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  1. Wow. What did the Super 8 in Atlanta do to this guy? It's rating dropped even lower because of his review on travelpost? As for line cutting: 1) Ask politely for them to not cut the line. If they proceed to cut: 2) Bust out your cellphone and dial the park's main # (Gadv: 732-928-2000). Ask to speak with security, and let them know your location, and that you have a person/group that is cutting the line. Security will be giddy with joy to meet you and kick them out of the park, especially @ SF! Trust me, I've done it, the other guests will applaud your initiative, and you'll feel great!
  2. Its easy to tell that the new GM of this park is a Six Flags veteran. (EJ Randolph SFA Ops Director->AA GM) The weather rock is a staple at almost all Hurricane Harbors. The ride signs, guest code of conduct, and smoking benches/penalty boxes are straight from the SF playbook!
  3. Don't forget about America's new 3 Point Shootout style Game. It's being built right in front of the WB theater. Seems like a silly place to put a loud obnoxious game, considering there are shows going on in the WB a few times a day. Also, that area is loud in general, because there are area speakers right on top of the awning of the bathroom and main entrance at Hollywood Cafe/Johnny Rockets. The park is actually full of construction vehicles and such, making little changes here and there, and taking down Two Face. Also new for 2009, more smoking areas. And a new bathroom closer to Batwing! Just kidding about the bathroom; there will be more smoking areas though .
  4. That was a cool little game to play! I love how interactive they've gotten. Phone calls is a major plus IMO. I don't know if I would have figured it out with out your spoiler though! Have they emailed out sp holders and "funatics" subscribers about this? I wonder how many people are actually following this progressive game?
  5. Premier Parks bought out Six Flags in 1998, but kept the SF name. Under this theory, wouldn't Premier's management have favored their own legacy parks? Either way, America is staying here this year, so long as the parent company can stay in business. The company is showing no signs of going under anytime soon, except for their balance sheet obviously. They're continuing to expand, SFGadv just signed up a new award winning fireworks show, there is capital improvement across the chain, and most parks are well underway in their hiring process. BTW, anyone notice how SFA is starting their big hiring push at least 1 or 2 weeks later than Gadv, even though they open at the same time? Is it because its a smaller park?, smaller budget?, or have they not gotten it yet?
  6. A speed slide is definitely welcomed for HH. Now, hopefully the county can zone lifeguards into the area. The park ran 50-80% downtime on its lazy river and old kiddie pool for most of the summer last year because of staffing shortages. The bickering on this board is very interesting. I suggest giving the park a chance this year. SF has positioned some of its top managers into the park, and while battling a tightening budget and limited resources, they managed to get some capital approved. This is definitely good news!
  7. Wooohooo, He's Back! I can't wait for the 1st ad!
  8. If you buy a premium pass from Six Flags America, you get an extra coupon book with some random offers, like discounts to other area attractions. The renewal pass is for renewing your old pass, its the same price. But this doesn't apply to you because you would be getting a new pass. If you buy your Six Flags season pass for $50 @ America, it will get you into every theme park in the chain for all of 2009. If the park has a water park included, like America, Kentucky Kingdom, Great Escape.... then you get into those as well. Only separate gate water parks are not included, like Hurricane Harbor next to SFGadv. Also the regular season pass comes with its own special value book. The book will have coupons for food and merchandise @ the park, as well as coupons for you to bring a friend for free or reduced price on certain days of the year. There is also a parking fee. If you are driving to the park, its $15 per car. You can get season parking for $45. So, if you drive to any Six Flags park 3 times, its worth adding this option. The parking pass is printed on your season pass, so it doesn't matter what car you take, you just have to be in it! (Also, Six Flags America calls their season pass a "Play Pass" while Great Adventure calls it a "Season Pass") Hope this helps!
  9. For starters, Definitely buy a Six Flags season pass @ the America park. Its only $50 and it gets you into all the other Six Flags. Even if you only go to buy the pass and use it only at great adventure, its still worth it. SFA has a nice waterpark included with admission. Its close to Baltimore, you can even take public transport if you need to (Marc train, then a bus). I would suggest driving though. You will be 2.5-3 hours from SFGadv. It would be a shame not to drive up and experience Nitro/El Toro/Kingda Ka. You can skip Hershey in my opinion, especially if you're budget conscious! Also, be sure to visit DC! The nation's capital is just a short $7 train ride away!
  10. ^Lol, That was for training. Notice how they are all watching the op panel. Also, The picture isn't from this year is it?
  11. Operations, IMHO, were much better than in years past. I first visited the park in 2005. I remember how exciting Hurricane Mountain was, not because its a good slide, but because it was open, with absolutely no lifeguard/attendant at the top. We just walked on, and hoped that there was actually a splash pool at the bottom. Needless to say, we survived. Note, there was a lifeguard sleeping at the bottom of the slide. So, 2008 was much better than that. I think that some days, the park hit it right. But mostly, the park seemed plagued with staffing problems. Its hard to motivate an employee who has been working double shifts with only one day off during the week. Even during the summer, they had maintenance and other various out of park positions working at ride hosts. Not to mention the lack of supervisors. I believe several departments were very short on supervisors and leads throughout the summer. 2009 needs to be the park's renaissance. There's a new park president (former GM of Gadv), a new GM, and a new Director of Ops (formerly Director of Ops @ Great Escape). Hopefully the new team can send a strong message anc develop a plan of action with the full time staff. I'm optimistic that the new team can make a difference, and can't wait to see the changes take place.
  12. Try doing a Six Flags internship. Most parks will have their program listed on their website by Feb 1st, if they don't, give them a call. They essentially hire you into a seasonal supervisor position. Choose operations if you want to do rides, but they have lots and lots of departments. If you're in operations, you will hopefully be doing more supervising then oping. That depends on how well managed and staff the park is. Gadv is your best bet for supervising! Also, they have corporate internships in NYC for college credit. These are not paid, but if you have the ability to be in NYC, go for it! Their office is in the heart of the city.
  13. ^Its called Fright Fest. It tends to attract alot of guests. As to running one train, thats disappointing, if it wasn't mechanical issues, hopefully they added on the 2nd later in the day.
  14. Large Guests who bypass the test seat. Sit down, and begin the battle against the seat belt. Ive had guests: Slip the black end of S:ROS's seatbelt through the clip, thus making it fall off. I walk over from the panel and they angrily hold the pieces in their hand and tell me that their seat belt is broken. Hold both ends up, look up, and with a puzzled look say, "It wont buckle". Then proceed to pull down their lap bar and try to convince me that they'll be fine on the ride.
  15. ^I can attest that a brief power failure, such as a surge, where it knocks the power off for one second, will take down every coaster, and most major water/flats. Anything running on a computer will shut down and have to be restarted. You may have noticed Flying Carousel, Octopus, Pirate's Flight (anything that goes up in the air) also down for a little while. Restaurants and such would not be affected. Granted, the rest of your story sounds awful. You should immediately ask for their supervisor if anything like that happens again to anyone else.
  16. Wow, Awesome shots from S:ROS. What kind of camera do you have? Also, totally against six flags rules! Next time, we're confiscating it! But really awesome shots of the park. BTW, the A keeps falling down, its been fixed twice this season.
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