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Best Roller Coaster That Lasts Under 45 seconds

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There are countless AMAZING coasters that last longer than 45 seconds from top of lift/launch to brake run. But... that's just my opinion.


I think his point is that 45 seconds from the drop to the brake run shouldn't really be considered short for a coaster. There are far too many rides that meet that criteria. While yes, there are plenty of longer coasters, I would consider a 45 second ride average length.


Yep that's pretty much what I meant. Most ride are shorter time wise than most people realize. not that it really matters take the batman clones, its arguably one of the best and most successful layouts ever designed and its give or take 42 second.

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^I had also thought about that. Take skyrush: it's not exactly long but I wouldn't call it short yet it's less than 40 seconds. I think less we could draw that line at around 30 maybe 35 seconds. (as it doesn't take a lot of seconds to make a relatively big difference)

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I think you guys are confusing best coaster under 45 seconds with most fun/second. Dragster would probably win the latter for me, but for what this thread is asking... Intimidator 305. It's the coaster I rank highest that is under 45 seconds.


Also of note, El Toro is about 50 seconds. Shame.

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