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The "Awesome Coasters" Contest [RCT2]

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I've got it down to two ideas and I'm cranking out 2 layouts a day for the former, still need to find the one that "works".


My original idea was to have a Multilaunch coaster weave through The Land of Heat and Clockwork. http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003541


However the focus seems to be on a more reproducible and realistic design so I narrowed it down to two.


  • A WingRider based around a volcano
    A rollercoaster with the track synchronized to



Still trying to get the right layout for them both, then decide on which I will use. Then, manage to get the time in between robotics, mock trial, knowledge bowl, math league, running an ETF2L team, and (God forbid) schoolwork to actually theme it worth a damn.


I still have fallbacks.

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Looks great!! But just a quick question for ya. What did you use to make the rails for the transfer track??


Also I had an idea earlier, just going to throw it out there and see how it marinates. After he picks out a winner and what not how about having a poll for everyone to vote for like a week or 2 or something like that. I think this seems to be a very lively topic with lots of great minds and think it would be cool to get input from everyone who helped make this such a good contest!

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