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Grsupercitys quest for coaster credits

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So me and my wife just hit 4 parks in 4 days. We did Sea World Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa, Fun Spot Kissimmee and Orlando. Was a got vacation over all. We stayed at the Fountains in Orlando.


First park we did was Old Town and Fun Spot Kissimmee. We started off by hitting the shops in Old Town and eating at A&W. The whole time Mine Blower was calling my name. So after taking in the place we decided to head over to Fun Spot. We started off on Rockstar and ended with Mine Blower


Rockstar was fun. We both sat to the left to really get it spinning. 6/10

MineBlower was great. Very impressive for its small foot print. Loved the pacing 9/10


The next day we went to Sea World Orlando. It was a very pretty park. We did the pets ahoy show and it was very entertaining. We also got to watch the killer whales and Dolphins. Shamu Express was closed. We had the dining plan for Sea World and Busch. Both parks had decent food options. We started off with Kraken. I was expecting VR but there was none. Very solid ride. One of the weaker rides of the trip but was fun none the less. Our second coaster of the day was Manta. Wow that ride was great. I love pretzel loop. Was a walk on. I loved walking through the line and seeing all the fish and rays. Our last coaster of the day was Mako. Very solid ride. Great floater air. Loved the first drop with no seat belts. This park really needs and invert to round out the park.


Kraken was a fun ride 7/10

Manta was amazing. My best flyer to date 10/10

Mako was very fun and very rerideable 9/10


Third day we did Fun Spot America in Orlando. We started off with Freedom Flyer. Was a fun little family coaster. Our second coaster of the day was White Lighting. I enjoyed this ride. I enjoyed the fast pace. Just wish it were 30 feet taller with 1000 more feet of track.


White Lightning 8/10

Freedom Flyer 7/10


We ended our trip with day 4 at Busch Gardens Tampa. Wow this is a great park. Wish i had 2 days at it. I much much much preferred it to Willimsburg. Montu was my favorite coaster of the trip and my new favorite Invert. I enjoyed all the animals. Very well themed park. My only grip is I wish there was a path from Scorpion to Sheikra. I enjoyed the very long skyride. We also rode the decent flume. This park also had my biggest disappointment in Cheetah Hunt. Was a good ride but my expectations were to high. I went in expecting Maverick and it was not at all.


We started off with Scorpion. Very fun little ride. 7/10

Next was Kumba. I love this ride. 9/10

We hit up Sand Serpent. Just another mouse. been on better 5/10

Cobras Curse was next. Elevator lift was neat. Killed its momentum right away with the second lift. Even with 2 lifts the ride was short. My favorite spinner to date sadly. 7/10

Montu was next. I didn't I would find an invert better then Raptor or Afterburn. I was wrong. That batwing is nuts. Peer invert perfection. 11/10

Cheetah Hunt was last. It was a good ride. Did not like that it killed pacing half way through though. Fun ride just had way to high of expectations. I was expecting Maverick and ended up on a twisty family coaster. 7/10


We also did Gatorland. No coaster credits there but I did get to see some funny shows. We will be going to SFSL in a couple weeks. I will be doing a trip report on that park. Thank you for reading

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My kids and I hit up those exact four parks on our recent vacation to Florida! We had such a blast! Definitely my idea of Florida done right!


Montu is a fantastic coaster, and while I prefer Banshee, it reminded me of just how awesome it was on this past trip! Kumba is still my favorite coaster at the park, and an amazing coaster after all these years! I too was a little "disappointed" by Cheetah Hunt, even though it was still a really fun coaster. I don't think I was expecting Maverick, but just... more. BGT is probably still my favorite Florida park, though SWO really gave it a run for its money this trip!


Glad you had fun, and thanks for sharing!

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I'm pondering the same itinerary for my next Florida trip. We'll see. But it'll definitely have to include those four parks.


Montu is at the top of my invert rankings as well. I really enjoyed Cheetah Hunt, though, and was not disappointed in it at all. It has a lot to offer--I'd consider it a solid "complete package" type ride; just not the most intense.

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Six Flags St Louis


So we made our first trip to SFSTL. I went in with lower expectations. They were blew away. I believe the park is one or two major coasters away from being a really really nice park. All the coasters were open. It was clean. Even though the dry side wasnt busy (waterpark was at capacity) they pumped out trains very quickly. It was a very hot day. It started getting very cloudy around 6 and lightning started around 7. If this park were to get a X flight clone from SFGAM or RMC Boss I can see it becoming a upper six flags park. Onto the rides


First ride of the day was Batman. I love these batman clones. Inverts are by far my favorite type of B&M. I like that this one was mirrored compared to others I have ridden. Great ride as usual 10/10


Next ride was Ninja. It was horrible. It ninja chopped me right in my neck. It was a one and done. Replace it with anything 4/10


River King Mine ride was next. It was so awful that me and my wife could not stop laughing the whole ride. it is what it is. A small 3 lift mine ride. Id take it over Ninja lol 5/10


Boomerang followed next. It was a typical Boomerang. I enjoy these rides for what they are. I liked the setting and paint job on this one. 6/10


Pandemonium is the 4th new spinning coaster I have ridden this year, In my opinion it was the best of the 4 this year. Sorry Cobras Curse I much preferred this ride. We had flash passes so we rode this one a bunch. Spun alot for us. I think we got more airtime on this ride then Screaming Eagle lol. 7/10


Nest was my first Justice League. I have been to other parks with them but always skipped them. It was fun. it was better then I was expecting. My only complaint was one of the screens didn't work. Of the 5 of us in the ride vehicle I had the highest score. 7/10


Mr freeze was the coaster I went in with the highest expectations. This ride is a BLAST! I had so much fun on this ride. This ride should of been cloned and sent to more parks. Def a top 3 ride in the park. 9/10


I kept forgetting this park had Evi..American Thunder. Wow my new favorite GCi. This thing is nuts. I kept going back and forth between this and Mr Freeze as to what is the 2nd best ride in the park. I have nothing bad to say about this ride. 9/10


The Boss. AKA longest walk to a ride ever. This ride looks imposing. That long lift hill. Huge MCBR. Very cool looking coaster. Awful ride. I had heard it wasnt rough anymore. Liars. This ride was awful. RMC this ride now 5/10


Screaming Eagle. Good old woodie. Had some decent air time. 6/10


We had flash passes so everything was a walk one. Even without flash passes half the rides would of only been a couple trains wait. We waited like 40 minutes for food at Johnny Rockets. Only real complaints with the park was a lot of first day employees. We had dinning passes and most of the workers didn't know what they were or how they worked and at multiple places had to have a manager come explain it to them. Also their merchandise sucked at this park. Trying to find a picture frame and magnet that wasn't covered in super hero's was difficult. Trying to find anything that said Six Flags st Louis was almost impossible. All in all we had a great time. I look forward to coming back to this state at another time for Silver Dollar City and Worlds of Fun.

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Good write-up. I agree 100% Six Flags St. Louis just needs that one elite coaster to push them over the edge. Whether that be RMC Boss, a Raptor, or something entirely different, they have one heck of a supporting cast ready to go.


I was at the park 2 days before you and Justice League was closed all day, so I'm glad to hear they got it back up and running.


As for more air on Pandemonium than Screamin' Eagle, I don't know how that could have happened. The Eagle was absolutely hauling on Friday night and dishing out good air on almost every hill. Sounds like you didn't get the same experience. It's a shame since that ended up being my favorite coaster in the whole park.

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I totally agree about the merchandise.


Every park we visit, we like to get a fridge magnet and shot glass. The only options were superhero items. I guess I could have been ok with it had the superhero items had the park name on it as well, but no luck there.


We have Been to this park a few times, and agree 100% with your great report. The only part I differ with you is about screeching eagle. That ride was amazing. I would have given it at least an 8/10.

By the way, did you get to ride Excalibur? This ride is nuts...and rare.

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We were also looking for SfStL merch as we always try to get a fridge magnet and ornament for our tree - no luck finding either in any of the gift shops at the front of the park.


I agree about all of the Marvel stuff...if I wanted to buy that, I would just head down to the local Wal-Mart. Well actually I wouldn't, but you get the point.


^ Excalibur has been closed all season for refurb.

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We were also looking for SfStL merch as we always try to get a fridge magnet and ornament for our tree - no luck finding either in any of the gift shops at the front of the park.


I agree about all of the Marvel stuff...if I wanted to buy that, I would just head down to the local Wal-Mart. Well actually I wouldn't, but you get the point.


^ Excalibur has been closed all season for refurb.


We found a superman magnet that said in small letters Six Flags st Louis on the bottom right corner. We found a frame that was covered in marvel characters but managed to say Six Flags on the bottom middle. They work i guess. I dont usually buy shirts but they actually had some good ones at this park

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I didn't browse through the gift shops, but were they actually selling Marvel stuff instead of DC? I remember there was a weird survey sent out a while back asking about some Marvel heroes instead of the DC ones they owned.

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So me and my wife just did 2 great parks in PA. First thing i wanna say is Pennsylvania is a very pretty state and Pittsburgh is way more then old steel factories> onto the report.


First park was Waldameer. I was excited for this park because we don't hear alot about it. Our GPS kept trying to take us into the trailer park in front of the park. After we finally found a place to park we went and loaded money onto a wally card. We started off the day with the Comet. A great junior wood coaster that reminds me of ZAch's Zoomer and the woodstock express coasters. Nest up was the american version of Steel Dragon. For a spinning coaster it was almost glass smooth. Sadly weight must of been even since we barley spun. Fun ride. It was my 6th new spinning coaster of the year. I liked it. Nest was the parks crown jewel. Ravine Flyer 2. That thing is a blast. The ride does not look nearly as big as we were expecting. For a smaller ride it packs a punch. Smooth and relentless. 2nd favorite coaster of the trip. We rode twice in the back and once in the front. We did the wacky shack and it was wacky. We also did the ferris wheel and it had great views of lake Eerie. I do not take a lot of photos at parks but here are the views from the wheel


Our next park was Kennywood. I went into this park with high expectations. They were blew out of the water. Lightning Run is one of my favorite coasters and I knew if Phantom was even half as good that it would be a good day. First ride of the day was Jackrabbit. I did not tell my wife of the double down ahead of time so it was a nice surprise for her. It was a good ride but not great. Very smooth for a super old wood coaster. Next ride was the racer. It was smooth. Didn't really do anything else special. Very forgetable. At that time it was enough pissing around and i wanted to ride the Phantom. It was a hot sunny Sunday during labor day weekend. The line was long and it was running one teal train. After about half an hour of the line standing stilll they added the 2nd train. That was a 10 minute hold up but the line moved quickly after that. Once we finally got up to the ride we wanted to try the back first. The ride was...okay. Sometimes it takes multiple rides for me to appreicate a ride. We got up and went to the black widow. I went in knowing it was going to be good and it was even better then great. Every park should have one of these. Next up we decided to kill some mice. When we got the the line ems was helping someone. So the line did not move for about 20 minutes. After that it moved fairly quick. Theme was neat. Ride was fun. One and done because of the wait. We then made our way to the Thunderbolt. Being that you cant see half the ride I was not sure what to expect. Weirdest looking trains I have ever seen. It was a good but not great ride. We then ate some potato patch fries that were good but a little soggy. Line was now short for Phantom so we rode it over and over. Wow what an amazing ride. Relentless from start to finish, Even with trims on the final bunny hills you get ejected. I love this ride. 10/10. Kenny wood has an amazing collection of flats. Which we took advantage of. I have no idea what Kangaroo is what I am a fan. Swing Shot (though not as good as black widow) was also a lot of fun. All in all it was a great time at both park. Kennywood has great views of massive rolling hills with homes going all the way up. It also has some nice views of bridges and a huge factory.


Comet 6/10

Steel Dragon 7/10

Ravine Flyer 2 9/10


Jack Rabbit 7/10

Racer 6/10

Thunderbolt 6/10

Exterminator 7/10

Phamtoms Rev 10/10


View from Ferris wheel at Waldameer


View from Ferris wheel at Waldameer


Beautiful rolling hills


Peaking over the thunderbolt


View from the parking lot


Flying by the station


2 fun rides

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I must say this has been a very good year and that me and my family are very blessed. We decided to take on a very ambitious trip to the twin cities. I manage a large new car dealership so I work many 6 day weeks. So finding time to fill my coaster addicition can be hard. We wanted to do Nick Universe, Valleyfair and Mall of America on one Saturday.


We left our house Saturday at 5 am. We flew out of GRR to MSP. We landed at about 7:40 and check into our hotel super early. The hotel shuttled us to Mall of America. We arrived right at 10 and headed straight to Nick Universe. This park was the reason for the trip. We have read and watched nothing to rave reviews. Walking in the north entrance right way we could start to see rides operating in the distance. We walked under the dora Ferris Wheel that said something in Spanish and walked right to guest services and got wristbands. Luckily it was 10 AM and was not busy at all. First ride was Pepsi orange streak which was a walk on. It was a long ride that gave great views of the park Our next ride was Spongbobs rock bottom plunge. That ride makes a presence in this park. I was really looking forward to this ride. This was my first vertical lift coaster and that was a neat element. The ride was fairly smooth and the drop was pretty good considering its small height. The cut back element I though was the highlight of the ride. We next did Avatar the airbender. I was not expecting this ride to be open since the website said it would be down for refurb. Wow this ride was fun. This was a milestone coaster for me and I am so glad I was able to experience it since there are not to many around. Fairly odd coaster was next. Not a fairy rare ride but a fun one. This was my 6th new spinning coaster of the year. I believe this is the same model as the one at St Louis that I rode back in may. I like this model the best of all the ones I have ridden. Another ride I was looking forward to was Brain Surge. I remember seeing these Chance unicoasters on videos before the trade show in Vegas. This ride was by far the highlight of the trip. One of the best flat rides I have ever ridden. I am glad we got to this park at 10 since every thing was a walk on.


Pepsi Orange streak 5/10

Sponge Bob 7/10

Avatar Airbender 8/10

Fairly Odd Coaster 7/10

Brain Surge 10/10


We then Ubered to Valley Fair. It was about 1 pm and upper 50's and rainy. I was really looking forward to Renegade. After walking in we headed to Corkscrew. I thought it was pretty smooth and enjoyable. High Roller and Excalibur were sadly closed. Mad Mouse was next. my home park has a slightly taller version of the same ride. It had a 2 minute wait which we never see at out home park so we happily jumped in line. Good solid family ride. We found our way to Renegade. It was a walk on. The que line seemed nicely themed. I was expecting alot from this ride. I fell in Love with America thunder earlier in the year. I am going to assume they change the wheels for the cold weather. This ride had a nasty vibration that I have never felt in a GCI. Sadly I did not fully enjoy the ride. I dont know if it were the vibration, the cold misty weather or the high expectations or what. I was hoping it would land in my top 5 wood and sadly I dont think it will even crack my top 10. After getting confused by the dead end layouts and soak city blocking us from wild thing we finally found our way over to it. We rode Phantoms Revenge a month ago so this ride has huge shoes to fill. Its tall and dominates the skyline. My home park was supposed to get one of these in 2002 and I looked a the ride in wounder of what could of been. Now the ride. Way smoother then I was expecting. The first air time hill was good. The rest of the ride is sadly forgettable. Luckily at this time most of the rides in the park were still walk on's. After eating at Coasters and riding Extreme Swing we headed over to Steel Venom. I am a fan of these. I was so glad the holding was not working. My family jewels were the happiest that the holding brake was off. We looked for some merch and headed back to the mall by Uber.


Corkscrew 7/10

Mad Mouse 7/10

Renegade 7/10

Wild Thing 7/10

Steel Venom 8/10


We then spent the rest of the night at the mall. What can be said about the mall that hasn't been said. It huge. The food court is larger then most malls. We were gonna do some reides at Nick Universe but at this time the night time halloween thing had started and it was packed. All in all super long fun day. 2 parks and MOA. We flew home Sunday Morning I am not into taking many pics but here are some


Walking in from the North Entrance





It sure does look good over the midway



We had a fun 3 hours at the park

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Glad you enjoyed Nick Universe; it's a really great park.


. Fairly odd coaster was next. Not a fairy rare ride but a fun one. This was my 6th new spinning coaster of the year. I believe this is the same model as the one at St Louis that I rode back in may.

It's not. It's the same as Spinning Dragons in Kansas City.

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^ Oh thank you. I couldn't tell. With the way it wraps around and over other rides its a tricky one to distinguish the model. Nick universe is a very neat park. They have an extremely solid collection of flat rides. We walked around at night but only rides the rides there in the morning. The lines at night were 10 times as long. It was dark at NU. The rides had lots of lights going and fog. The log flume was turned into the fog flume. Do they run it dark every night with the ride light packages on or was that just a halloween thing?

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So this will be a down year for us. We have a 18 month old and another on the way so no coaster riding for my wife. Regardless we will still make a couple mini trips so I can get my fix in. My first dose of medication for my coaster addition was Legoland Florida. This was my first legoland. I went in with reasonable expectations and they were blown out of the water. This place was clean, park was dead and everything was bright and clean. All 4 coasters were open. We started with project X/Legorace. Sadly the VR was not working. Still a fun mouse. Had a nice first drop and wasn't overly trimmed. We then made our way over to Coastersaurus. This is the coaster I was most looking forward to. I believe it was my first ground up Martin and Vieminckx coaster. I was expecting gravity group family coaster pops of air and it had none. Hill after hill we crawled over with not even tummy time. Still liked the theming and ride just wanted a little more speed over the hills. I liked the junior GCI trains. We did the ninjago ride and that was fun but after a couple rides of karate chopping my arms were tired. Plus the fire truck ride had lots of pumping and my arms were sore lol. We managed to get on boating school with only a ten minute wait. Everything else was a walk on. We then made our way to flights school. I have ridden superior family suspended coasters with lap bar only. Still a fun little family ride. After more exploring we found the new Lego Movie world. I was hoping to ride the new soaring type ride but was pushing a 45ish minute wait the whole day while mostly everything else was a walk on. I did manage to wait one cycle for uni kitties disco drop. That was a fun junior drop and spin tower. I also got talked into beetle bounce. That was the typical frog hopper type ride but with some nicer theming. While over there we did the lost kingdom adventure. I knew nothing of this ride going in and it was loads of fun. I am not always into shooting dark rides but this one worked perfectly. After riding that twice I finished off the coasters with Dragon. It was a fun Vekoma family coaster. Nice theming. We did not eat the apple fries. We spent a lot of time in duplo valley. Our 18 month old loved the train ride and the tractor ride. Mia's riding adventure kept closing with the light sprinkles and we did not manage to snag a ride. We did ride the double Deck carousel. The horses looking like legos cracked me up. A lot of the food places had longer lines then the rides. Earlier in the day we got a pretzel and nachos by boating school in the lego city area. Later on there was no wait at pepper and ronis pizza shop. They had little 7 inch pizzas that were quick and easy to grab and go. The rides operations were quick. The small cities of lego's was my sons favorite part. So much little moving stuff to look at. We bought some stuff in the big store at the front of the park but it was slammed so we grabbed what we wanted quickly and got the heck out of there. The park was exactly what you would expect a park themed to lego's to be like. Expectations were blown away. I will be going back when the kids are older!

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Sadly the VR was not working.

I believe that's the first time I've ever seen those words in that order.


I was hoping to ride with and without the VR since the wait was nonexistent. I heard it was one of the better ones


My wife enjoys Old Town so I got to ride my beloved Mine Blower again. That is a very solid ride for such a small park. First time riding it with a full train. It hauls through that course!

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So being the crazy coaster enthusiast that I am I made the long trek from Michigan to the Mile high city of Denver. I left my house at 3:50 am to catch a direct flight to Denver. My plan was to fly in early in the morning then go to Elitch Gardens and Lakeside and then fly home that night. Elitch Gardens was never on my immediate list of parks to hit next. But with the rumored closure I did not want to miss a chance to visit this park. That is what lead to a crazy day of 2 flights and 2 parks in 21 hours! Let me tell you of the good bad and the ugly.


I landed in Denver around 7:30 MT with plenty of time to find my way around and get my rental.I got to Elitch about an hour before opening. I was one of the first cars in the parking lot which resulted in free parking! I really liked the enterance to this place. The massive entry building is nice and the main street area looked very nice and well kept. Main Street ended at there Ferris wheel and it looked nice. I was dissapointed to find out that Side Winder and Half Pipe were closed. Those are the 2 coasters I was most looking forward to. I have never been on an Arrow shuttle coaster. I have been on the other Intamin halfpipe though at MOA and I thought it was a blast. So since they were in op I headed straight for Twister 2. I managed to get a couple rides on it. Very good in the front seat. Boomerang was nice. All though this is one of the loudest ones I have ridden I also found it one of the smoothest. I enjoyed it and as always that backwards loop is awesome and intense. At opening the place was dead. Weirdly it seems like half of Denver showed up a couple hours after opening. At this point I grabbed a rapid ride pass and headed to MeowWolfs dark ride. Thanks to my wrist band I got right on. This ride was way over hyped and unfortunately I was let down by it. Fun and Interesting but It just wasn't my thing. Crazy thing is my next credit at this park was my last credit at this park. My mind got erased. I enjoy a SLC. I hold my head forward and have a fun intense ride with no head banging. I get spoiled by how much better Thunderhawk is over this Mind Eraser. I had zero head banging but it felt like someone was hitting me in the back with a 2x4. But with the 2 other coasters down and not having a kid with me I missed 3 credits at this park. They did seem to have a nice flat ride collection. All in All I enjoyed my time here. Very nice looking park with only a couple old six flags worn down areas. When did Six Flags sell this park? I still can't believe a park that gets that busy might close down. I really hope they take there best rides and slides and relocate. Huge open areas by the airport. Side note this place is pretty much giving away merch. I went to the counter and they gave me a bunch of sweet merch for 1 dollar each. I regretted not getting more. Plus they rounded down on money for all my food. That along with free parking and I am sure this place is losing lots of potential money....Anyways


I then ventured down the road to Lakeside. That place was sketch in the best way possible. I bet this place looked amazing in the 1960s when it was new. So many neon signs. This place could be so great with a little TLC. So many classic rides with some newer ones sprinkled in. I went straight to Cyclone and got a zen ride which was funny considering Elitch the same day was packed. This ride along with Wild Chipmunk scared me. Not omg they are huge scary rides. Like this place looks like they don't maintain there rides and the chipmunk is gonna blow an upstop wheel and derail lol. Cyclone was a meh ride. It had a cool tunnel and I am sucker for hand brake. The layout for an old Cyclone did not have the pops of air I was expecting. I much preferred twister 2. Wild Chipmunk on the other hand was the greatest thing ever created. I have never had such a thought of why am I riding this in my life. Sketch in the best way possible. Best ride of the day. Dragon was closed and so was the little coaster. This place was dead except a few kids rides. I would love to see these 2 parks merg since Elitch needs a new home. I did the gliders since they looked old I figured they would snap. Nope. I could not find any sort of gift shop for this place so no merch here. The new old pinfari was not open yet


Then headed back for the airport. 3 hour flight home. After another hour diving and my over 20+ hour day was complete. It was a last second trip and I do not regret a thing. Good luck Elitch





The views at this park are surreal. Downtown Denver, Mountains, Mile High stadium and Pepsi Center






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Nice report! I hope to make it out there in the next year with Elitch's eventual closure happening. I'm glad Twister II was ok in the front since that looks like a coaster that could be quite rough.

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