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Best Themed Park

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^ I've been to PGA and PKD, and I thought the theming at both was desultory at best.


The finest theming? In ways big and small - from the tiny details at Port of Entry to the grand sweep of Poseidon's Whatever - IOA.


Of the other parks I've been to: parts of DAK are as cool as IOA...but not all of it. And I thought the theming at BGW was overrated.

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5. Space World

4. Europa Park

3. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

2. Tokyo Disneyland

1. Tokyo DisneySea


SW was a huge surprise with it's parkwide single theme, excellently carried out.

EP is gorgeous, and has great rides of all types.

BGW looks almost like a garden with european villages dropped in!

TDL, IMO the best looking "Magic Kingdom," I've only not been to HKDL.

TDS, jawdroppingly amazing. Best looking Disney park, and that's saying a lot! Water everywhere, Med really looks like Italy (but clean) and the New England Village could be just about any town on Cape Cod (but with a volcano looming behind.)


Honorable mentions:

Alton Towers, but it's more a garden with rides than an actual theme park.

Universal Studios Port Aventurra, this park needs a little growth, but it is a collection of well executed themes.

Universal Studios Japan, a collection of rides from the US parks, in a very realistic themed setting.


Chris B


I need to get to IOA!

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In California---Disneyland


In Florida---Islands of Adventure


Islands of Adventure is an example of how to build a near perfect Theme Park. If they didn't add another Major Attraction for many years I wouldn't care, I would still go back every chance I got.


When it comes to IOA they not only have some Excellent Original Ride Designs, but the Restaurants are Top Notch! They spent a LOT of money designing and building this Theme Park and it shows!!!

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I've never been to IOA, but I always hear about out being so well themed. It sure seems to have a lot of color.


To me, the best themed park I've been to outside of the Disneyworld parks has been BGW. To me the theming was anything BUT overrated, and until I encounter a better one, I will continue to think so.

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Out of all the park I have been to, IOA hands down!


If the American Disney parks put a good amount of money into the theming of their parks, they might be able to get up to IOA's theming. But so far, IOA is just killing the mouse!


Universal shows that if you put good money and time into what your doing, you can create something stunning. I still can't belive IOA used to be a parking lot! Unlike DCA...

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