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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point.


Red + Yellow = Orange

Drag Racing is a Sport

Pittsburgh is along the Ohio River, and Cedar Point is in Ohio.

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Does the relevance of Sports refer to the ride's actions?


No. It refers to the first clue and the 4th clue (which you haven't gotten yet)


Could it be next to a giant orange (well, it's gone now) and at a park that used to own the Anaheim Ducks? Aka, California Screamin at Disney California.


Is it pirate themed?



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Does orange refer to the track color, sports the theming of the ride, and Pittsburgh the city from which a team with apart of the ride's name is from? If so, I choose Raging Bull, because it's rusty orange in color, themed to bullfighting, and has the word Bull in it, which is apart of the name of the Pittsburgh Bulldogs.

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Just a reminder since you guys aren't reading the rules...



The way this round will work is I will give you one-word clues. You will need to ask questions based on how each word refers to the given coaster. The first person to guess the coaster will win! You will, however, need to explain how you deduced the answer from the clues that were given. If you just blurt out the correct answer randomly without explaining how you got it, I will ignore it.


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Here is my guess!!


Search Orange in Wikipedia (I know) and the first thing that caught my eye was a Valencia Orange. Six Flags Magic Mountain is in Valencia. They have what Pittsburg is known for Steel. And for the Sports there is a coaster related to the 1984 Olympics. Sarajevo Bobsleds

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I'm going out on a limb here:


Matterhorn at Disnelyand-


Pittsburgh (STEEL)- Steel coaster track

Orange: Orange County California, and DL was built on an Orange Grove

Sports: Mountain Climbing- to which two films (One at the time it opened, one in 2013) have been made, plus Mountain Climbing is a sport.

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