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  1. We just bought platinum membership passes during the flash sale. The last time we were at SFMM during Fright Fest season, all the mazes were included with admission (yes, it's been long time... all my nieces and nephews were still in school, now they're all out). Now in the recent years, you have to purchase a maze pass separately. So, just for a idea of how much they may cost this year, how much were maze passes in 2017? Could you re-visit any maze over and over, or is it just once per maze? Also, could you purchase individual mazes, instead of all mazes? Thanks for any info you
  2. What would be really cool, with Colossus now closed, they could use it's structure. Turn the lights off, turn on some fog, and spooky lighting, then make a walkthrough around the "old abandoned coaster". Can have some scare-actors walking around looking like they died on some freak coaster accicent.
  3. I like "On The Forum", but i'm not that picky. However it's done, i'll still be viewing it.
  4. Between L-10 and L-12 yhoo.it/1n7dLKi In the above map, you'll see a parking lot. If you were standing in the parking lot facing the front of the building, the track would be on the left side of that building. Not the building with the red top. That building did not exist then.
  5. Not anymore. I did have 2 photos from a very old digital camera, but they were saved on a computer that stopped working. I still have the hard drive but I would need to buy a usb enclosure to hook it up. I tried Google Earth's timeline, but it doesn't go back far enough.
  6. My sister lived in Lancaster, California. Back when we would visit them (in late 90s i think), we would drive by a building on 10th street west, and outside would be some old rusted roller coaster track. This track sat there for years. I did some searching and there's a place nearby called "Valley Iron Fabricators" in Lancaster. I guess they've installed many Roller Coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain, so this MIGHT be the place where this track was located. I've always been curious where this old track came from. I decided to contact them and ask, but no reply yet. If anyone else here
  7. This was so interesting. I've lived in California all my life. I've been to San Diego a few times, but I never have been to Mission Beach.
  8. Any of you heard the band "Chvrches" yet? (that's with a V, not a U). If you like ElectroPop music, give them a listen. Heard them for the first time yesterday, and I'm already hooked. They are a Scottish ElectroPop band and will be opening for Depeche Mode on some tour dates (sadly none of their US dates).
  9. I won 4 tickets for Halloween Haunt from a radio station. I called the radio station to check on the tickets, and they told me they are for Halloween night. I dont think we can go on Halloween night. Do you think knott's would do anything about changing tickets for a different date? even if I can pay the difference?
  10. Does anybody have any of the old Magic Mountain souvenir maps dated earlier than 1982? Not the free ones given when you enter the parks, but the one's you buy. I have many from when Shockwave existed, and through early 90's. I was very young, but for some reason I recall the artwork on those older maps being so much better, and I would love to see a picture of one again (by camera obviously, they're took big to scan).
  11. It's for any 2 days till May 14th. They dont have to be consecutive.
  12. If I go with them tomorrow, and we all get 2-day park hoppers, will they be able to go by themselves the 2nd visit on Friday, since they already have their tickets?
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