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Tips for Six Flags America?

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^^ I was there this past Saturday. If you can, get there at opening and go straight to Gotham City. We got 2 rides on S:ROS and one each on Batwing and Joker's Jinx in 20-25 minutes. The two wood coasters should be running 2 trains, but Batwing was the only steel that even had a second train on the transfer. Have fun!

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Don't let them scare you, SFA is not all that bad. Of course SFA has a rep of fights and robberies, just don't mean mug anyone and leave your ipod or any other valuables someone might want, at home or in a car.


As for crowds, its actually hard to say, SFA is usually dead, but sometimes, if the weather is nice, its crowded. Just get there early and head to the back of the park first.


There arent many special places to eat at SFA, but they opened this new restaurant called Bone's Chicken and Waffles, that might be something to look into trying. Its right next to Shipwreck Falls and Roar. There are also several Subways, Papa Johns, and a Coldstone. There is a sort of buffet style restaurant in Coyote Creek called Crazy Horse Saloon. They have chicken fingers, mac n cheese, greens, baked beans, curly fries, and cornbread. And you can get a fresh funnel cake from almost every section of the park.

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Check out the coupon book you received with your season pass for some great food deals. I know past years had a pretty good family meal deal at Papa John's - pizza, salad, breadsticks, a pitcher of soda and I think some slushies for around 30 bucks (fed 4 of us easily).


Personally, I like the Panda express the best. Also, back in the old west section near Mind Eraser is the Saloon. They have some decent food as well.


Use the Flash Pass system if the crowds are heavy. Its different from the Q-bots at Great Adventure, SF New England and others. For around 10 bucks you get 5 or 10 passes (I think) that you can use to enter certain rides from the exits saving waits. Since most of SF America's waits are short, you should be able to get on all the coasters by just buying one set of passes. I've only ever waited extended periods for Batwing - I've never seen them use both sides of the station and the loading takes so long it's very inefficient and slow. It's worth one ride but unless I can get there early or for an event with ERT, I usually skip it.


And don't worry about the safety stuff people have been bringing up. Just exercise normal caution and enjoy yourself. This park gets a bad rap based on things that happened years ago. Personally I feel much safer there than when the buses from NYC invade Great Adventure!


Have fun - SF America is a very nice park and VERY under-rated.

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I was just at this park on Sunday 4/4 and I didn't see any of the supposed "bad" area around the park you guys are talking about. In fact it was a lot nicer than most areas here in Vegas. All the employees were really nice. Sure they could be slow at times, but that seemed to be a result of them following the "memo" on engaging the guests and giving high fives. They tried their hardest to make you feel welcome.


Perhaps the past haunts them, but I had a much better time at the park than I expected and feel that it gets an unfair shake. I can say I enjoyed my time at SFA more than my time at KD two days before.


As far as tips are concerned, it wasn't crowded at all for me (probably due to it being Easter). Wild One and Roar were the only rides with two trains on but there was never more than a two to three train wait on any ride. For back to back re-rides, I suggest making the hike back to Batwing first, then work your way back to the front. It was like I had the park to myself for the first hour. In fact I hit all the coasters twice in the first 90 minutes and I was taking my time walking. Flashpass at SFA is still the paper system. I'd suggest at least trying to get those rides in the back first before getting a pass.


If you or someone in your group has a Discover Card, USE IT! That 5% discount is awesome because its for ANY purchase on top of any other coupons or discounts you want to use. AND its automatic.

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We ended up having to back out. We went to Busch Gardens last Wednesday and Kings Dominion the next day and my dad was so sore, he couldn't make the drive up to D.C. so we decided to just go to Kings Dominion on Sunday.


So we're trying to decide whether we're going to go to Busch Gardens or SFA this weekend... but I'll be sure to let everyone know how things went when I finally go!

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