuya Crossing magnet

and some cute manga-bear magnets.


I'll have some pics up soon, in the "souvenir" post

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Exiting Japan, sadly, and headed home.


one thing I had started looking into during the trip (and especially after the Tsunami) was upgrading my general boarding seat for the flight home. I figured that the airlines might start discounting, due to seats opening up as some people had cancelled trips due to the Tsunami.


that wasn't really the case, tho there did seem to be a lot of open seats. . but when I was checking in every night the costs were still pretty crazy, and the website wouldn't let me upgrade to the tier I wanted (I mean, I wasn't going to pay $1800 to upgrade to Business class, even tho I had been spoiled on the trip over by getting bumped up to the Premium + section. . . . heck, my entire flight wasn't much more than that).


but I kept checking anyways.. and eventually while at Tokyo Disney, had just called to speak to a representative to try to understand why I was able to upgrade much cheaper for the 2nd half of my flight to Premium, but wasn't able to get Premium + for the main trip from Japan, even tho I could see there were open seats there.


It took a long time, but eventually she figured out that my flight tickets had been "linked" in some way that wasn't allowing me to grab Premium + on the longer flight. After she separated the link, she was then able to offer to book me.. for ~$1100. Um. . I told her I really did appreciate the effort she had made, but there was simply no way that I could justify that expenditure, so I would just be happy with my original seat in General boarding (ie: steerage).


she surprised me by asking me how much I WOULD be willing to pay, and I tossed out a number.. which was still a bit high, but one I could live with/justify. . and she surprised me by saying: "done. if you want it"


so I grabbed the upgrade, and was able to spend my last days at Disney knowing I had been able to get something more to my liking.


moral of the story? ask for something. . worst they can say is "no" and maybe? they'll work with you :)


on to pics from bus ride to Airport, and flight home:


the final morning was overcast, but dry . and the construction had started back up in earnest outside


THINK this is a new Hotel they are building (and next door to our hotel on the right is a new Parking Garage)? - not a further expansion as part of TDL.. but could be wrong.


little closer, with the Monorail in the pic.


I don't wanna go :(


but almost time to leave the hotel.


Not before heading down to meet up with others for a nice leisurely breakfast.


looking down into the lobby of the Tokyo Bay Hilton from the hallway outside the room.


still in the hallway waiting to meet up - you can see the other "wing" of the hotel behind me across the open area.


looking pretty perky. . had gotten to sleep in a bit today.


but yes, I'm sad to be leaving.


Way too quickly, it was time to head to the front drive for our bus to the airport.


while waiting for our my bus, I noticed the Mickey tail-lights on the Resort buses.


Our airport bus stopped at another TDR hotel before heading out to the airport, which allowed a few final pictures before we headed out of the TDR complex.







I so wish I was back there. . . like. . . SOON.


Headed to the highway towards the airport.


Don't recall what this wheel was connected to, this was the 1st time I noticed it, as can't recall seeing it from the Monorail (then again, I always sat on the side facing into the parks).


Poor Luke was exhausted. . so of course, I snapped a pic once he fell asleep :p


In the Airport - after buying a crapton more souvenirs, I saw the last two Vending Machines I'd see in Japan.


wasn't hungry at all, so didn't buy anything, but really wanted to take some final pics to give me lasting memories of the fun options.


gonna miss that Pocari Sweat. . I really liked it.


and before I knew it? was time to get on the plane.


My upgrade ended up being a fantastic deal because even tho it was extra $$ spent? the seat next to me was empty the entire flight, giving me use of that seat's tray area so could spread out.


for stuff like this of course :)


tho I would have preferred the Japanese option of "Curried Braised Beef". . they had started at the front of the section (I was on the last of 4 rows), so they were out of it, and had to go with the Western option:


Barbeque (Kinsodori) Chicken Breast w/ Squash puree.


it was good tho, so really can't complain. and I was able to get green tea with it


Mid flight snack. . the whole section got Turkey Cheese Croissant & Haagen Dazs


it was a weird combo. .but I ate it all.


a peek at the "flight menu"


and for "Almost There" serving - they started from our back row, so got my choice of:


Spinach Frittata (which was decent, and a much better choice than Flounder. . I couldn't imagine eating fish at that point in the flight).


Long flight over, I had a plane change after a short layover. we never did go thru any real "Customs Check". they just funneled us thru a small booth area after immigration (where I was literally asked 2 questions: where was I coming in from? and did I enjoy my trip?). .and then we picked up our luggage, walked it to another belt, and put it down, and then went into the airport to get connecting flights.


This pic is from the 3 hour flight, that had me seated in - not quite "Steerage" (aka: General boarding), but not "Premium +" either. . . no way was I gonna pay a few hundred more for a shortish flight.


well, shortish in comparison.


I had to beg to get a pair of earphones, since the ones from my flight TO Japan were packed in my luggage and not reachable - and the ones that were from the longer flight were full headphones ones, so you can't take those off the plane with you.


the Stewardess gave me grief and told me she could sell me a set (for Breast Cancer research).. . . but a male Steward overheard me ask, and came by and slipped me a set, along with a cereal bar he had snagged from Premium +. . . . LOL


That's why I always try to be nice to the airline staff . . tho it was hard NOT to be snarky to the bitchy stewardess who wouldn't give me a pair of earphones. I can just imagine how she would have treated me asking if I was in the General section. . sheesh.


and before long, we were landing back in Austin, and my Spouse was there waiting for me.


it was a fantastic trip, and as noted, I'm ready to go back!

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