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Photo TR: The adventures and uses of my Club TPR Pen

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I'm not quite sure what this is. I think it must have made sense when I began it this morning, and it definitely kept me busy around my day at work. But anyway, I hope you enjoy it!


You too can have the same amount of fun if you sign up for Club TPR and get your own Club TPR pen!!




The Club TPR pen can be used to access those recessed reset buttons - like here on my alarm clock.


The Club TPR pen can be used to complete crossword puzzles...


...sudoko puzzles...


...but not kakuro puzzles. I don't know what these are.


Club TPR pen takeover of central London's Centre Point.


Club TPR pen takeover of London's BT Tower.


The Club TPR pen is a useful tool for grouping multiple faders on a mixing desk together.


Club TPR pen takeover of the Apple Store on London's Regent Street.


Hey this is one cool guy...


...check the type of pen he's using!


The club TPR pen might just save your life in an emergency. Look - here it is directing people to the nearest fire escape.


Club TPR pen takeover of the London Underground at Oxford Circus.


Club TPR pen takeover of the tube!


Like I say, I don't really understand what this TR is!! I'm tired - it's been a long, confusing day! :-)

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Cool report! I have a couple of the regular TPR pens (the black ones), and I've been using one of them for about three years. It's almost like the ink will never run out. In fact, one person borrows a pen from me occasionally and lately has been saying, "Is that still the same pen?"



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Hahaha! Love the Photo TR. I am using my Club TPR pen at work. I have always used my TPR pens at work. I can remember one day while I was signing for some stuff on the back dock after I used my pen, one of the guys from another department asked to borrow it for a second. Hesitant, I said sure. I got busy unloading a truck and he took off with it. I had to go hunt him down. I said..can I get my pen back?? Please?? He looked at me and said, ur serious?? I'm like, yup, this pen is gold to me!! He looked at me like I was nutts!! Some folks just don't have a clue!!

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Awesome report, Robin!


I love my TPR pens!!! They do last a VERY long time. I burn through a lot of pens, at work, and my TPR pens last FAR longer than any others. (Pharmaceutical swag pens are the worst - a lot of them don't even make it a week. )


My Club TPR pen has moved into my work bag, but I'm not ready to put it into rotation, just yet. My current work pens are a TPR pen, a Sanofi Aventis pen from the breast cancer marathon, and a DoubleTree pen from Robb's birthday cruise trip. They make me happy, in my workday drudgery.


Is that enough detail about my pens? Am I officially sad and pathetic?

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This has just made the HQ of my company so much cooler that it has had a hostile club TPR takeover



Anth Approved!


A TPR Group Company lol


Did anyone spot that there was an artical about legal highs above the club TPR Pen... Coinsidence?

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