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Photo TR: Eurotrip with TPR

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Great photo TR you've posted, so far.

Some of your shots are really clear, well thought out, and framed nicely.


And I KNEW there was something about WalyGator land I did get a kick out of - but sadly did not get to ride....


The INSTRUMENT Carousel! That so looked so very cool. I know it's a brand made kids flat, but still... looked great. And that's about all that I liked about that park, back in 2008. And I see that some of it still hasn't changed much, lol.


And I definitely want this t-shirt next time I ever get back to Movieland! I love it! Want one!

But Magma-2 I might pass on, in future. That still looks like it's a nasty "backlot tour", lol.


Looking forward to more!


Yep. This is The One. In XL will do very nice.

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The second half of the day was Holiday Park home to Expedition GeForce!


After leaving Walygator we headed into Germany and arrived at Holiday Park. We got our tickets and headed in.


Expedition GeForce A huge thank you to Robb and Elissa who suggested we all hit Expedition GeForce first because we were reminded it is an Intamin after all. After waiting about 45 minutes I hopped in the back car with a single rider since our group was an odd number. The ride was amazing a solid 10/10 for me with great airtime. Sadly this would be my only ride that day which I will explain more later.


Holly's Wilde Fahrt Your typical wild mouse with 100% more fahrts.


Super Wirbel Vekoma looper with plenty of head banging.


Lighthouse Tower This Star Flyer gave us a very interesting yet hilarious experience... I didn't mention yet but the winds were gusting that day to where it had to be over 30mph + but yet it was open! This is something you won't see in the US so ofcourse we had to do it. You could see the concern look on the ride ops face as he was checking restraints as he repeatedly looked up the tower. Of course there was really no danger but we were blown around a bit.


Bounty Tower Great view from the top but not much to the ride.


Teufels Fasser Little did we know that after waiting 30 minutes for this log flume that 6 of us were going to be forced into riding together... Didn't want to get that close the group. The reverse section was fun though.


Burg Falkenstein Dark ride with Boobs... that is all.


At this point we got lunch and made our way back to Expedition GeForce to get ready for ERT but quickly became concerned when we seen a train stuck on the break run. We were than informed that it was indeed down but the park left the Anubis Free Fall Tower tower open for us so we headed over there for a ride. It had some very strange queue line theming but what ever the ride was fun but at this point the GP were realizing it was open and filled the queue so we headed back to Geforce to check the news.


We learned that the park added a second train for our ERT but that is what caused some sensor issues as they couldn't get the lift cable to move. So we hung out around the food court in front of the entrance to the ride and chatted for a bit. The park left the music from the stage on so it wasn't boring than they opened the food stand so we could buy some beer and ofcourse we did.


At this point it was maybe an hour in at the park than opened the ice cream stand and handed out free cones. While waiting we were getting updates from Elissa as they let Robb hang out on the platform as the park called over their entire maintenance staff to try and get it working. I think about 830 we gathered to decide where to leave when they got a train to cycle only to have more issues when it got to the break run. At this point it was about 9 (3 hours in) when the group called it and we left for our Hotel at Europa.


The nice thing is that no one was upset for waiting so long as we had great communication thanks to Robb and Elissa and the park was doing everything they could to get it working and they also went out of their way to try and make sure we had a good time so huge thank you to both groups. Even though we didn't get ERT it was still a great time just hanging out with the group.


Welcome to Holiday Park!


Almost there..!




I did find it funny that all us americans were gathered under the american flag


View from the station



Spot the TPR peeps! (Hint: orange wristbands)


That turn :)



Gotta be careful with those wild fahrts you may get more than you bargin for.



This was next... yeah...


Lighthouse Tower


Over the trees


Burry but the entrance to the dark ride


The park's new entrance area looked great


I have no idea what the sapa inka show is but it had gators apperently


"Older" section


They must have called cedar fair to pick the name for this cafe


And this would be the closest I would get to Geforce that evening... seriously kudos to the Alveys and the park for trying to make the best of the situation! Europa Park is next!

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Luckily I was at Holiday-Park on a slow day this autumn - scored in about 20 rides on GeForce which was at most a 5 minute wait.


I really hope they scrap the Vekoma looper soon and replace it with something descent. It's still beyond my capacity how in the 80s you buy a Vekoma if you could on the other hand buy a Schwarzkopf...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Day 3 brought us to Europa Park!


With very friendly staff, beautiful landscape, great food, good layout (And transport system), topnotch operations, and a perfect collection of rides (And a TON of random darkrides) this park quickly became my favorite I have been to.


Blue Fire We had ERT first thing in the morning and I managed to grab 5 rides before the public took over. Its a great ride with a neat little dark ride section before the launch.


Alpenexpress Fun family powered coaster with a touch of fire.


Atlantica Supersplash Short but very wet water coaster.


Wodan We were supposed to have a few rides in the morning after Blue Fire but Wodan was down and didn't open for us. As we were walking by we decided to check again and it was open so we got inline. The Queue was very well themed probably the best coaster queue I have been through but one of the talking statues was buffering when we went through.


We got our seats near the back. At first I was excited for this ride but after the ride opened and I started hearing the reviews I lowered my expectations. Unfortunately it didn't quite stack up with some of the other GCI's I have been on BUT it was still a very fun ride. Not much air but offered a unique layout.


Piraten in Batavia Fun pirate boat ride.


Euro Mir! For alot of us this became the hit of the trip. If you know the soundtrack you may very well be getting it stuck in your head right now... if you don't know it look it up!


Schneeflockchen (Bench the ride???) Just across from Euro-mir we came across this random ride themed to weird christmas stuff? I don't know I think we were all very confused.


Pegasus Very fun family coaster.


Poseidon Very long and wet water coaster.


At this point we grabbed some Raclette. At this point the group split and it was just me and Dan and after eating we stumbled across a random walk through with nothing but alot of creepy animatronic babies everywhere.


Schweizer Bobbahn Neat bobsled coaster with a drop.


Matterhorn Blitz Mouse coaster with a double lift themed to a farm?


Eurosat Very fun indoor coaster.


Silver Star Another very "Meh" B&M


We than hit a few more random dark rides and the skytower before Dan had to split so I put away my map and just explored the park. I hopped on the Monorail and did Wodan and Blue Fire again through the single rider lines.


Football Scooter Bumper cars with a giant rubber ball on the field. It really didn't do anything as no body even touched the ball and they were some of the slowest bumper cars I have been on.


After some more exploring I met up with the rest of the group and circled the park a few more times hitting Euro-Mir a couple more times before our ERT on Wodan. Overall it was a great day and I really look forward to returning in a few years.


The next morning we had a private monorail ride into to park to get a few lights on Eurosat rides. After everyone got walked over to the first rides of Silver Star but some of us went over and got inline for Euro-Mir to grab a quick last ride before heading out to leave for Fort Fun.


The model of Wodan greeted us in the Hotel lobby when we arrived the night before.


Walking to Blue Fire


We will get to you later.


First stop



Hi guys


The scandanavia area.



Euro Mir!


Bench the ride












Inside that door leads one of the creepiest experiences out there.


All I got for Eurosat



Heading up the Euro Tower








Silver Star layout


Next we took a spin on a random boat ride.


From the front monorail station


Just another way to get around this park.


Football Scooter


Did I mention this park was Beautiful?


Taking a stroll into the Historama


Euro Mir model


Model of our hotel


Original Euro Mir concept?




Leaving via the Monorail


Here you see all three main modes of transportation (The two monorails are seperate systems)






My destionation




I seen this crew quite a few times today. Not sure what they were filming.




Time for some more Wodan









Even folks in suits enjoy Wodan.


Exploring our Hotel



We than headed to the other hotel and accidently ended up back in the park where we learned a section is left open for hotel guests. So we walked around for a bit.


We found an arcade with this funky air hockey table.


The next morning we had ERT on Eurosat and after some of us went for the first ride on Euro Mir. Here is an empty midway while we wait for the ride to open.


Thanks for reading! Next up Fort Fun.

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Keep the photo's coming Ken! - I'm still looking for a picture of the creepy "doll walk thru" in Europa's Switzerland.


One thing you really failed to mention - and needed to - was the incredible Italian dinner that TPR provided at Europa Park!


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One thing you really failed to mention - and needed to - was the incredible Italian dinner that TPR provided at Europa Park!


Dang, how could I forget that! Great food and great views!


Keep the photo's coming Ken! - I'm still looking for a picture of the creepy "doll walk thru" in Europa's Switzerland.


I actually found some!




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^ Oh man, that was amazing!


The second half of the day brought us to Fort Fun a small family park settled on the side of a mountain. When I talked about Euro Mir being the surprise hit for coasters on the trip for most I think most would agree that this was the surprise park hit.


Aside from the amount of climbing you have to do this was a very nice and spread out park that offered a good amount of stuff to keep you busy with some very friendly staff.


Devil's Mine This would be the first coaster we would it. Judging by the looks of this custom roller skater you don't expect much but you will be surprised. First you need to get to the station by walking through what we thought was the fun house. The queue has a bunch of moving floors, effects, and even an shocker animatronic it was amazing!


The ride itself was also as good. Sitting in the back on the first drop is probably one of the greatest airtime spots out there... and this is a family coaster!


Crazy Washhouse This would be the second "Fun house" but really there wasn't anything to this. You had a slide, a short maze, some spinning disks, and several empty rooms (With live birds). I preferred Devil's Mine queue to this.


Mystery Warehouse After what we just experienced in the Crazy Washhouse just next door we didn't have high hopes for the dark ride but it was actually pretty good.


Dark Raver This indoor ride took us by surprise... what is you ask? Well find out below.


Wildwasserbahn This was a pretty long and fun log ride with indoor sections.


Tomahawk Break dance run on typical European settings.


Marienkaferbahn Typical 20 car tivoli coaster. The op sent us around about 5 times...


Blaue Drache We were told that this was "The most amazing ride ever" but it was nothing more than a Himalaya.


Speed Snake Vekoma Whirlwind... This was like getting kicked in the head by Chuck Norris, but they send it around twice so its like getting kicked in the head by Chuck Norris twice.


Wild Eagle This B&M wingrid.... oh wait. At this point our ERT has begun and we had it on 3 of the coasters plus Wild Eagle. This is a funky zipline where they put you in these vests and lay you down than pull you up a mountain and you get to fly down. It was very uneasy going up.


Trapper Slider This would be the last ride of the day. This is my favorite Alpine coaster I have been on. Very long course with some good pops of air when going full speed.


Dinner Ok this was hands down my favorite meal I have ever had at a park. We had unlimited beer and meat and they let us cook it ourselves on open flames (You won't see that in the US). Also I have to give props to the gentleman working it he was busting his ass the entire time by running the bar, keeping the flames going, and making sure we never ran out of meat.


Thats all for Fort Fun thanks for reading. A very wet day at Heide Park is next.


Welcome to Fort Fun


First up Devil's Mine



Finally made it to the station


Next up Crazy Washhouse followed by Mystery Warehouse


Kyle looks unsure


Near the front gate


Random climbing structure


Next up is Dark Raver... when you think indoor rides you think scramblers or Himalayas... but what is Dark Raver you ask?


It's a freaking Round Up!


Continuing on


Ofcourse we did the slides






Approaching our next credit




Hi guys


Watch your arm...


Time to head back up the hill...






Wild Eagle


Hey thats not a Wing Rider...


They take you way up


Way way up!


Heading for the Alpine Coaster


Trapper Slider



We are way up there


Heading to dinner, the park is in a beautiful setting.


Well hello Candy...


Now time for the meat!


Give me some FIRE! But yeah this guy here was an amazing host. He was the only one working and constaintly running around handing out drinks, keeping our fires going and making sure we never ran out of meat.


Devil's Mine again.


Closed park as we are leaving.


I will leave you with this... next up a VERY wet day at Heide Park!

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I had been trying to get to Fort Fun since 2005 and never got it to work in an itinerary until this trip. It did not disappoint. Great park, quirky stuff, and that meal and guy was the best!


That Vekoma though...ugh...the feeling in your stomach when you were sent around for the second time was the worst.

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Lovely photos. Great TR so far.


By the way, the "weird robot" you saw in movie studios park...that was Johnny 5! Anyone remember him?


hold up they had a replica from Short Circuit? One of my favorite movies as a kid. Must visit someday.


Wonderful trip report, thank you!

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By the way, the "weird robot" you saw in movie studios park...that was Johnny 5! Anyone remember him?


Thank you, I have been trying to figure who it was for a while now.


Day 5 brought us to Heide Park. After staying the night in the park's very nice Hotel Port Royal we woke in the morning to start off with a half hour ERT on Krake.


Krake I really wasn't expecting much from this because the ride was pretty short in lengh, but it was pretty good. Luckily they finished the theming this year so you now drop into the mouth of the Krake. The airtime hill was also fun, but I grabbed about 5 rides this morning before we moved on to the next ride.


Desert Race Fun little Intamin launched coaster. Got about 5 rides in aswell.


Next we were going to grab the first ride on Colossos but it was being worked on and didn't open until a half hour after the park opened.


Limit Since Colossos was still down everyone headed to the other side of the park to get the SLC out of the way. If you like getting your head banged around this one is for you.


Schweizer Bobbahn Being the this is the only ride not of the Qbots and us being warned that there was thousands of kids pouring through the park's gates everyone decided to get this out of the way. This was my favorite bobsled I have been on, it has a great layout and is alot of fun.


At this point Elissa came back with our Qbots since we had 7 people (four per Qbot) we ended up syncing the bots up through the day and it worked very well. After setting our bots for Grottenblitz we headed that directing but we choose to get the haunt out of the way first since it would later be swarmed with kids.


Krake lebt (Krake Alive) This was the new attraction this year and besides the crappy haunt at Walygator this was the only included with admission on this trip. It was actually very good. Luckily for us while Krake's queue was full while this one was empty (They were right next to each other) so we got right in. Once again we had no idea what the first actor was saying but from what I could tell he has doing some great acting. Next we were sent into a sub preshow before exiting into the endless maze where Kyle got a mouthful from an angry German woman for opening the door too early. From here I won't spoil it but I will just say do not miss it.


After that we started making our way for Grottenblitz when we got abit lost when I look over and see two people down in what I thought was the path we needed but no they were stuck on an island in the middle of Kanalfahrt. After getting the rest of the group over we watched and couldn't stop laughing as they tried to get off. After about 3 boats they finally got off and made it back to the loading platform where they got a good talking to by the ride op. On the way to Grottenblitz when they caught up to us and start to beg us to delete the photos and videos but of course we didn't haha.


Grottenblitz Another powered coaster and after riding the one at Europa this was nothing too great.


Indy-Blitz Just a kiddie coaster.


Colossos (This ended up being my 300th coaster) While walking by we decided to grab a ride. We sat in the back and wow this was a great ride. A little rough in the helix but the airtime on this thing makes up for it.


Huss Land (Aka the giant circle in the back of the park with nothing but Huss flat rides)(Aka Mayan area) we were going to hit a few of the rides in here but some of the rides were pretty busy. We grabbed a ride on Lady Moon and moved on.


Big Loop This was the last credit we needed and thankfully we had QBots because thanks to the one train op there was a pretty hefty line. We got on in about a 10 minute station wait.


Scream We grabbed lunch than made our way up the hill to get our ride on scream. After a short wait and a chat with a very nice op we got on. Pretty fun gyro drop with a great view of the park and construction site where the second log flume was.


We made our way back to the other side of the park to get some flat rides we missed.


Panorama Turm Hoped on the sky tower to get some good views of the park.


Grachtenfahrt Spinning raft ride. We got ours spinning pretty good.


(K)Anal Fahrt Next up was Anal Fart oh I mean Kanalfahrt... lots of fahrts and unicorns.


Next the rest of the group wanted to do the rapids but me and Chris choose not too so we held the bags... after waiting for a while we get nervous that we were in the wrong place for the exit so we headed to toward the station I make a comment I wonder where they are and all you hear is a very loud "F^@K" from one of the guys haha poor dan got a direct hit by a waterfall.


Next we did Desert Race followed by killing some time at the death slides before our ERT.


ERT So for this ERT we had an hour on Colossos and this was probably the most epic ERT session I have been on. About half way through the session you could see some very dark clouds rolling in. After another 20 minutes it finally hits. At first the ride op shut it down but we all encouraged him to keep sending us. He said "You want to go out in that" "Yes!" "Alright!" This is what started the most insane and wettest ride I have ever been on. Refer to Hanno's photo After about two more rides (around 12 for the whole session our ERT came to an ended and it was time to retire back to the hotel to dry off and relax before a very good dinner.


Even though it was very wet it was still a great day! Thanks to Robb and Elissa for putting together another great day and for Heide Park for operating everything nonstop (You won't see this at a Cedar Fair or Six Flags park). Next up Schlossbeck.


Ohhh goodmorning Krake


Next up Desert Race



Oh god




Schweizer Bobbahn



Brent is a little excited




On the way to the powered coaster I spot this...


After about 3 tries they finally get off the island.








Heading to Collossos





A Mayan themed area filled with Huss rides... I'm sensing a severe lack of reliability here...


Lady Moon



Big Loop



Grabbing another ride on Krake (Coaster on the right, Haunt on the left)





Just missed it





Going up the sky tower I spy alot of Fahrts


Desert Race




Big Loop and Limit




Our Hotel


Indy Blitz


Desert Race again


First Fahrt


Had to


Unicorns on Anal Fahrt


Next we hopped on the Monorail



Huss Land










Wanna go for a swim?


Sorry Chris no beer for you


Back for another lap on Desert Race



Killing time here







Our day would end back here. Thanks for reading!

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Visiting Heide-Park I mostly keep myself busy going back and forth between Colossos and Huss-Land - with the random walk out to Desert Race and the old "Krake", a Schwarzkopf Monster.


Let's see if the rumors are true and Heide-Park will get a B&M Wingrider in 2014 or 2015...

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The first half of day 6 brought us to Schlossbeck Freizeitpark! We only had a short time at this park so lets get started.


It was pretty funny to see all us grown adults invade this small children's park but I think were enjoying the park more than most. You first walk into this giant courtyard anchored on one end by a large mansion. But knowing there was a boat jump here everyone quickly headed left and across the creek and into the main section of the park.


Familienachterbahn Being that the kiddie coaster was the first thing you came upon some of us hopped on while the rest made their way for the boat jump. There wasn't much to say about this one as it was only a small Tivoli figure-eight ladybug coaster. But it did have a tunnel before and on the lift. But they did send us around several times...


Nautic Jet This was what most people on the trip were looking for. This small do it yourself ride was an amazing contraption. After the person infront of you exit you sit down and pull down the lapbar than pull a string while the next person closes the gate and presses a button to allow the car to dispatch. You get pull backwards up the hill slowly before quickly being dropped flying down and up off the tiny hill for a nice pop of air before splashing down into the lake. The ride slowly pulls you back up and over the hill and stops you where you than exit and let the next person on. It was a ton of fun and I wish there were alot more of these.


Slide of death Very vertical mat slide. Luckily non of the little german kids were brave enough to do it so they let me go first.


Luna Loop This funky do it yourself spinning ride was alot of fun.


Water slides We decided to do this mat slide and I did the straight slide with the tilt platform however the ending didn't leave much runout lane for us so we all over shot it.


"Most amazing walk-through ever" After this we were told that they have "Most amazing walk-through ever" here by someone in the group so we all went over and checked it out... we ended up finding in the basement of the mansion but were learned he must have been screwing with us because the scariest thing in here was the pay animatronics that eats your 50 cents. Nothing worked and it was mostly dark with no clear direction on where to go...


Playground After the "Most amazing walk-through ever" we headed behind the mansion to find everyone gathered around this contraption. Robb called us over and told us to get on... soooo of course we did and were quickly held captive as they started to spin us for what seemed like 45 minutes. We were told no one is getting off until someone falls off and finally someone took the dive this whole bit was hilarious and amazing. Somehow I would end up back on this about 20 minutes later!


Next poor Kyle decided to hop on this weird merry go round thing so ofcourse I was gonna mess with him... unfortunately for him everyone felt the same way! I think we had him stuck on there for about 20 minutes!


After this we went back over for another go at the boat jump before we had to be back at the bus for our next stop, Movie Park Germany!


This was a very short but an amazing stop, everyone definitely had a great time. Thanks for reading!


Welcome to Schlossbeck Freizeitpark!


First up Familienachterbahn.


Death Slide


Luna Loop


Lets do this!


Fun for everyone (Especially us!)


Paul on the do it yourself Zipline


"Most amazing walk-through ever" Note the scariest thing ever in the bottom right... the coin machine of notworkingness!


After the playground(Sorry no pics) we went back to get a last ride on Nautic Jet.




My turn


Mine was more of a Kerplunk


Robb filming a POV... thats all thanks for reading! Next up Movie Park Germany!

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I didn't get any comments for the last update but for the rest thanks everyone! Glad you guy enjoy them.


The second half of day 6 took us on a short two minute drive from Schlossbeck to Movie Park Germany which are literally located right next to each other.


After meeting at the park gates to get our tickets and things we made our way into the park. At first glance this looks to be a very pretty and clean park... but as the day goes on we quickly learned that is not the case.


The great thing about this day was that R&E got us all we can eat wristbands instead of the Qbots and with the selection of major rides this would turn out to be a great thing. So aswell as getting our coaster credits we decided to get our food credits by trying something from every venue on the food pass.


Van Helsing´s Club Being that we just burned alot of calories at Schlossbeck we were very hungry and made food our first destination This restaurant had a very gothic feel to it. They were also showing the Adams Family on the giant screen. Food was ok, only got schnitzel and French fries.


Bandit First coaster of the park would be this RCCA woodie... after waiting through the very hot and crowded queue line we finally made it to the station and grabbed a seat in the back. This would earn its place as my least favorite wooden coaster, knocking predator up a spot. I mean I don't think coaster trains are meant to twist the way it did.


Random pizza stand After Bandit we hit the pizza stand infront of it... honestly I have had better pizza at a Six Flags park.


MP-Xpress Standard SLC


El Sombrero CLOSED... what else says mexican than hot dogs? They sold everything but mexican.


Backyardigans: Mission to Mars Just another vekoma family coaster (It used to look alot different) with one side loading/unloading which was different.


Ghost Chasers Mack Wild Mouse with a Spongebob theme.


Random Burger Stand Got a milkshake, not too bad.


Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer Family Vekoma suspended coaster.


Ice Age Slow boat ride through the Ice Age story. Not bad but some of the scenes have seen better days.


Mystery River This was a great surprise! Not really sure what the story was besides being a rapids ride through a land of wizards, elves, dragons, and giant mushrooms but some of the scenes were impressive.


Alien Encounter In order to get to this ride we had to walk all the way back to the front of the park and down some very long paths to get to what seems like the most out of the way ride ever. After finally getting to the ride we atleast find no wait so we quickly board and start movie before we quickly stop where were greeted by a guy with a shop-vac who had us all slide to the right to gather all the pitch black water in one spot... as he collected the black water his vac filled up so he proceeded to dump the water back in the ride just infront of us it was very disgusting.


After that we finally get the dispatched and head into the ride building via hole in the volcano. Ton of random aliens doing a ton of random things before the plunge back into the black water...


Van Helsing's Factory Even though we had ERT we decided to grab a ride early. This ride's queue was the filthiest I have ever seen in a park... trash laying everywhere and a pile just before the station which you had to step over.


The ride its self was pretty good! Amazing? No. But good. The dark ride bits were excellent with some catchy music but the coaster part wasn't that good. I don't think it was the best idea for 45mph hairpin turns. While exiting the ride the park hid a drop down prop in the ceiling of the hallway out. It actually got me, well done.


Pier Patrol Jet Ski The same as the ones famous at Legolands alot of fun.


Crazy Surfer This was a disko with the extra hump... this ride was in really bad shape. It had a very bad rattle in between each hill.


After some more wandering it was about an hour till park closing and they started to close off queue lines.. yeah still had an hour to go and they were closing everything.


Main Street CafeSo we headed to the cafe where our meet up was before ERT. Luckily for us (Not so much the nice ladies working it) it was still open and on the food wristband, we grabbed some ice cream and a coke before the rest of the group showed up. Everyone just hung out and waiting for ERT.


The park opened Van Helsing and the drop ride for us so I grabbed about 6 more rides on Van Helsing before joining the group at the drop ride.


The High Fall This was my first experience with a stand-up drop tower and I hope it's my last.


I went back for another two rides on Van Helsing before we all met up and decided to leave for Phantasialand and to get a head start for Dragon Bar.


That's all for Movie Land Germany hope you enjoyed it. Next stop Phantasialand!


Welcome to Movie Park Germany


Looks nice doesn't it?


What do you mean West Coaster isn't here?


We will get to you later.


First up Bandit (Looks alot like the old Villain logo from GL>


Some where over here is the SLC




End of main street


Entering the Nickelodeon area


Dora flume ride


Ghost Chaser


Van Helsing's Factory ahead and High Fall toweing above



Back the the front


Alien Encounter...


Random theming back in the Santa Monica Pier area


Told you we would be back!




Heading out through the empty park. Sorry I didn't take any pictures during ERT. Phantasialand will be posted soon!

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