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NEWS: City Museum Sold to Premier Parks

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Not only I'm a concerned about the Museum going forward.


I can't image a coorperation being able to build another place like that anywhere else. That entire place is a piece of art. Even if they use the creative team....the insurance and legal departments will never approve anything like that again.


That place has already proven it doesn't need marketing. An attraction like that does fine by with word of month in the social media age.

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I was planing going one week from today, but it looks like they quietly changed their hours and they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays now? Ugh... I looked on archive.org just to confirm I wasn't crazy and sure enough a few weeks ago it says nothing about changing hours after summer is over.


I was looking forward to this forever, but now I will have to rearrange some of my Missouri trip and hotels this weekend to maybe get a few hours there on Friday before Six Flags, if I can make it work with my driving schedule....


I'm glad I just happened to check since I didn't buy my tickets in advance otherwise I would have showed up very sad with no chance of going whatsoever on Monday.


Do they normally close days in the "off-season" or is this a new thing?

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Just discovered this thread, and am hoping that 8 months later, things haven't been changed too much here at this very fun sounding, and unique attraction! Any reports from people who've been this year since the ownership change? Is it much different?


I'm finally making it out to St. Louis and Missouri with my kids next year, and was excited to take them here! Hopefully it hasn't lost too much of what made it great before!

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was there in June, and the only thing I mentioned in my TR on it, that was highlighted by those who have been as 'new" were Ride Signs that had gone up by some of the slides.


we loved it and had a wonderful time.

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I remember when City Museum was in its infancy and it had very little to offer. It was mostly a few sculptures and a climbing structure or two. People love it, but oddly no one I know, including myself, ever visits. I'm about thirty minutes away and I haven't been in ten years. No desire to go back anytime soon, but it seems like people from out of town love it.

I too have been around St. Louis much of my life and while the City Museum is one of my favorite places ever, but for whatever I've always taken it for granted and have only visited a few of times - but unlike you, I've come to realize this recently and have felt very bad about it. The place is an utter anomaly in this world we live in today, and yet I've always just assumed that it will always be around later in the same capacity for me to visit again someday (which is why I never visit), It's a dangerous thought and I should know better.


With this news, I am now planning a trip back there with couple friends this fall, and looking forward, visiting more frequently in the future.

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