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GAME: What's worse than...

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You think you're being hunted down by a serial killer, so you call the police only to find out that the whole time you've been going crazy killing people and the serial killer really is yourself. Then you're on death row for years and years until you finally get convicted and die of a lethal injection while the families of the victims watch in satisfaction.


What's worse than having a really close friend have something bad happen, but you don't have enough time or gas to go visit and comfort your friend who lives an hour away? (True story )

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Having a job that you absolutely despise and you get promoted to a worse position but you're making enough money that you pretty much have to stay in it the rest of your life.


What's worse than a younger sibling's sleep-over party? (aka lots of teenagers giggling half the night, true story).

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Cedar Point giving all of their rides to parks in the Middle East where they will never operate them.


What's worse than having a dream about being run over by Top Thrill Dragster, then waking up, and finding out you actually are.

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Responding with a random quote from someone who hasn't even posted in this thread. Like this:


I'm really bad with names.

Same. Basically...unless they were on a TPR trip...or in an adult film....or BOTH... I probably have no idea who they are!



What's worse than getting kidnapped and indoctrinated into a cult?

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Finding out a 30+ foot long python that was hired as an assassin has been stalking you...but you figured out too late.


What's worse than crashing at a party, then waking up in someone else's house wearing their clothes? (True story, happened to my sister last year)

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