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The "Awesome Coasters" Contest [RCT2]

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There are no expansion packs used with this. The contest map you need to use is located at the bottom of the first post. This is a NO custom scenery contest also. However you can use custom rides. You will need to ParkDat them into the contest map and include the DAT(s) you used with your submission. So for example if you are going to do an African themed coaster and want to use the Stampeding Herd coaster from one of the expansion packs you will need to go get the non expansion pack version and use that. All rides from the expansion packs have been converted for use with regular RCT2 and you can pick them up in the download section of the RCT2 Object List site.


If you don't know how to use the ParkDat to get the ride you want in the game just send me a PM about it and I will do it for you.

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I have a question, you said "be original" but can we use other coasters as an inspiration, or does it have to be completely our own idea. I was thinking about Raven in school today and it really inspired me for this contest.


BTW, I love your Eurofighter that you showed us in the preview thread.

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...I used to hold many contests.....all of them failed.


What makes this so easily likable was how simple you kept the concept. Even a coaster that has just tossed in scenery can win based upon the score chart. That makes those with good coaster building skills but lacking in scenery skills have a very good chance of winning. The same goes the for those great with scenery and and only so so with track designs. Kind of made it an any one's race and fun for everyone.


I so look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with even if they don't "FINISH" it. With scoring the way it is even an unfinished entry can still win. So there really in no excuse not to turn in at least something.


As Mastersax said "Great Job" on this TLM. Very well thought out. You made the perfect contest for everyone.


Now a question about posting pictures, would you rather have preview posts made with contestants putting up pictures of what they are doing or keep everything a secret until they are submitted and judged?


Just my opinion here but I would go for keeping everything a secret. I think it would keep anyone from getting discouraged about their entry not being GOOD enough to submit (looks at Dotrobot ). When the contest is done and you and the judges have picked the winner(s) you can post a picture or pictures of each entry along with the downloads.

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^^Right now, I'm the only judge. If you want to be a judge. PM me right away (you cant be in the contest though)


I thought it would e obviosu, but I should explain. I would like to see at least 1 overview screen, and you must give a download link to your file in a compressed folder.



Oh yeah, 20 members (21 with arrowfan being banned and all, lol)

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^^No they won't

^How is 8cars cheating? Anyone can use it (go to RCT2 Help thread for it). Plus, I'm willing to do any work for anyone such as merging and vertical lifts, and any kind of wacky thing you just can't do.


I mean, I'm sure about everyone in the contest would drop out if they found out they couldnt do 8cars, especily Coupon, lol.

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I wonder if NE will let me submit this as a design as well...


If you release your design here first NE will not accept it and according to the rules here you must make a new design so if you sent it to NE first I would think it would not be accepted here. With that said, if your entry is going to be of NE design quality I would hope you would try to win there. I don't think this contest is meant to be that detailed.


As for downloads are you really wanting everyone to post individual downloads here in the topic? I really don' t think it's fair for someone still building to see what someone who submitted a entry has done. It's kind of like this... I think mine is good, but now that I have seen _____ (fill in the blank) entry I am going to go back and change mine so I can beat him/her.


As I stated above I think it all should be kept a secret until the end but I can deal with teaser pictures. However the actual posting of entries prior to the contest deadline really gives those who wait till the end an advantage, they get to see what they are up against and those who already sent theirs in are kind of screwed.


Once again just my opinion, but I really hope that entries are sent in via PM directly to you.

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