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Randomman's RCT2 Microcoasters

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I think I've finally figured this out:

I suck at almost everything in RCT2 except for making good layouts.

I got this idea from a friend, and although I know it's been done before, I'm taking the time to build an entire park full of my take on the "microcoaster" craze.

My goal is to eventually fill an entire sandbox scenario with them, all the while releasing download links to you guys via the Track Exchange.

To add to this, I'm not using any custom scenery, and none of my rides will exceed 200 square gridlines.

These are the ones I have right now, set up in some sort of "showcase" park. I'm going to add more of them and add download links as soon as I make them.


EDIT: Download on the Track Exchange for V1.0 is now up!



Version 2.0 is also here!



Starting off with a 10x10 medieval themed Floorless called The Black Death. This was one of the more heavily themed ones.


Getting into a little more compact ones now, here are a few "Wild Mouse" style rides (two 8x8 clones (one inverted, one not) called Lunacy and Insanity, plus a 7x16 spinning coaster called Sugar Rush).


Many of these were designed to be both crowd-drawers and cheap rides, much like these two. Featured here: Bloodbath, a TOGO standup, and Comet, a generic wooden coaster.


Getting back into the 10x10 rides, this time more family oriented than the first. Timber is a Tivoli Custom family coaster, and 4-man Bob was more of an experiment than anything else.


I only included this one for the fact that it's dirt cheap and draws huge crowds for no apparent reason. Other than that, Blast (a launched freefall coaster) doesn't really do anything else.


Next up is Warp, a 4D coaster with a rather smooth layout. Just as a fair warning, this ride seems to make just about everyone sick after riding.


These next two I'm rather proud of for being so compact and yet managing to fit in loads of theming and full queues. Plunger is an 8x8 toilet-themed Diving Coaster and Water Leak is a 10x10 Water Coaster.


For the guests who are more into intense rides, there's Oil Strike (a 12x12 Twister) and Tidal Wave (a 10x10 Standup Twister). Both are well themed and provide great excitement and intensity for their size.


Although it has a hard-to-follow layout, Whim is a great 8-wide "Hyper" Twister Coaster for its size.


One of the more recently made ones is Tango, a 10x14 Corkscrew coaster with some more-than passable theming.


The last one of the bunch is an 8x8 Virginia Reel coaster called Barrel-o-Fun. The name accurately describes how much the guests like it, believe it or not.

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These are some neat little coasters! They will be great for "traditional" scenario-style play as good cheap moneymakers that don't take up half the map! My particular favorites are the TOGO Stand-Up, the 4D, the Arrow multi-looper, the B&M "Hyper", and that cute little woody! My only suggestion would be to swap the PTC-style four-seat trains on the woody for the two-seat GCI-style trains since the layout has more of a twisty feel to it, and I always associate the other trains with a more "out-and-back" style layout. Just my two cents though, and it is of course your choice as to what to do.


EDIT: Sorry to bug you, but one minor problem, the download on the exchange is only the blank landscape with the entrance area, not the excellent coaster collection featured here, you may have accidentally uploaded the wrong file.

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EDIT: Sorry to bug you, but one minor problem, the download on the exchange is only the blank landscape with the entrance area, not the excellent coaster collection featured here, you may have accidentally uploaded the wrong file.

Fixed... I believe. Let me know if it worked or not.

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How long did this take you?

Not all that long. Having ADD, I can't stay on the same thing for longer than a half an hour, so they usually don't take much longer than that. The one here that took the longest to make was The Black Death because I wanted it to be at least 1300 feet long and it took several tries to get that right.

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As the first person to point the error out, let me come now and give a big THANK YOU for resolving the issue with the download. I just loaded up the file and the coasters are fantastic! It also looks like there are a few more as well that were not mentioned in the original post or were changed completely or removed for other designs. The woody is completely different as well as a few of the B&Ms, the TOGO Heartline was unexpected and the Comet and B&M hyper are not here, but the other rides are fantastic! (please don't view this as a complaint, I am very pleased with what is provided here and will probably be using several of these rides, and the missing ones look easy enough to replicate as well)

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Here's all of what I have now.

The only remaining rides I have on my to-do list are:

-Log flume


-Soap Box Derby Racers

-Reverser Coaster


In the meantime, here are what I have added to the collection:

(All of the coasters here are 10x10 except for Convex which is 11x10.)


Blackjack is a new wooden twister coaster with the most track I've ever fit in a 10x10 grid, and Sidewinder is a simple side-friction coaster that has the same layout as Splash, the dingy slide ride featured later.


It wasn't until I uploaded this that I realised that Timber was already featured earlier, but Shatter, the Hypercoaster has not.


Riptide is a Corkscrew coaster with the same layout as Flying Fury (the invert on the last page) with an added helix at the end. Machiniac the hyper (pronounced mah-shin-ee-ack) is probably the best themed one of the series so far.


Probably the two most visually interesting of the bunch, Trapeze the Flying coaster, who's name resembles the way the ride flows through the elements, and Overclock the Giga, a low flying ride that generates some hefty forces for its height and speed.


Although it's not very well implemented, I had to fit the Roman theming in somewhere. So there it is, on Sway, the suspended coaster, alongside Twister, the double looping Hopkins looper inspired by my hometown park's Desert Storm (from Castles-n-Coasters).


Although neither one of them are very long or tall, Eye of the Tiger and Splash are both decent rides for their price and size.


High Roller and Shaft, two of the higher-capacity and longer-length rides of the group.


The double-cutback Loopinator (which oddly doesn't have any vertical loops), featured alongside Vortex, the only shuttle coaster out of the bunch so far.


Concave and Hypotenuse are the same layout but different ride types, and Concave and Convex are designed to be side-by-side. Also Convex is the only roller coaster here that's 11x10.


Blizzard and Black Diamond are clones of eachother minus the station, to account for the fact that one's a Flying Turns and the other is a Bobsled. Both have pretty much the same stats though.


As for non-10x10 roller coasters, here's Whirlpool and TinyRapids, a 6x5 water ride inside a 12x12 water ride.


As an added bonus, I thought I might as well throw in my first attempt at micro architecture in RCT2. Let me know what you think and thanks for viewing.

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Thanks for the comments, guys! Really appreciating the positive feedback.


As for this next bunch, even though I half-assed the theming on some of them, I really tried to push to see just how small I could make these rides.

As a result, these next few are mainly 6x6 and 5x5 rides.

I promise a download link will be up soon.


Although most of these are cross-ridetype clones of eachother, some of them have very different stats.


Such as these two. Ones a Hairpin, the other a Wild Mouse, in the same layout and theming, but they have wildly different stats.


These two are almost the same layout, besides the first couple switchbacks at the top of the lift. Rotated for a different view, as the support structure obscures visibility.


Both of these were made to fit in obscure places, as Gunpowder is 4x10 and the other is 16x3


Here's another view. Also Gunpowder is the only one of this batch that uses block braking.


And for the grand finale, some ridiculously small 5x5 emoticon coasters. These suckers can fit pretty much anywhere in a park.

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Another quick update for you all before I hit the sack.


So after some experimentation I ended up with a miniature, but still unconscionable amusement park contained within only 10x10 gridlines. I may make more of these as they are REALLY fun to make.


Also, I did the unthinkable this afternoon:


I created a 4x4 coaster with actually half-decent stats and full theming. I can tell you I'm going to put this thing in any park I can get my hands on as it takes up less space than the average flatride plus its queue.

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