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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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^ I like Pearls Before Swine. Especially the stupid crocodiles that talk funny!




I don't know if you guys get this comic down in California..The name is Zippy. It's an odd comic where it actually has lessons on the website to understand the humor behind the comic strip. If I'm correct I believe the cartoonist is a Connecticut native. He's even had Zippy visit actual places, one of which was over in Granby, CT.


See, Zippy has this thing about diners and a couple of years ago, there was a diner on blocks behind the granby post office. I don't know where it went too, but Zippy did a comic of it.



little edit, turns out the diner is somewhere in granby being restored (hopefully) here's a picture of the actual diner in the comic strip


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"Who would win in a fight between a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco?"

"Is that what you were really gonna ask me Rod?"


"Oh ok...I think grilled cheese would win. But if it was prison rules, I would have to say the taco."

"That's pretty racist, but cool."


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I just won tickets to see Bryan Adams at an exclusive concert from 96.5 TIC. I was calling in to vote for "Dream Catch Me" song at the News at Nine segment of the radio station where two songs compete and whoever wins goes onto the next night. And when I voted, the DJ asked me if I wanted to go see Bryan Adams. I was joyful over the air. lol.

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