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Photo TR: Chuck Finally Returns to Japan with TPR


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They added fire & smoke, re-did the entire tracking system.

Wound the queue around it rather than at it, like Paris.


All amazing and smooth as glass, most reported!


This layout is the exact same layout as in DParis' version.

Only the footprint is turned around, for the 'first view' from the gp.

A much better view IMhO - and now, an awesome little coaster in TDS!


This is what you see at the front. And at night, it even looks better!


And of course, the daytime shot. (o: And there's Daytime Fire there, too. Woot!

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^My understanding is that the park worked with Intamin to redesign the curves and that entirely new track was fabricated by a Japanese firm. I'm not sure about the timeline, but the renovation involved two phases.

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...*Heavy Sigh*... Awesome photos, especially of Toy Story Mania, which I missed, opting out of that first TDS add-on day. The huge props in the queue are fantastic.


So. 2015. That's when we go back, right?

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Chapter 1

What? They Have Animals Here, too?: Tobu Zoo


OK, how many of you have gone to zoos in the United States simply to credit whore? Oh, I’m sure you run around a bit and take a photo or two of some particularly adorable monkey or fierce lion, but we all know your real objective--whoring that Wacky Worm or Dragon Wagon or whatever kiddie coaster they have that’s demeaning to anyone over the age of seven.


Well, you can visit Japan’s Tobu Zoo without shame. No shameless kiddie coasters (or “baby coasters,” as KT would say) here. Just two Intamin creations: Regina, an OK woodie, and Kawasemi, an excellent Mega Lite. (I recall reading that there was Zierer Tivoli coaster here at one time, but it’s gone now--at least, I don’t recall seeing it that day.)


Yes, Tobu Zoo has one of the world’s four Mega Lites. (There are two in China and one in Europe.) These rides, within a fairly small footprint, pack more forces and airtime than many hypercoasters that are three times their size. Everyone needs to ride a Mega Lite at least once--or multiple times, as TPR did during a filming and ERT session before the zoo opened to the public. Yes, we performed an important service by warming up Kawasemi for other guests!


So, let’s hop in a few Japanese trains and check out Kawasemi and the rest of what Tobu Zoo has to offer. Note that this facility, like many Asian zoos, is a bit behind the times when it comes to animal displays (the exhibits look like something from the 1960s or ‘70s). It was also a brutally hot, humid day--good thing Tobu has an air-conditioned Ferris wheel.


Hmm--just a hunch, but that may be the place we're looking for.


Yes, we may, indeed, be on the right track.


Welcome to Tobu Zoo--where unclassifiable mutant creatures pilot flying saucers and give the "thumbs up" sign all day long.


This is a zoo with a woodie . . .


. . . and cold, hard steel.


And let's not forget their fine "Itarian" cuisine.


I can just make out the tiny print that reads "Kawasemi."


Ah, the old "spinal cord of trouble" can sometimes make people "not be a good walker."


Criers may not ride Kawasemi. (Perhaps his "spinal cord of trouble" is causing him discomfort.)


Such an adorable baby giga coaster.


Today, on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom . . .


. . . we will encounter a tribe of coaster enthusiasts in their natuarl habitat.


Shh! Mustn't frighten them! They might run--or attack!


From the safety of our blind, we can observe the sick, pagan rituals of this tribe. A human sacrifice cannot be long in coming, unless civilized men intervene!


Here's the brake run of Kawasemi as seen by a villain on the 1960s "Batman" TV series.


Tobu has a capsule machine for every interest from adorable kitties . . .


. . . to angry rodents.


"Away out here, they got a name, for rain, and wind, and woodies."


"The rain is Tess, the fire Joe, and they call the woodie Regina!" (OK, I apologize for the lame "Paint Your Wagon" joke. It will never happen again.)


Regina uses her seductive powers, beckoning you into her queue, which may be symbolic of a certain part of the female anatomy that rhymes with her name--if you pronounce it with a long "i."


Aghh! Sexual nightmares realized!


I fail at taking picture of Regina. This is the only train shot I have.


"Aer marvelous," indeed!


But all I get is the dreaded "camel clutch" for failing to take a good picture of Regina.


OK, OK . . . I submit! Can we check out the rest of the park now. More to come.

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There may be a few animals, other than average TPR members, in the next set of photos. You have been warned.


Next up, a Ferris wheel . . .


. . . that is rather oddly themed to a "cheese factory."






I don't get it?


But at least it's an air-conditioned cheese factory--right, gents?


I think the sign says "Eat mor chikin" in Japanese.


Kawasemi from the air--how can one not love a Mega Lite?


It was actually rather difficult leaving the air-conditioned gondolas of the cheese factory.


Yum! Bear fetuses fry up so nice and chocolatey!


"I'm a tapir, but I feel more like a 'sloth' today. Must be the heat."


Turtle photo taken in compliance with TPR's Terms of Service.


Oh, what a grown man will stoop to . . .


. . . er, nothing to see here! Just move along, please.


"Yeah, I'm a bit mangy, and I spit. What's it to ya?"


"Yep. People used to shoot at me from trains back in the 1800s. Much better off in Japan."


It's so much less than a panda that it's actually a raccoon. ;)


You know what we should look at again? How about Kawasemi?




We went inside with absolutely no idea of what to expect.


But we were ready to flee at a moment's notice.


This guy clarified nothing.


Well, when in doubt . . .


. . . just run around like a bunch of crazed howler monkeys!


Phew! What a relief!


"White Tiger Tails Stick Pie" sounds like something you'd order in the red-light district of Bangkok.


I guess this is written in "Itarian."


Never stick your hand in a pool of carp in Japan--word to the wise.


And that's all from Tobu Zoo--or, as the cool Japanese kids call it, "the Tob."

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Wow i'd just assumed the new air con ferris wheel had replaced the old one I rode last year but it's in a different location since I can see the old one in your pictures, are they running both or is the old one just SBNO?

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Wow i'd just assumed the new air con ferris wheel had replaced the old one I rode last year but it's in a different location since I can see the old one in your pictures, are they running both or is the old one just SBNO?


The old wheel wasn't operating, but I don't know whether it was down for maintenance or down for the count.

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The old wheel wasn't operating, but I don't know whether it was down for maintenance or down for the count.


I was curious so I went to have a look since with Robb and Elissa's help I managed to make a list of the websites where you could find the Rehab Schedule since Japanese&Korean parks are awesome at letting customers know well ahead of time if you look on their native language websites, I thought they might have a notice about retiring it but there wasn't and after some clicking found both are still listed on the family attraction page: http://www.tobuzoo.com/park/list/classic/


I was going to say how strange it is that a park would have 2 similar rides so close together but then I remembered that Lotte World just opened its 4th 3D Screen ride in the park this year and Everland built it's 3rd chairlift/gondola last year and second safari ride next to the other this year

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Love the photo of Japanese Goats pretending to be Chick-Fila-A cows. Also The more I hear about Mega Lite's the more it makes me want to ride one. Sounds like they are just full of airtime fun.


Have to ask, How happy is Angus that you are home from this journey?

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Angus is pleased to be out of cat jail and free to wander in the evenings again. Kawasemi, like the other Mega Lites, is a great ride--especially after it "warms up" a bit.

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Man, I need to get to Japan! I really want to ride a Mega Lite. These things look awesome! Also how did you like Hollywood Dream backwards?


"Hollywood Dream backwards" (aka, "Backdrop") was interesting--definitely more intense than going forward.

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^That's my favorite of my DisneySea pictures, too. But it's nearly impossible to take a "bad" picture in that park.

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