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@ griffonj2022: Now that's why I don't hate Rct3


@ CCI: Please, PLEASE don't screw up Intimidator, It looks good right now, just add the shrubs and fastpass line around the station, and take out the 2 weeping willow bushes, and change the supports under the exit stairs... and the catwalks will be a bit of a challenge (bobsled coaster underneath w/the same material used for the path stairs on one quarter-tile to the side with a steeplechase on the side as railing ) anyways... I've always wanted to know how to remove station track... or just disguise it into brake track

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Here are some of my pictures. It's too bad that it seems like I'm the only one on this site that still has Scream Machines functional on his computer otherwise I'm pretty sure all you guys would love the rides I have in the exchange. These are from some of the very first coasters I did on Scream Machines.


Jimmy "One day I will post POV's of all my coasters so everyone can enjoy them" Bo


Mountain Express...A suspended coaster traveling down a mountain and through canyons.


Blue Thunder...an extremely fast and tall launch coaster


Bootleg...A wooden coaster along the coast

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