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1,000,000 Posts on TPR's Forums!

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Robb you stated that you have around 3 million hits a year on TPR.

Not hits, but "unique visitors." As for ads and stuff - I'm actually trying out a few things on the Park Index and Coastertube. I actually am really against ads, but the reality of the site growing and needing to help pay for itself is starting to come true. I'll never to "annoying" ads. I just can't stand them, and well, as we learned in The Social Network, ads aren't cool. But even Facebook now manages to do them, and do them so they aren't intrusive. And that's my same philosophy about it.


I'm not sure I ever want ads on the front page of the site or in the forum, but you never know. I went 16 years without them, and I wish I didn't have to entertain the option, but server fees don't keep getting cheaper!


--Robb "Thanks for your support!" Alvey

As long as the site is alive, I'd watch an hour of ads just to be able to enjoy my favorite site and internet home every day. It's truly amazing how you guys have kept the site ad free so long.


Viva la TPR!

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^ Same. I'll click whatever or do anything to keep the site alive. I also (finally) have a job, so club TPR membership will finally happen towards the end of summer... cause usually I take a park hiatus during the summer as the tourists invade socal, but as soon as that ends you have a new club tpr member!

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The occasion inspired me to raise my post count by a good 10%.


So now I know why you were all up in my thread giving me crap about not updating, well then, you'll just have to wait another day or two for that video

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^That person will receive a week's free membership on some online dating site in the hopes that he or she may find a "life."


The only thing you're going to find on online dating sites are horrible women that like country music, NASCAR, and Twilight. Or at least that's been my experience...



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Sorry if this is a little late...


But 1,000,000 posts! This is some awesome news! I couldn't believe how big TPR was to begin with, but this is really cool. Congrats to Rob and Elissa for creating such a great website! I'm very excited to share it all with you people.

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