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The "Awesome Coasters" Contest [RCT2]

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^ send it in anyway.


^^ lol, I wasn't kidding, it's really bad and is not finished.


Good luck everyone, from the few parks/coasters I have had the privilege to see in person while fixing problems, giving advise and from what is pictured in the teaser shots there are some REALLY good entries in this. Should be fun one for the judges.


This contest was about as perfect as they come. Congratulations to TLM for putting it together and to everyone who gave this a shot even if you (like me) did not get it finished.


On a side note, hope to start seeing some pictures of every one's entry for Roomies' Christmas Giveaway soon here at TPR or over at NE. I have put up 2 copies of the original RCT (CF+LL) myself and would love to see someone (or several someones) from TPR take home a prize or 2. Don't forget that there is also a Chris Sawyer signed copy of RCT2 available also and a very rare ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON BOARD GAME was just added to the prize list. If you haven't stopped by the Lost ObjData topic or the RCT-RCT2 Download sticky. Give them look. I have posted lots of Holiday items for the game and there are over a dozen different holiday rides and stalls available. GOOD LUCK and get BUSY!

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Hey, just wanted to know if I included the correst .dats for the rides. I think that I got it right but most of the time when I think I either get it wrong or I get a headache. Anyway, let me know if you got it to open. The .dats are widely used so I see no issues but I just wanted to know. Thanks for making this contest as biased as possible, theming is not my strong suit and this contest was perfect. Thanks again.


Also, when all of them are judged, are you going to mass post them, or do you want us to post them online after you have graded them. And who are the judges? I know that Coupon was supposed to be one but he is having TPR issues and last time I talked to him, RCT was not working for him either. All well, Im nosy today. Thanks again.

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Damn I forgot some verry important details in my entry, I now don't stand a chance against anyone. I guess I can't revise my entry but I don't care if 10 points are lost because I did send it late with a couple changes, oh well my bad

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