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Club TPR is Coming in March!

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^ Hey look at that, Club TPR is second on the Holiday World coaster club list. Pretty cool. Ah, notice the name on top? You want ACE members claiming they're number 1? I have just the answer. Change the name to "A Club TPR." That would show 'em.

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^ I know you're joking, which is fine, but to be honest, I think ACE appeals to a different kind of person than TPR does. Sure there are some crossovers. But if you look at the average group photo from an ACE event versus a TPR event, it's a different group. Not that it's a bad thing, just different.

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^ Of course I'm joking. Whether it was a consideration or not, Club TPR scores well in an alphabetical list. Reminds me of those old fashioned yellow pages, with endless listings of AAAA Plumbing Co and the like. Not that it matters; coaster clubs are all about fun.

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If you could Arrange Free Parking at Alton Towers that would be a godsend!!!!

Heh, sorry. Parking is not a perk that any park has offered! (Except for Knoebel's and Holiday World - they are giving Club TPR members Free Parking.)

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