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The "Awesome Coasters" Contest [RCT2]

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Ok, so here is the final scores. These are out of 70. I will post other awards aswell as the actual point scale.

Reviar - 62

Mastersax - 61

PSIRockin -61

10RyanSmith - 60

Chrixz - 60

Corkscrew - 60

DMax - 60

Kraken and Manta - 59

JJune - 55

Doerb91 - 54

tdub - 53

imawesome - 41


I will also release files and screens when I show off the other stuff. Until then.


Think Awesome, Be Awesome.



edit - made a mistake, psi was not late.

Edited by Thelegendarymatthew
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I'd reallly like to see Reviar's entry...



No, I didn't expect to make it that high, mine was pretty empty to be honest. Congrats Reviar, and I hope everyone had fun!


I'm honored to have tied someone amazing at RCT2 like you actually. Can't wait for score tables!

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I truly must say, that is one awsome woodie. It really makes my brain go haywire to read some reviews. I also do want to release my park, but I will leave that to the creator, as it feels more appropriate.



And I must know why you didn't make that burning wall any higher, the beast might escape!

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