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Visionland Construction

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With the announcement of the three Fantawild Cultural Heritage Parks it seems the Chinese park chains are starting to branch out from the traditional theme park model and create a more diverse portfolio. This trend continues with OCT, creators of the Happy Valley chain of parks and Liuzhou’s planned OCT Cultural And Scientific Experience.


The park appears to be less of a thrill rides park and focuses more on the sciences but with a few rides thrown in for good measure. The stunning artwork below shows off some of the parks attractions and if you look carefully there appears to be a launched coaster as well.


Included below is a Google Earth image which shows of the area the park is due to be built in (taken in 2013), The park is due to be open in 2015 so I would expect there to be construction by now but without people on the ground it’s difficult to tell. Anyway take a look at the concept art I’ll do some further digging.











More pics at VHCoasters but they are mostly of the residential and hotel parts.

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Looks like this is going ahead as we have construction

Not much yet. But one for those crazy mud enthusiasts out there.














Along with this newer piece of concept art


Looks like a god awful render of a Mega lite to me. OCT have history with mega lites as they currently own 2 at Happy Valley in Shanghai and Chengdu so certainly a possible ride for this park.

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Holy crap, those have to be the most eye-popping park renderings I've ever seen. That close up image of what looks like a massive snow globe/metallic ball is like an Epcot meets H.R. Giger dream becoming reality.


(and for the record, I have Epcot/H.R. Giger dreams fairly often.)

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Footers are now going in for the Intamin Mega-Lite. Imagine vertical construction will be soon.


Always good to see more of these in the world.


No idea what this ride is but it has a large indoor section and a short outdoor section too. Looks like it may be water based.


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Construction update from the park. The Mega-Lite still hasn't gone vertical but we have some new track on site for another coaster. And for once I have no idea what it is. The unpainted track screams Chinese built. and if i had to stick a limb out I'd say it will be a custom Motorbike coaster.


Looking forwards to seeing how this ends up though.















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^ It's been a while, I know. But I thought there were at least a couple more, that have been built since then.


I've been lucky enough to ride three of them: Piraten, Kawaseimi, and Fly Over Mediterranean.


TPR 2012 China Tour. I loved that plane, just "hanging" there.

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