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Major League Baseball Thread


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...a great regular season hockey team...



Strasburg was sick. The Marlins also had a hyped rookie debut tonight and do rather well, however, they need relief pitching more than another bat, so yet another loss... its way too early in the year for me to have such a bleak outlook as I do now. I saw them with another 85-90 win season, but now, 75 may be pushing it =/


Halladay vs Josh Johnson again tomorrow, hopefully the fish can get a few hits this time and give JJ a win!

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^Oh so you mean Tommy John's surgery every 6 minutes? It is the one thing I worry about as I am still stunned they brought him up this fast.


Why not? He could just as easily blow his arm out against guys in Triple A. He might as well pitch in the majors if he has the ability, which is obviously showed that he did last night.


I am not a National fan, but I can't help but root for them at this point. And to be honest, the next 3 match-ups on the schedule for Strasburg look very inviting - Cleveland, ChiSox, Baltimore. And then hopefully in his fifth start and can take down the Braves.


I'm from DC so naturally I'm watching Strasburg tear it up right now. It's fun to see a DC team do well! Next year is our year, we have the number 1 pick in basketball, a great hockey team, and a great pitcher in DC. We may finally have a chance to win something!


No mention of the new look Redskins?

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^Oh so you mean Tommy John's surgery every 6 minutes? It is the one thing I worry about as I am still stunned they brought him up this fast.

Nolan Ryan was 19 when he made his ML debut, and ended up pitching more than 25 years, and he threw just as hard as Strasburg. The difference is that pitchers weren't treated like babies back then, when I would think that, with today's training and conditioning, he has a better chance of doing what Ryan did.

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Not to mention he won't have Dusty Baker as his manager leaving him in there for 130 pitch outings back to back.


Apparently the Nationals didn't want Strasburg out there for more than 6 innings last night, but then he went ahead and struck out the side in the 6th, so they decided to keep him in. As I'm sure you noticed, he proceeded to strike out the side in the 7th.

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My thought was the arm was not the problem (although I never miss a chance for a Mark Prior joke) so much as mentally where he was. I remember Rick Ankiel's breakdown very well with the pitches some 20 plus feet above home plate and did not want to see that happen.

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Throwing a baseball is not something the body was designed to do. It's an unnatural motion to begin with, so it does have to be carefully managed. The problem is that by the time someone makes it to the majors, chances are it is already too late to be properly managed. By the time someone hits the big leagues, their body is at or near the end of its physical development. It's tough to build the proper leg/arm strength, muscle memory, and so on when someone has been coddled for his entire career.


Here's a great article that was just in SI a few weeks ago:



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Me and the boy decided to take in the Dodger game last Saturday night. Even though the Dodgers lost (because ManRam gave up on a catchable fly ball that led to a Braves 7 run 7th inning) we had a great time. We had some Braves fans around us and they were actually really cool.


That's the great thing about Baseball, you meet people you have never met, will never see again, spend 3 hours talking about this great game and then go on your way. I don't think this happens at any other sporting event. I just love it.


I was actually surprised to see how many Dodger fans are sick of Manny. You still see a LOT of Manny Jersey's (mostly worn by kids) but not as much as 2008 and 2009. Eithier is (rightfully so) the most popular player on the team now.


Some Pics:



I know it's not the newest stadium, but you gotta love Dodger Stadium


No better place to spend a nice Summer Saturday evening



ManRam, Kemp and Eithier. 2/3 of them make up a pretty amazing outfield


You suck Manny


The fog came rolling in about 9:00


Enjoying the game even though the Dodgers were losing


Take Me Out to the Ballgame (well, right after)


Not a good night for the home team. I believe the Dodgers added a run in the 9th. We were too busy yelling at Manny by that point to notice.

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I love baseball for the same reason that you mentioned - being able to go to a game and casually talk with people about the game. The problem is, I wish I was able to experience that more in Philadelphia, especially being a Mets fan. I can't wear my Mets gear to game anymore without the fear of literally getting physically getting ganged up on by a bunch of immature 20 somethings, a few drunks, or the combination of the two. I realize it is a huge rivalry, but it seems it is taken as seriously as some coaster nerds taking their hobby. It is just a game, not life. I just want to be able to enjoy going to a game like I have at other parks around the country.

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^ I actually don't think that is a major surprise, even if that vote was taken after the botched call. Jim Joyce has gotten it right 99% in his career, and is very well respected. And the least liked umpires is even more predictable. Angel Hernandez has a less consistent strike zone throughout the course of a game than the Little League ump I saw yesterday.

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I was at a Met game a few years back and he was behind home plate. We were about 12 rows back from home plate. There was a guy in the 4th row behind the plate who had said nothing previous to the 5th inning. I don't recall who was at bat, but he was called out looking on a ball that was clearly a foot off the left side of the plate. The guy in the 4th row yelled "Oh come on ump!" No profanity, nothing. All he did was stand up and say that exact quote. Hernandez looked back, walked over to a grounds crew member who got the attention of the ushers in the section. He was attempting to have the guy thrown out. The ushers pretty much looked at him like he was the pompous dick that he is.

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Angel Hernandez has a less consistent strike zone throughout the course of a game than the Little League ump I saw yesterday.

Hey now - don't give us former LL umps a bad name.


I've always said that if a casual fan knows your name (see Hernandez, West), its probably not a good thing.


I was at a Marlin game once...

Never heard of that team, they must suck


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