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Favorite European Coasters

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I just wanted opinions on some European coasters that I am curious about how they are and if they are fun. There are quite a few of them, so I will just put it all in one topic fourm to make it not take up any space.


If you have ridden, any or multiple of the following rides, please give me you're opinion on them.

Europa Park


- Silver Star

- Blue Fire




- Katun






-G nseaew ( However You Spell It )




- Troy


Heide Park


- Desert Race

- Colossos




- Speed

- Megaphobia


Park Asterix


- Tonneree De Zeus

- Gourdix


Thank You So Very Very Much


Please Give Me You're Honest Opinon

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Of the list, the ones I've been on (before this thread undoubtedly gets locked)


Silver Star - meh.

Colossos - felt like a steel coaster. Fun, lotsa airtime, but not very woodie-like.

Tonerre de Zeus - got really good rides on it, but I hear that it isn't aging well

Goudurix - least favorite steel coaster of all time. Slow, rough, and spectacularly painful with those weird headrests. Sure is pretty, though.

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You could have just gone and read the TR's of the Robb and Elissa... They are the experts...


I think the idea here was to get a RANGE of opinions of these coasters. I'm sure that there will be fans and detractors for each ride, each with valid (for them) reasons. I thought Silver Star was meh, but I know others who rave about it.


Do you ever decide what movie to see based on just ONE review?

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Silver Star - Fun ride. Good floater airtime. (Smooth) 8/10

Blue Fire - AMAZING. I love the seats and twists. (Crystal smooth) 9/10

Gesangte Sau' - A very good wild mouse. Better than your average one. (Smooth) 6/10

Collossos - My number one wooden coaster. The airtime is amazing. (Some rough spots. For the most part smooth) 9/10

Desert Race - The launch is powerful. And the airtime is strong. Good ride. (Some rough turns. But for the most part is also smooth.) 8/10


Rides that are 10/10 -

- Ge Force

- X


Other 9/10

- Alpengiest

- Medusa

- Griffon


Other 8/10

- California Screamin

- Ninja (SFMM)

- Goliath


Hope that helped a little.



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Here's my take, gratefully thanks to TPR tours I can give my impessions


Silver Star - very smooth but as much airtime as other B&M hypers due to excessive trims, reridable but not worth reriding

Blue Fire - smooth and one of my two favorite launched coasters, very reridable

Katun - smooth and forceful, one of the best B&M inverts, possibly #2 behind Nemesis, very reridable

iSpeed - smooth and intense, my favorite launched coaster. Maevrick goes to sleep every night wishing he could be iSpeed, very reridable

Mammut - smooth but no aritime, reridable but not worth the time

G'sengte Sau - smooth on the straight part, can be a little rough in the sharp turns, awesome airtime, very reridable

Troy - typical GCI which is very good, very reridable

Desert Race - solid launch coaster but not spectular, reridable

Colossos - this woodie is blast with lots of air, mostly smooth but woodies have good and bad days, very reridable

Speed - my favorite Eurofighter, can be rough if you have a small build, reridable

Megafobia - I hated this coaster when I rode it in 2006 and found it very over rated, people who rode it in 2006 and this year with TPR said it was considerably better this year, reridable not would rather ride Speed

Tonnerre De Zeus - smooth, very good air, very reridable

Goudurix - Are you seriously asking for an opinion one of the worst steel coasters in Mitch's Poll, year over year? Only reride if offered a lot of money!

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You could have just gone and read the TR's of the Robb and Elissa... They are the experts...


I think the idea here was to get a RANGE of opinions of these coasters.

You don't need a range. Elissa and I's opinions are the only ones that count anyway. Here's my thoughts:


- Silver Star - Decent ride when the trims are off or on lightly. Recent years rides have been much better than opening year.

- Blue Fire - Great ride! Not as intense as the Intamin launchers, but GREAT ride still! Best trains on any steel coaster

- Katun - One of the best B&M coasters out there.

-I SPEED - One of the best (maybe even the best) Intamin launcher out there. Anyone who says the restraints suck is a pussy.

-Mammut - Weak

-G nseaew ( However You Spell It ) - Ok

- Troy - Decent GCI. Not my favorite by them, but solid

- Desert Race - Average

- Colossos - Near perfection. What every wooden coaster should be. Only beat out by it's later versions El Toro, Balder, and T Express.

- Speed - Best Euro Fighter out there! Amazing!

- Megaphobia - Once a top ten coaster, now it's just "ok" - it's actually a decent ride, but it's no longer OMFG amazing like it used to be.

- Tonneree De Zeus - One of the best CCI's. Temperamental. Been on it when it's crap, been on it when it's great! Most of my rides have been great, though.

- Gourdix - Demolish it

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I haven't ridden everything on your list, but here's what I think of those that I have (for what it's worth):


Silver Star--Looks like it should be great, but it's just OK.

Mammut--Kind of weak (nice-looking trains, though). The little drop into the lifthill is quite a spine adjustor, but the bit through the tunnel is fun.

G'sengte Sau--I love this ride (as for reasons, see Larry's post). The world needs more Gerstlauer Bobsleds.

Troy--Excellent GCI. It's been in my top ten ever since I rode it in '07, which was during an ERT session involving free beer (might've colored my opinion a bit).

Desert Race--Fun Intamin launcher, but basically the same at Rita at Alton Towers.

Colossos--One of the best woodies I've ever ridden (only Balder and El Toro are better). I've heard that it's had off days in the past, though.

Speed--Yep, this is still the best Eurofighter.

Megaphobia--I last rode it in 2006 and liked it a lot.

Tonnerre de Zeus--This has been in my top ten since I rode it in 2008, but it can be a bit rough.

Gourdix--Tear it apart, melt it down, and use the steel to make bolts for building a good ride.

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Silver Star: One of the weaker B&M Mega Coasters. Still better than most coasters out there, but not a top 10 ride.

Blue Fire: The best restraints available and incredibly smooth. Could benefit from more forces, particularly at the point where the train nearly stalls out on the first hill. Probably the best coaster at Europa, but not necessarily a top 10.


Note: Definitely don't judge Europa solely based on its coaster collection. It's the best park of all the ones mentioned in this thread.


Katun: My favorite B&M invert. The best first drop on any invert I've ridden. It's like a freefall following by bat-out-of-hell acrobatics. Top 10 steel for sure.

iSpeed: One of the best Intamin rocket coasters because it "does stuff" after the great launch. I still give a slight edge to Xcelerator.


Mammut: A family woodie with too many turns for its 3-bench trains. I like the layout, but it needs more speed and articulating trains.

G'sengte Sau: Fun, but nothing too special.


Troy: Overrated. It had a lot of vibration. I prefer many GCII coasters, including George and the Dragon.


Desert Race: A middle-of-the-road Intamin rocket. I might have liked it more if it wasn't sitting next to a much better coaster.

Colossos: Great ride. Powerful airtime over every hill. Rode it for the entire morning ERT session and it was great every time. Rode it in the afternoon and it was even better. Top 10 woodie for me.


Speed: I prefer Fluch von Novgorod at Hansa Park.

Megaphobia: It would be great with a bit more speed. A fun ride, but I have a hard time imagining it as a top tier woodie.


Tonneree De Zeus: A good woodie that I could imagine being great on its better days.

Gourdix: While I managed to avoid an ass beating, I have no desire to ride it again. Burn it down. Sorry, Erik.

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  • 4 years later...

The over hyping of newly designed European coasters was brought up in the Efteling thread. But let's use this thread to talk about our favorite European coasters.


While Expedition G-Force, Nemesis, Katun, Balder, Piraten and Colossus tend to rate highly what are your favorites.


While I love all the coasters I listed above the other top European coasters in my experience are:

iSpeed - Mirabilandia

Heiße Fahrt - Klotten

Dragons Fury - Chessington

Winjas - Phantasialand

Wild Mouse (wooden) - Blackpool

Wild Train - Fantasiana (Strasswalchen)

Insane - Grona Lund

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Haven't been on all the coasters listed, but here's my take on the ones that I have ridden.


Silver Star - Currently my least favorite B&M Hyper. It's still a fun ride and all, but it's nothing special.

Blue Fire - Really fun ride. The beginning is kind of floaty, but the final inline twist is pretty damn good.

Katun - GREAT ride. One of my favorite B&M Inverts. Very fast, very forceful, it never lets up.

Ispeed - LOVE Ispeed. This ride has everything. Strong Ejector Air, great laterals, by far the most whip on any inline twist. It's fast, it's aggressive, it's mean, and I love every second of it. Still in my Top 5 to this day.

Desert Race - I keep forgetting this ride exists.

Colossos - It's an Intamin Pre-Fab Woodie, and I love them all. Granted, I do prefer the other two I've ridden (El Toro and Balder), but this is still among the best wooden coasters in the world.

Tonnerre De Zeus - This is one of those rides that's good, but you could totally tell it used to be much better and I missed out on its glory days.

Goudurix - Worst Coaster Ever. The hatred for this ride is not exaggerated and all criticism of it is totally deserved.

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Surprise! I have ridden everything on your list, so....


Silver Star - Good, but doesn't stand out that much from others like it.


Blue Fire - Zippy, seats were comfy, a great ride.


Katun - I loved the sprawling layout of it. Worth re-rides, for me.


Ispeed - Loved it! Even got the button, lol! Launch coasters are really exciting to me,

and this one was one of the best I had ridden.


Mammut - The hype for this was more than the ride turned out to be. Not very exciting.

and one I thought was rather 'meh.'


G'sengte Sau - Much fun. Enjoyed the layout and the bunny hops at the end.


Troy - I really enjoyed this woodie, so much so, I re-rode it nearly ten times!


Desert race - It was pouring the day I/we rode it. I enjoyed it for what it was.


Colossos - Again, it was raining and it was like wet bullets hitting our forehead, but the

ride was good and fast.


Speed - My First Eurofighter, and I loved it! Did 14 re-rides on it, before a small headache

set in, lol. Have loved this type of coaster from then on.


Megafobia - It was totally rough on me the first time, and I never rode it again. Not even

when TPR returned, a few years later.


Tonnerre de Zeus - I enjoyed it, but didn't go back for a re-ride. I thought it had seen better

days, and it was very rough on me.


Goudurix - Um, not sure about this, although everybody else is wanting it's demolition.

I enjoyed the two times I rode it, without much pain. Lucky timing, I guess.


Hope this helps, if only a bit.

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-G nseaew ( However You Spell It)

You spell it: G'sengte Sau and it is a fun ride. It isn't a high thrill coaster but you can have a lot fun riding it with firends over and over again as long the queue is empty!

Mammut: Nice Woodie. You get some decent floater air and a fun 1st drop. A Woodie for the whole family!

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Somehow i like a few woodies here in Europe, like Colossos.

But i think one of my favorites is Goliath (Yup, not EGF in the 1st Place...) I dont want to make a list here.


Then there are the coasters that I dont really like, what others do e.g. Silverstar. I mean: Dafuq? No Airtime on these humps. Dont know how they made this...

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So here's my opinion on these rides:

Europa Park

- Silver Star: Great ride, some floater air over the hills.

- Blue Fire: My favorite at the park! Just before Eurosat and Euromir! Don't forget about those too...



- Katun: On of the best B&M inverts i've ridden! On par with Montu for me!

-I SPEED: AMAZING! Can reride everytime everyday!



-Mammut: Smooth & fun! But nothing other then that.

-G nseaew ( However You Spell It ): Great family coaster, more parks need rides like this.



- Troy: Another GCI, this was my first GCI. But does alot of the same stuff as other GCI i've ridden by now. Still solid and great ride!


Heide Park

- Desert Race: Great launch! Smooth and very fun!

- Colossos: One of my favorites woodie's! Great airtime, to bad about that back breaking helix.


Oakwood: Haven't visited park untill now.

- Speed

- Megaphobia


Park Asterix

- Tonneree De Zeus: Also on of my favorites woodie's, can be rough but a very good ride! It's crazy!

- Gourdix: Crap!


Your welcome...

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