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Photo TR: Jojo goes to Little Ammericka!

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Hey gang! I'm Jojo, and my friends Jerrykoala2112, Deathbydinn and GCoaster12 (aka Jeremie, Jon and Gavin) and I are going to take you on an adventure to Little Amerricka! You're probably thinking "Hey Jojo, why is this an adventure?" Well let me tell you why. Little Amerricka contains lots of DEATH and it's literally in the middle of nowhere. Now I won't bore you with more typing. It's picture time!!


This is where we're going today!


Our first coaster of the day.


It doesn't look so bad right now....


Here we have two fellow TPR members demonstrate the "clench and squish" method.


It's a bit painful...but trust me, they're still alive.


Yep, they're alive as well!


Our next ride was the roll plane of death!


I don't think he's enjoying death right now....


I'm glad I skipped this ride. It was just too much spinning and death for me.


Jeremie doesn't mind death right now.


However Jon seems a little hesitant......


Just after Gavin got out of the plane, he kissed the ground. I would have too!


Jon made it safely back.


And so did Jeremie. Whew! So far no lives have been lost.

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Ok, are you ready for some more death? I know I sure am!


Our next ride on the list! This really isn't a death ride though.


Hi, I'm a blue train. Would you like to ride?




For you track enthusiasts.


For the nuts and bolts enthusiasts.


The little kid in the last row cracked me up. I think he's going to be a future TPR member.


Meteor is fun for everyone!


Here is the haunted house. I don't know what is in it. But I can tell you what's behind it.....




This is where they bury everyone that has died. I felt at ease knowing my burial needs would be taken care of.


What's this? The Lady Gay is gone!!!!


It's been replaced with metal stuff!


Oh wait..nevermind. That's just the old log ride from Kiddieland. It will be built sometime in the future.


Well that's all for now. I'll leave you with a pile of metal. I have a lot more pictures for you so stay tuned!

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^4 hours is enough time. The only things we had to wait for were, which I highly reccomend riding and the go-karts. All of the flats were walk ons. Mad Mouse would have a two car wait. Even if you go in summer lines are never long. You should be able to get everything done.

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I've noticed that the park is only open 12-6, which is more than enough time to do everything. When you go, make sure to take the train ride. It's really amazing, and it's probably one of the longest rides I've been on. I don't know if the park owns all that land, or if they rent some of it from local farmers.


I'll be putting up more pictures later tonight. I do have some from the train ride and will include those as well.


EDIT: Larry I'm glad we were able to help you out with the park index. After looking at the pictures Jon took, I'm scared to go in. That teddy bear looks like DEATH!

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In the last couple of years, they've really cleaned up that park. It's a nice little park with some seriously scary rides. As in, you think they're on the verge of falling apart.


Meteor is a great family woodie. Even Abra rode it, and loved it!

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In the last couple of years, they've really cleaned up that park. It's a nice little park with some seriously scary rides. As in, you think they're on the verge of falling apart.


Yeah that's why I only rode some of them once. I can ride Meteor over and over again. I can't wait until they build the log ride. Jon also mentioned that they purchased another coaster. They have a model of it in a display case, but I failed to take a picture of it.


I also failed to post more pictures tonight. I apologize for the delay. My computer decided to have technical difficulties when I tried to post them. Oh well. I'll try again tomorrow.

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Nice trip report. Little Ammericka looks like a fun little park, slightly ghetto though, but it still looks like a good place to spend a couple of hours. I've wanted to make a stop on my way up to the Dells, but I've just never had the time.


The park purchased the trains from the Lincoln Park Comet, but due to the coasters condition, they will have to rebuild it from scratch. I read that the purchase and reconstruction of Meteor was a test to see if they would be able to build a much larger coaster.

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I would hate to be squashed into that coaster car and to top it off have a roof closed over my head, but in saying that it looks fun. I haven't seen one of those looping plane rides for years. There was a very small park on the foreshore at Geelong in Victoria , that had that ride back in the 70's.

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I love that place! Its so much fun and there are rarely any lines. Since I visit the park annually (I'm going in august this year) I think its great that they are installing the old log ride. The haunted house scared the living crap out of me mainly because it was so dark near the end that we couldn't find our way out. And due to the fact I'm clasutraphobic, I ran out the entrance screaming like a girl. I really was the haunted house of death!

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Hi everyone! I'm back! Well I didn't go anywhere, nor did I forget about you. This week has been strange. I haven't been busy at work, but I've been busy after work. Trust me, if I could have done the updates at work, I would have. I think they frown upon that sort of thing. Anyway, here are the last few installments of the report. But first a special thank you to everyone who has read or commented on this report. I have to admit I was a little nervous about posting it. Since I have had such positive and helpful remarks from everyone (including a little front page love), you will be seeing more reports from me in the future.


Oh and one more thing, Little Amerricka is only an hour away from Wisconsin Dells, so if you're spending a few days there, take the time to make the trip to Little Amerricka. You won't be disappointed. Ok, shameless plug done. Onto pictures.


Bumper boat time!


I have a feeling the boys were ganging up on someone.


Jon!! Jeremie is after you! Run....er I mean..Drive!!!


I'm gonna getcha!


Mario has since retired from his video game franchise and is now working at Little Amerricka. Please go visit him.


Let's see what else is in the park. Ferris wheel? Check.


Nice overview of the park. It includes a better picture of what I'm now calling "Mario Tilt a Whirl".


This park has something for everyone. It also includes a little play area for kids.


Oh look! Another credit means more POV! Oh and all pictures and video were taken with permission.


I'm not sure if you can see it, but Gavin is in pain in the picture. He's doing a good job of hiding it.


This ride was smoother than Mad Mouse (which we'll get to next!!)


Here is Mad Mouse. It's a fun yet painful ride.


But it looks sexy.


Did I mention it was painful?


Hi Jeremie! Having fun yet?


I wasn't focused while taking this picture.


Oh that is a much better picture.


And one last view of the ride before heading to our next adventure.

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