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Where is the golden ET statue on USH's Mummy ride?

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A while back there was a trip report of USH where they went backstage. In one of the photos was a golden ET statue. Where is it exactly? We've been looking for it everytime we ride Mummy and haven't spotted it yet.


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Wow, I was not aware how much more difficult that one is to spot than the Kong statue on Mummy at USO. I mean I didn't see the kong statue the first or second time I rode it, but I was also very distracted. Again, it's not really easy to tell from the picture, but it seems the King Kong statue is significantly larger and more out in the open. Random discussion but cool, I would love to get the USH Mummy some day.

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If I was Steven Spielberg I would take a bit of a fit too!


It's a funny hidden gem but it could take your mind off the rides atmosphere if spotted.

I know what you mean....Spielberg is right! I've vowed to never return to Universal Studios because of it. I don't like paying $80+ to have a clever little statue ruin my ride experience on Mummy, and consequently, the rest of my day thinking about it. We should start a boycott, or a Facebook page about it.


And I'm considering boycotting Disney, and their clever "hidden Mickeys" too.




Scott "those bastards" B.

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It probably took me 50 rides or more to finally spot the Kong statue in the Mummy ride at USF.


Uh oh! Now Peter Jackson is going to go nuts! Willis O'Brien will rise from the grave as a vengeful zombie (as will Dino de Laurentis and guys who produced the Japanese Kong flicks)! All because of this statue!

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