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Last concert you attended?


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OhGr (fronted by ex-Skinny Puppy lead singer Ogre), with Lead into Gold (Paul Barker from Ministry & Revolting Cocks solo band), and Onmiflux (new singer. . who was GREAT).


the show last night was so good!


like OMG good.. tho Ogre himself was like a drunk cat up there on the stage -- in particular when he beaned himself with the mike stand (after knocking it over multiple times, along with lights, stage props and other stuff) LOL

He's fixated on wearing a dead bunny-rabbit mask (tying into the new album, Tricks, I suppose) which he wore for almost the entire set. . but at least he FINALLY took it off for the encore.


Paul Barker performing as Lead Into Gold was *brilliant*. . so good, I bought both vinyls he had for sale. And even opener Omniflux was very good.


great show, and glad there was a good turn out.


here's some pics.


me and Paul Barker, who was just hanging out in the club. Really nice guy, and the only member of RevCo that I hadn't gotten to meet when they were in Austin back in Nov. . . so now that is remedied.


Lead Into Gold



Omniflux (who I think might be dating Paul Barker), came out as guest guitarist for several Lead Into Gold songs too.


her opening set was fantastic


the light columns behind Lead into Gold made for some great visuals


OhGr 's Ogre, in full bunny mask


as political as they got. . .. . tho they are a bit political.


caught the lights just bright enough to see some of the rest of the band.



finally for the encore, the mask came off!



it was the road managers Bday, so they gave him a birthday paddling :p

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and since love sharing music. . for those not familiar, here are their most recognizable songs (arguably)







Lead Into Gold





(and . .tho he didn't play it, "Idiot")






and OhGr:



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saw a fantastic set last night from a show by Curse McCay (ex Pigface), C-tec (Jean-Luc from Front 242 & Marc from Cubanate), along with Chemlab.


Curse, and Chemlab were ok - tho didn't stay for the whole Chemlab set (seen em before, and just not a big fan of em live)


but bought my ticket to see C-tec -- who rarely play live (and rarely come out of hibernation since Jean-Luc is so busy with Front 242 always.. tho Richard 23 (also from Front242) always has time to tour with RevCo). Seriously, they've been around since the mid 90's, and only have released 2 albums! Tho he teased a "new" song that they played, so maybe a 3rd album is coming?


anyways. they were stunningly brilliant, and played the classic songs, including my favorite "Foetal".. SO much fun for the whole place to be screaming along to the refrain "we're on the way to being gahhhhhhhhhds"





so good, I bought both the CD they had for sale (containing both way out of print albums), and a Tshirt

(and both Jean-Luc and Marc were kind enough to sign the CD for me).


here's some pics from last night mostly C-tec, tho last 2 are Chemlab :


C-Tec (Jean Luc on vocals, Marc on keyboards on right)













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Caught both Oh Sees shows in Seattle while visiting friends last weekend. I may have suffered some slight hearing regression, but seem okay today. lol


Going to their show in Cleveland on Saturday...does this make me a groupie now?


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some pics from Friday night's fantastic Microchip League (MCL)/Robitiko Rejecto/Moskwa TV w/ Special guest UK Vision . .


And shame on Austin for not turning up. those that did show had a great time. UK Vision performed a very short (3 song) set, but it was the first time he's played live in 35 years - and he sounded incredible (and I made sure to tell him that). The new singer is a dead ringer vocals wise for the original singer, and I hope they continue to work together, it was so good.


It really was their 1st performance - the singer had an IPad taped to the mike stand for lyric reminders. But Houston is gonna *love* them tonight they were so good.


And MCL was also great, 1st time ever playing live in USA - opening with the well known version of New York (and closing the set with a different mixed version of the same song - which sounded good, but I prefer the original version). As expected with a "band" like Microchip League, it was mainly them behind a table toggling switches and mixing, rather than actually "playing" instruments. . but live vocals for most songs. and I giggled like hell (and loved it) when they played Moskwa TV's hit "Generator 7/8" using the vocal track of the singer from that band as an extra switch to toggle -- so they basically were "DJ ing" for that song. was still great tho.



and since I see mainly industrial/alternative/Darkwave/Dance bands from the 80's that y'all aren't familiar with, I always like to link to some of the big "hits"



here's UK Vision's club hit:




MCLs biggest his (as Razormaid remix)




Same guy, different band: Robitiko Rejecto




and again, same guy, different band, Moskwa TV was a little less industrial and more melodic and dancey:





UK Vision (you can see the ipad taped to the mic stand if you look close)


me and UK Vision. . they really sounded great


MicroChip League on stage


me and the guys in MCL/Robitiko Rejecto

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Caught both Oh Sees shows in Seattle while visiting friends last weekend. I may have suffered some slight hearing regression, but seem okay today. lol


Going to their show in Cleveland on Saturday...does this make me a groupie now?

I caught them on Friday 10/12 at Thalia Hall in Chicago- they absolutely flattened the place. This was the fourth or fifth time I've seen them, and it was definitely the best so far.


Also saw Black Tiger Sex Machine at the Concord Music Hall last night.

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^ My friend and I went and saw them again in Cleveland on Saturday night and yeah...they definitely kill it live. I have to admit that Timmy's Organism (opening band) was pretty fucked up/weird.


Love the disco ball. lol


Waaaay more crowd surfing/stage diving at this show than in Seattle.


Two drummers up close and personal give a unique (and very loud) sound in person.

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Emily is obsessed with Game of Thrones. They have a music tour from the composer of all of the music from the show. I wasn't really looking forward to it, but she wanted to go, so I was a good sport about it and 'acted' like I wanted to do it. I actually had a great time. I'd never been to any kind of symphony and I found the music really beautiful and I paid attention to the complexities. I hit a home run with Emily, since she said she thought it was one of the best events she's ever been to. We're not big concert people.

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Been to two concerts in the past month.

1. I saw Fleetwood Mac at Van Andel Arena on the 8th. Literally a last minute thing as I got a text from my sister a few hours before show time saying she was able to get really good tickets for a good price. Almost as soon as she sent it, I was on the road bound for Grand Rapids. It was a really good show! The Mac is a band with many hits and played most of them in the set.


2. On the 20th, my sister, her classmate from high school, and I went to Notre Dame Stadium to see Garth Brooks. This one was really good, but different as it was being taped for a concert special to air on CBS in December. What was remarkable is that the stadium was very full (plus floor seating) despite it being cold and rainy most of the day (the rain eventually stopped just as Garth came on stage).

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crazy busy since last Thurs (we had to go to Houston for the weekend for a wedding), so just now getting around to posting. .


but saw a FANTASTIC set (even without a couple of songs I would have loved to hear) from Public Image Ltd (PIL) - the band Johnny Rotten formed when the Sex Pistols imploded


Johnny might look a bit rough these days, and it was odd he was using an "old skool teleprompter" (ie: a stand with a book of lyrics on it).. .but he *sounded* absolutely amazing, and the current members of the band kept up with him seamlessly.


the 1st encore of "Public Image" sounded absolutely fantastic, as did the jungle beat of "Flowers of Romance"


it really was a career retrospective, and I'd guess someone told Johnny not to bring up politics (he's a big Trump supporter) in liberal Austin, for this sold out crowd.


one of the best shows I've seen in a long time -- tho we see Simple Minds on Friday, and that might top this one.


as usual, some songs for those not familiar:








anyways, some pics:











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Ok, pics from last week's stellar Simple Minds show.


we were balcony, center stage, row D, so had fantastic view, and the sound was amazing. Moved down later to right at the front near my friend Jennifer, who (of course) got the Set list.


at least the only song I'm not a fan of, Dolphins, had the best stage/lighting


No opening act - only Simple Minds in 2 1/2 hours (with a 10 minute break between sets), with a career spanning set.


but I think my absolute favorite part of the show was early in set 1, when a heckler yelled out to Jim :


"Chrissy Hynde loves you!!"

(which is a dick as hell move, when he's onstage with his girlfriend)


but Jim Kerr's response?


"I know she loves me. . but now I get to eat cheese!"





here's some pics. if you get a chance to catch them on this tour, it's well worth it.















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Ween @ Aragon Ballroom


Was that the Hallo-Ween show, Ed?


I got to see them twice this past summer and they killed both shows (Cleveland and Buffalo). Such a great live band...hope they do more in the future!


It was, and I will definitely see them again when they roll around next time (first time seeing them)- they were very impressive!

A cool tidbit about the show is that I got to see Phish cover Roses are Free a few days earlier when they came through town, so I was pulling for it going into the Ween show, and I got it!

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I went and saw Bring Me The Horizon and Thrice in Orlando last Friday, what a fun show that was. The Fever 333 also played but I dind't make it in time for their set (oh well haha). Bring Me The Horizon's new album released that same day so that was kind cool seeing some new stuff live for the first itme. I'm not really a massive fan of either band but do know quote a bit of their material, but they both killed it, just a party from start to finish.


BMTH is playing a rock festival here in town in May and I'll definitely be catching their set there.

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Went last night to see Peter Murphy & David J on the Bauhaus "Ruby Anniversary" tour at the sold out Paramount in Austin.


It took about 40 minutes for folks to rush the stage, and start standing up to dance, but eventually the old goths started shuffling to the music


as usual, took a ton of pics in hopes of getting some decent ones, think I succeeded somewhat!




• Double Dare

• In the Flat Field

• A God in an Alcove

• Dive

• Spy in the Cab

• Small Talk Stinks

• St. Vitus Dance

• Stigmata Martyr

• Nerves

• Burning from the Inside

• Silent Hedges

• Bela Lugosi's Dead

• She's in Parties

• Kick in the Eye

• King Volcano

• Kingdom's Coming

• Severance

(dead can dance cover)


and pics:














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