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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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Adventure Express at KI? It has the same manufacturer as Orient Express, and it has multiple lifts!


Hmm, it does, doesn't it.


Racer at Kennywood? It's only one track, so it technically has 2 lift hills!


That is another excellent guess! I wish I could of thought of that as the answer!


Gemini at Cedar Point?


No, but it does fit all of the clues so far.

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Scenic Railway at Dreamland?




Is the coaster no longer operating?


It is still up and running strong!


Guess: Twister at Knoebels?


Nope, but I love the way that ride has more than one lift.

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Want to win a Bag of Crap???


Well, if you write a review in the brand new TPR Park Index you could!!!




All you have to do is write a review by Sunday night (12:00 A.M. E.S.T.) and you will be eligible to win!


Note: Please take the time and write a well-thought out and useful review though because one-sentence reviews like "I Love this Park!" will not be eligible to win.


You could win fabulous stuff such as this!



Good luck!

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It was really hard to fit all I wanted to say in 750 characters.


This is true, but really it is a good cap for a review. Much more than that and it gets too long to hold the reader's attention.


Great reviews so far! If we get enough reviews, I might add a SECOND Bag of Crap winner to this contest!!

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I hate not being able to afford any vacations outside of my home park. My chances are incredibly slim, but I still posted my review anyways. I've been meaning to for a while now but I have lots to say in 750 words about the only park I've been to...

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I posted reviews of all the parks I've visited this summer in the past week or so, and reviews of many California parks during the beta test period. I don't know if any of them are eligible, but if they aren't I've still contributed to the park index.

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