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TPR Front Page RE-Design Contest!

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I really like the layout of the bottom of AJ's. It is the sort of thing I was thinking would be nice because it allows you to see what you want but not need to scroll the page. On the top I would prefer a simple carousel that others have put up rather than the top listing in each area as some of the areas can get pretty stale during some points in the year. I think a random video could easily be part of the rotating carousel.

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I like a lot of what I have seen so far, but here's my 2 cents. Personally, I am not a fan of the dark backgrounds. As a person with colourblindness, I find bright text on dark backgrounds harder to read and after a while, give me a headache. Personally I think a clean white or light backgound is best - like the apple website or even cntower.com. I think the lighter backgrounds are just a bit more appealing. Having said this - I also understand that the rest of the site used the black/grey scheme, so if Robb was to choose a light background, a change in the rest of the site might be required. Just something to think about (and a whole lot more work for Robb......)

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Ok, so I'm not a graphic designer or a web developer, but I may as well make an entry. I'm trying the idea of a grungy-grey background rather than the complete black. I know that the whole site is meant to match, but, it's worth a look at the different background colour. If not, I'll just try complete black.


Needless to say, menus are drop-down and this is only the beginning of my design (I still have video feeds, 'What's Hot' and a few other things to go).



I also tried to add a bit of colour through the strokes & outer glow around some of the items. The slideshow would be dedicated to updates only (Jaws, IAPPA, etc.) whereas the 'Latest' and 'What's Hot' (soon to be added) will be all articles.

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Here's what I'm working on...


- For the update images, the text describing each one could either appear when the user mouses over the image, or it can be above and below like angry_gumball did.


- The announcements text will "tick" or scroll by vertically every few seconds, so there can be multiple announcements.



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^ Now THAT is good....


It's clean. Says a lot without saying a lot. Takes into consideration some of the design elements of the Park Index. Finds a way to communicate everything without looking cluttered.


This is my favorite so far.

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I haven't responded yet, as nothing I saw really stood out and still retained the details that Robb had mentioned.


But, David, that's really appealing!!


Quick question: Shouldn't the "Forum" tab (pull-down, whatever) read "Forums" ?




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Quick question: Shouldn't the "Forum" tab (pull-down, whatever) read "Forums" ?


I've seen both "forums" and "forum" on various sites, I'm not sure if there's a "correct" way. It could easily be modified though. I just copied what is currently on the main site.

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Some details about this design:

- kept the old logo as it is

- the top menu is simplified as much as possible

- menu has pull down sub-menu for faster navigation

- the large image banner has top stories from three categories: green - "Theme Park Review Updates" red - "Park News, Trip Reports etc." blue - "Announcements"

- bottom banner displays older stories

- Facebook Livestream pulls up once button is pressed

- option to select social media platform pulls up once "Follow Us" is pressed

- disclaimers not yet added




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I haven't commented or submitted a design yet, but I have been following along since page one. This one that David just did is definitely my favorite so far. It's clean, simple, and I really like the feel of it.

The only thing that I think I would try different, would be to see how it looks without the black outline on the words in the menu. To me, it kinda cheapens the design. I like how the letters used on the bottom of the page look with no outline. Besides that though, I love everything about it.

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I like the way the black outline looks, but to me, it makes the top of the page look like it's from a different website than the bottom of the page. I think if it's gonna be outlined with black, then some sort of text near the bottom of the page should be outlined in black as well. But really, I think it just feels simpler, cleaner, and more up to date without it.


If you can't tell, I've made up my mind. I personally like it without the outline better, haha.


EDIT: Had to edit to also say that I really like how the Theme Park Review logo looks on the top of the page without the tagline below it. Much cleaner!

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