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Photo TR:Michigan adventure and funny billboards.

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We decided to make a trip over to Michigans adventure today.


I looked at the website and thought it said they were open till 7, but I read it wrong and they were only open till 5pm. That kind of sucked, as we did not get there till 2:30. The trip to the park was almost as fun as the park itself due to the funny signs we passed.


Overall the park looked good. I was a little worried when we pulled in, and there were about 50 busses in the lot. But the good thing was that they were all in the water park. We got to see the new bumper boats, but passed on them due to time.


Shivering timbers was in tip top shape, and so was the other coasters there. I had a TON of airtime on wolverine wildcat. Thunderhawk is probaly the best slc around as there was very little to no head banging. Timbers was just amazing in an abundance of airtime.


On with the pictures.....


It was a 3 hour drive to the park. A boring 3 hour ride that is.


There were no clouds in the sky, except for these cool looking ones.


Typical Michigan roads.....there is no way around it.


Ok...so we saw some really interesting signs on the way to the park. Here are a few of them.


I wonder if the reason he is running for office, is so that he can get back at all those people that made fun of his name?




Here is one of the very desciptive signs pointing us to the park.


We are getting close......I think.


Would it kill them to put "Michigans adventure" on the sign?




I can never get sick of this view.


Yep....parking lot was empty, except for the 50 or so busses near the entrance of the park.


The mouse coaster.


I think every cedarfair park has one of these.


New for 2010....bumper boats.


For the tpr sign database.


I am so glad that they got these instead of demon drop......end sarcasm


First ride of the day



Looking up at the flume.


The giant wheel. I love the paint job.


Sea dragon ride.


The star of the show.




They were running both trains.


Station shot.


Sorry about the bad picture, but you get the idea.


There was no way to go around the sprinklers at timbers exit...you will get wet!!


Train station.....kinda looks like a train station at another park. Anyone know?


I thought I would take the train to get some pictures of timbers. But for some weird reason, they do not let you take pictures on the train. Not sure why, the train moves about as fast as my lawn mower.


I was able to snag this shot while waiting for the choo choo.




Tilt a hurl.


The flying trapeze


The trabant. This ride looks like it's about to fall apart.


The thunderbolt.


I don't know why, but I love this shot.


The falling star


Looks like they were still working on thunderhawks 2'nd train.


They had all the back pannels off, and you could see all of the moving parts.






I like the B&M seat better daddy....


Thunderhawk doing it's thing.



Twisted mess of steel


Inside the station.


The hand dryers in the rest rooms, will rip your flesh right off your hands if your not carefull.


Grand rapids is the parks rapids ride.


They have those water guns


Not good...


There were lots of rapids.


Too much wetness for me.


They have these water slides in the dry park, because you do not get wet on them.



Adventure falls is like snake river falls at cedar point, only smaller



Grand rapids station.


Thunderhawk and swan boats.


This ride is only for the hard core.....


Merry go round.


The corkscrew


The highley themed station.


Geek shot


Empty station.


The first drop.


Loopy arrow goodness.


Zacks zoomer kiddie coaster is this way...


The big dipper kiddie coaster.


Yep....she is my daughter.


The wolverene wildcat. I got more airtime than I have ever had on this ride this time around.


A look at it from accross the lake.


I took the tunnel.....


Another empty station.


Brake run.


Just in case you forgot where we are.


Bumper cars and giant wheel.


Bumper cars


Not quite disneyworld, but fun none the less.


Amy took advantage of the free shots of ice water.


Wild mouse.


This picture goes out to Kid tums.



The park now has cheese curds as well.


Random menu.




Mad mouse


Till timbersfest.....


We have been wanting to try this place for a long time now, so on the way home we decided to try it out.


It was good, but not as good as carabas.


Also stopped and got a 89 cent frozen slushy from the gas station.


Much cheaper than the $10 slushies they sold in the park.


That's it for this trip report....hope you enjoyed it.

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Sad I didn't work today, looks like things were very enjoyable outside making for a great day at the park.


Glad to hear you liked Timbers, it's been running great this year every time I ride it, and it feels a lot like it did back when it opened. Hopefully we get some more enthusiasts down to the park to get its ranking back up where it should be.

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I have not been to the park since Cedar Fair bought it. Looks like they've really added some nice signage and other elements to the park.


How is Shivering Timbers running? Remember with this used to be "The Voyage" of the day?


Sad that a ride that was the top 3 in the world for 7 years running didn't even crack the top 20 last year...

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Great TR! Thanks for sharing. You never really see too much from this park. I really like Michigan's Adventure. Cedar Fair is really making the park look nice, and they have a TON of room to expand. I just wish that it would get more attention from enthusiasts. It's kind of a bummer.


I used to absolutely LOVE Shivering Timbers! When I rode it last year though, I thought it was really rough and pretty uneventful. Glad to hear that it's running a lot better this year. I'm gonna have to take a little trip over that way one of these days.


How is Shivering Timbers running? Remember with this used to be "The Voyage" of the day?


I do indeed remember this! It was definitely generating some buzz back in the day.

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Their Corkscrew was running very good as to the no headbanging I experienced on it. Timbers is just a great coaster and its sad that its home is a hidden gem from the enthusiasts out there. As for the trip itself, it was a good to get away for the day. Thrillrder forgot to mention that in Michigan you are likely to see dead deer on the side of the road and we counted 8 of them round trip. For being a Vekoma, Thunderhawk was really enjoyable to me. The last time I rode it was when its home was at Geauga Lake and it hurt like none other. I had a good time.

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I have not been to the park since Cedar Fair bought it. Looks like they've really added some nice signage and other elements to the park.


How is Shivering Timbers running? Remember with this used to be "The Voyage" of the day?


Sad that a ride that was the top 3 in the world for 7 years running didn't even crack the top 20 last year...



Yes. The park is looking much better than it did before cedar fair took over. They have planted a lot of trees, and added a bunch of new attractions.


Timbers was running like it was years ago. It was fairly smooth, and I had some mega airtime on the hills. I am not sure why it has slipped so much in the coaster polls. I guess with rides like El Toro and the voyage, it kind of was forgotten because of that, and it is in such a small park.


The park has really improved over the years, if you have not been there in a while, I would suggest giving it another shot. Just keep in mind that it is not a huge park, and all is good. The waterpark is killer as well.


Now if we can just get them to connect that path next to wolverine wildcat.......

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It's been years since I've been to MA and it looks almost completely different! Really nice upgrades all around! Very glad to hear Shivering Timbers is running well; loved that ride a bunch back in the day. Nice trip report; thanks!

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Thank you.


I agree. The park looked clean and fresh this year, and the employees were great(except for the god awful uniforms they had on).


I can't wait to hit timbers fest later this month. If you want to get some great ert in, check out timbers fest. It is also the ONLY time you can ride it in the dark, as the park always closes before the sun drops.

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I was at the park a few weeks ago and was really pleased with everything. There could've been more shade and the food a few bucks cheaper, but overall the staff was friendly and the rides were great. Shivering Timbers is like the CCI version of El Toro, with even more hills. I couldn't believe how good it was. Thanks for the great pictures!




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Thank you.


I agree. The park looked clean and fresh this year, and the employees were great(except for the god awful uniforms they had on).


I can't wait to hit timbers fest later this month. If you want to get some great ert in, check out timbers fest. It is also the ONLY time you can ride it in the dark, as the park always closes before the sun drops.


I'll be at Timbersfest. I can't wait to do night rides during this event. Should be a lot of fun.

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I went to my first timbers fest last year, and was not able to get any night rides on timbers because of lightning. I hope to get some night rides in this year. $10 for 2 days of ert and meals is not a bad deal at all.


One thing I have noticed this year, is the lack of a t-shirt. Anyone know about this.


Ha...I just noticed that chick taking off her shorts at the grand rapids sign.

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In the morning, and afternoon the amusement park can get buisy. During the day on a warm day, the amusement park is very manageable.


You may end up waiting a half hour for timbers on a buisy day.


The longest lines are usually for the mad mouse and corkscrew because of the low capacity of the rides. Wolverine wildcat's line can get bad sometimes, because it only runs 1 train.

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A few bonus pictures.


I have a short video of the mad mouse that I will get on here soon as well.


There were a ton of Michigan adventure billboards along the way.


Swan boats(from cedar point), and funnel of fear.




The trees are starting to put some shade onto the midways.


Loggers run drop.


Thunderbolt cars.


More random munu prices.


Zacks zoomer station.


Shivering timbers turn around from the parking lot.


The new campground right across the street from the park.


Another merry go round shot.

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This park looks fun but it looks strangely empty somehow, and I don't mean with the people either. Shivering timbers looks great though!


Actually, the park was quite busy. There were a lot of busses there. We did not get there until 2:30, and some of the groups were leaving the park, while a lot of them were in the water park. Most of the pictures I took, were from the last hour the park was open.

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