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Game: Careful What You Wish For

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Granted, but they wouldn't be nearly as good as they were before.


I wish that opening weekend would come faster (here in Minnesota, Valleyfair doesn't open until the 16th).

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Granted, but no park would want to build it because it's unsafe!


I wish that Six Flags Fiesta Texas would sell their Tony Hawk's Big Spin/Pandemonium coaster to Darien Lake and get a Virtual Reality ride to replace Tony Hawk's Big Spin/Pandemonium (in the ride's que house)!

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Granted, but the management of Holiday World think something like that would be to unrealistic!


I wish Darien Lake would turn the old Barracuda Bay area into something similar to Cedar Point's Gemini midway is now!

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Granted, but it would use up the money needed for a new coaster (Darien Lake needs a new coaster badly).


I wish that people would stop dribbling basketballs on park walkways.

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