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The "Awesome Coasters" Contest [RCT2]

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Alright TPR, as you guys here in the coaster games area may have realized, I’m back. With me being back, I want to do something rather fun around here. I’m going to be starting up a contest for TPR! I’m hoping to make this contest a bit more awesome than the others.

You want to know how I’m going to do that, simple. I’m just going to make up some wacky rules and guidelines that are much more different than any other contest!


Now, here is what you guys got to do. You see I heard about this awesome coaster company called Awesome Coasters. I want to tell you guys what I know about them. They like creativity, and they love to see great designs. Right now I believe they are taking in entrees for a whole entire new concept for one of their latest models to use for other parks.


Anyways, one of the workers, cousins, best friends, dentist told me that matches what they’re looking for. They will turn it into an official model, into something they’ll use!


How cool is that!


Here are the rules and guidelines

-You must create an original coaster design; something that hasn’t been seen before

-It can have terrain and water, but don’t make it your focus

-Please theme your ride

-Max 2 Underground tunnels,

-Height min – 80ft / Height Max – 300ft

-No stealing other peoples work

-Custom rides/coasters are all right, you guys have to put the .dats in the folder when you submit it

-No custom scenery; use the template

-You can have other rides, shops, and anything else around your ride. Infact I encourage you to make this ride look like its in a park!

-Having a theme for your coaster has no harm!

-Don't be stupid; just because I say you need to be original, doesn't mean make a 300ft batman clone. I wouldn't take that.

-Any kind of coaster is in your freedom to use!

-Have fun!




So these people right here are awesome; they decided to sign up for the contest.

(black = haven't submitted anything, Green = Entry judged and graded, Yellow = Entry has been summited, Red = Disqualified)




-the ghost

-Ace Of Spades


-Kraken & Manta


-Arrow Fan 13








- Stoksy











How I'm judging these?

70 pts total

-Originality (25)

-Followed all of the rules (15)

-Effort (10)

-Eye candy (10)

-Turned in on time (10)


If you want to help me judge, then PM me. I'm not going to accept everyone as a judge. Only 3 people max (Including myself). If you are judging, then you are not allowed to turn in an entry. This is good for people who play RCT3, No Limits, or just dont play the games, lol.





If not, you have until December 5th, but it will be 10 points off your score


- Please PM me your entry, you can show preview screens if you want. At the end of the contest, after judging is done. I will put all the entrys in a .zip folder for all of you to see. (Will be edited in the first post)

Here is your template!



Thank you, and I wish the best of luck to all of you!

Awesome Coasters Workbench.zip

it is 150x150 (NCS) you don't need to use the whole entire field. Its only that big for the more larger coasters.

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Ah, what the hell. Sign me up. I have had no desire to build anything in RCT2 and i think that this is the thing to get me into RCT2 again.


Quick question. Can I ParkDat in another coaster type? Im thinking of the Mine Train that dmaxba created.

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Ah, what the hell. Sign me up. I have had no desire to build anything in RCT2 and i think that this is the thing to get me into RCT2 again.


Quick question. Can I ParkDat in another coaster type? Im thinking of the Mine Train that dmaxba created.



Yeah, you can import custom rides, but you gotta include the .dats in the file. I still don't want custom scenery though, because I believe that there are some people who would have an advantage if they used CS. I know the same can be said about NCS too, but I want this to be fair with the scenery at least. Custom rides dont have any new type of track to use, so go for it.

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Wow, this is intense. My theming may not be up to par with the big players, but watch out for my layouts! Im pretty proud of myself. Nothing for this project yet per se, but I have built a prototype coaster of the kind I am trying to make. The basic concept is similar to a racing dueling coaster. It is a racing coaster, but the layouts are different. For example, on my prototype I made one thrilling gravity group coaster and a family designed gravity group coaster. Both were the same height and everything, but the different layouts allowed for some awesome things to be added!

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