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So it's the off-season, now what?

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Hey everyone!


For many people in the world, October marks the end of the theme park "Season" and to help everyone from going stir crazy during those cold winter months we will try to put together as many different activities as possible.


Kind of like a mental home for coaster theme park nuts!


For starters, we will be having our 3rd annual Coaster Video Contest which will probably start a bit earlier this year since we want it to finish before we start the UK trip. So that means...start editing NOW!!!


We also want to start up some RCT and NL activities and I really like the idea of putting together an "official" Theme Park Review scenario or track pack for both games. Once I get caught up on all the DVD orders, that will go into production.


I also want to encourage people to post more Photo TR's over the winter, even if it's from past years trips. For example, I have heard recently of people having photos from 10+ years ago, that personally I would LOVE to see scanned and posted. Kind of like a "Retro Photo TR!"


Of course, we will still continue with doing the PhotoChop/Avatar contests, our own Photo TR's and Video segments, chat room and game nights, but let me ask all of you....


What ideas do you have?


--Robb "We need to do another game night very soon!" Alvey

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Sounds like a plan Robb. I really like the idea about the No Limits and RCT track pack. I also think it would be cool to have photo contests or something. I don't think they would necessarily have to have prizes, but merely the pleasure of knowing you took a kick ass picture. I don't want to try and get you and Elissa to fork out more prizes! . But we could just do photo contests with themes, like out and back woodie, decrepit piece of sh..., hyper, humorous (though I think the Tweetie camel toe pic takes the cake), and so on. Just a thought.

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I don't mind at all doing contests as long as people know it's not really for competition, but for fun! I'm sure we can round up some more pocket fluff as prizes too!




Oh yeah definately. I picture something like the photo contest being a lot like how the avatar contests are run.

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Here are so many great ideas. I would like a photo competition, because I have a lot of pictures. A RCT competition sounds good to me, too! Remember, I have won two competitions!

However, I am looking for a weekend trip to Europa Park in november or december. They have a winter season there with real snow! The only bad thing is, that Silver Star is closed in winter! I think Silver Star riding at 25F would be awesome! :shock: I am sure after that you would look like an ice cube!

Elissa, I think we stay at hotel Colosseo and not at hotel Castillo, because it cost only € 5.- more!



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I'm really liking more and more the thought of doing "Retro Photo TRs"


I'd love to see some photos of parks from 1990 to 1995 or before!


Like Cedar Point BEFORE Mantis or Raptor. Heck, I've even got some old SFMM photos with Shock Wave!


I should even dig up the rest of my 'backstage" Disneyland photos.


Heck, I've even got photos from "State Fair '87!"


So who's going to be the first one to do a "Retro Photo TR?"



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How about a Roller Coaster Photo Contest? Similar to the Video Contest, but let's give our Photographers a chance to shine this time!


Mmmm. This I like.


Tough competition though, I would be satisfied with a podium finish

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How about a Roller Coaster Photo Contest? Similar to the Video Contest, but let's give our Photographers a chance to shine this time!


I'm very interested in doing that! Personally, I can't afford a videocamera, especially considering all the parks I plan on going to next year! I need to save up! So, photos are all I have .


Anyways. Sounds great .


I'm also interested in the RCT contests, although, most certainly, I'll never finish anything! I never do .


Goodnes. What's with all these frowny faces? I'm depressing .

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