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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Time for a beer thread post, because I've been failing so miserably lately..


Overall, a great beer, and it very may well be the best beer to be produced in the south. Great job Terrapin, too bad it's only a seasonal


The Monster is a dark, murky red and it has a great combination of hops and malts


The star of the evening was, however, Terrapin's Big Hoppy Monster. The 07 edition is out and I must say it is simply sensational


It was an ok hefe. I was obviously a bit let down with the other successes I have tried from Troegs, but it was far from bad. It reminded me a lot of the "everyday" stuff I had in Germany


First up is Troegs Dream Weaver Wheat

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Hey look, two posts in one week Ma!


Joe - I'm a little concerned you like Big Hoppy Monster a little too much.


Well, the only other pumpkin ale I've tried was Sea Dog's, which I thought was terrible. This beer was acceptable, but I don't think it was a very well done pumpkin ale. It's too watery, doesn't have much flavor.


And to finish last night off, Buffalo Bill's, supposedly the original, Pumpkin Ale will be had! I also got this in the build your own six pack, I really wish BevMo would employ this!


Yummy, apparently the hops used are Centennial and Cascade. I'd have to say I definitely recognize the Cascade flavor in there the most.


New night, new hop bomb. Sierra Nevada's excellent Fresh Hop Ale. Harvest them hops Sierra Nevada!


My tastebuds don't know what hit them. So my brain reminds them, tons of Tomahawk, Centennial, Cascade, and Amarillo hops. You know the brewmaster's a hophead when he claims this beer has a balanced malty flavor.


Finishing off the night two nights ago, the El Toro IPA! A great beer to end the night with, and a very different followup to The Kronic.


I appreciated it a lot more this time around for some reason. It's quite a new experience for me. Definitely copper and bready, but the main flavor is sweet sweet toffee. It's seriously almost like drinking a piece of liquified toffee, eating a piece of bread intermitently.


Another one of my beers from the six pack I created at World Market. My 2nd time around having this beer, Lagunitas The Kronic - Rich Copper Ale.


Overall it's a decent porter, but it wasn't anything special like Black Butte Porter or Anchor Porter. It was a little watery in the mouthfeel, and a bit more roasted barley taste than chocolate/coffee tones.


Sierra Nevada's Porter, a beer I have yet to try. It's weird I haven't tried some commonly available beers like this, but most of it has to do with them only being available in six packs. Well I went to World Market the other day and they had the build your own six pack!

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After a long week of unloading boxes and going to job interviews it's time for a beer. Saw a new double IPA @ Spec's that I had to try and tonight seemed like a good night. (Picked up an Arrogant Bastard Ale as well but I'll save that for when I accept a job offer.)


Breckenridge Brewery's Small Batch 471 Double Hopped IPA, coming in at 9.2% abv. What a hop bomb this thing is. It does balance out a little bit after it warms up but this is definately a hop head's brew. It does mask it's alcohol very well, almost to the point that it makes it a dangerous beer. Easily the biggest and best beer I've had yet and I will definately pick up more of these.


Best thing about a bomber - the 2nd serving :)

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Well originally, we were supposed to go down to VA for the weekend for some Halloween fun at the parks and some tasty beer but with Kim being sick, we decided that it would probably be best to just hang around the area here and let her get better.


Luckily, this is a pretty beer blessed area...


I go for this month's release, The Pennypacker Porter, which was free since as a Mugger now, I get my first mug of each month's specialy at no charge. Sweet! We'll be back soon to see if my mug come's in.


In the meantime, they gave me a loaner from a couple of Mug Club seasons ago. I really like this one! I wish I could take it home.


Well it at least looks like some of the new mugs have come in. Mine however is still off getting my name etched on it.


To end our night, we stopped off at the ABC for a nightcap. I got admitted into the Mug Club the other week, so I wanted to see if my mug was in yet.


I figure that I should probably have a proper English Ale with my pie, so I go with a Young's Double Chocolate Stout. Just as silky smooth as a chocolate shake. Fantastic! We'll probably be back soon to finally try some of that Olde Yeller IPA that will soon be on tap.


I'd be remiss if I didn't include a shot of some of their great English inspired pub food here. In this case, a rather delicious cottage pie.


I decide to go for a new to me house brew from them. The Bessie's Best Brown Ale. This is actually named after a local brothel madame, whose ghost is said to still haunt the area.


Usual mix of import and some micro stuff and naturally a couple of their very own house brewed beers.


On Saturday, we were passing through Carlisle, so naturally a stop at the Market Cross Pub was in order. We hadn't been here since we brought Derek back in March, so a visit was definitley in order.


One more Golding's Special Bitter on cask for the rode. This is quickly becoming a fast favorite. Look for more pics from next weekend, when this years Hop Nouveau and the best damn Pumpkin Ale EVER will be on tap.


I decided that something spicy would go good with my IPA and this Chipotle Turkey Wrap did just the trick.


Time for some of their unbelievably awesome IPA. The more I have this, the more and more it reminds of the West Coast IPAs that I love so much. And the good news is that with a some recent upgrades to their brew system, they'll be able to keep it on more.


Kim get's some of their allways awesome Root Beer.


Like the always fantabulous Golding's Special Bitter on the hand pump. Hot damn, this stuff was even better than when I had it last week.


Unfortunately, the pin just kicked before we could get there. Think that ruined my night? Come on folks, this is the SGB we're talking about! I'll just have to get something else on cask.


Friday night, we arrived (thanks to a nasty traffic pileup with fatalities) 2 hours late for what was supposed to be a Firkin Friday release of Hop Nouveau.

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This weekend we finally got Nicole down to Virginia to get her Christmas present from 2006 processed and to get some coaster credits down there. While we were at it, we decided to enjoy some beers, this is Busch Gardens after all!


Friday I had a Guinness at her friends house, it was like drinking black water.


Nicole was not happy with the crowds, so we decided to go elsewhere for dinner. She asked if we could go somewhere with good beers, I shed a tear or two


As the day went on, the crowds got bigger and fuller of dumb people who don't know how to walk.


Hooray, Jack's Pumpkin Spiced Ale was being served there, though only in bottles. Actually a very good pumpkin beer, go AB!


A long walk later and we were at Grogan's Pub, where I knew I could get something I've yet to try and always wanted


and to get more energy, the girls enjoyed a Bud Extra energy beer before calling it quits.


my final selection was Bud Select, now the #2 selling beer in America according to our tender. Supposedly it has more flavor than Budweiser. Oh America, you're such a bunch of fools!


Next in line for Nicole was the Tequiza. It was pretty weak, she didn't even want to finish it


Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus for me next. Tasted like blah with a hint of lime. Miller Chill is better


Next up I went with the Landshark, a Florida style lager lacking favor and Nicole tried the Tilt Orange, tasting like oranges or something


With no Jack's Pumpkin Spiced Ale on tap, I decided to start out with a Bare Knuckle Stout. At least it had some flavor


4 free samples for everyone. The girls both went with Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry, while Dave went with Tilt Green


But free beer at the Brewmaster's Club will have to suffice for now


After seeing some traditional German song and dances I was ready to go back to Oktoberfest


Getting to Busch early meant we managed to ride all the coasters before the crowds arrived, and I was able to get us a slot for free beer in the Festhaus

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and about an hour later, I came through with a restaurant that had some great beer options!


and to end my short stay there, I decided to grab a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale on tap. Best beer of the day, but still not one of my favorite pumpkin beers.


I figure from the look on Nicole's face, this was definitely an Imperial IPA, as I hadn't seen that face since Dogfish Head's 90 Minute IPA.


I went with the locally brewed Imperial IPA by Legend Brewing of Richmond. Much better than anything at Busch Gardens, though I really was having trouble tasting from my cold. Lots of hops and some alcohol taste though


and was very excited that she could keep her drink cold on the ice shelf


Nicole was dying for Lindeman's, but they had none on tap and we didn't feel like paying $12.50 for a bottle. She found Abita Purple Haze Raspberry Wheat on tap for much cheaper.


New beer book full of lots of options on tap and bottled


With no smoking at the bar and a 20 minute wait for a table, we chose the bar. Plus we wanted to be closer to the taps anyway


The #14 place to have a beer in America, Capital Ale House at Innsbrook

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Sunday after a most excellent day at Kings Dominion with no crowds to speak of, we decided we needed to grab some dinner. Luckily I knew of a place not too far out of our way in Bowie, MD.


Ahhh, Venom Pale Ale served at happy hour prices during football games. It doesn't get much better than this!


Back to DuClaw in the Bowie Town Center

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Alas Wally, I've shown Derek all I can in the ways of DuClaw. It's time to let the little guy spread his wings and down some Venom on his own.


Here's a Halloween beer if there ever was one.


Yowzas! This beer does have bite! Strong hops up front with a nice caramel/chocolate maltiness to keep it balanced. This reminds me of some hoppy ambers I've had but the thick body and 8% ABV definitely put this in the realm of Strong Ales.


The Great Lakes Brewing Nosferatu, a hoppy Strong Ale. Quick bit of trivia, the GLB can use the name and likeness from the 1922 film for free since the movie is in the public domain.

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Tonight I decided to enjoy something newly released, and done so in a very limited series, a wet hop harvest ale from Harpoon up in Boston.


good stuff. Not nearly as fantastic as the Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale, but still very satisfying.


Still packs a lot of woody hop character as it warms up, very nice


Fresh earthy hop tastes with some nice maltiness too. The yeast used gives it a very different flavor


Glacier Harvest, a single batched wet hop beer from the folks at Harpoon

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I was feeling pretty hoppy last night. Let's see what did the trick...


Just as tasty as before! Pungent sticky hops and zesty grapefruit notes dominate this guy. This actually reminds me alot of a lesser version of the Troegs Nugget Nectar, expect the Nectar has a lot more going on in the malt department. There you go Bubba! Now you know what to expect!


Time to revisit the Lagunitas Kill Ugly Radio. This time with a full bomber all to myself.

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Last night I decided to try something new I picked up at Capone's for my birthday, all the way from North Carolina.


and this time the rating holds out. Great coffee and chocolate flavorings with a good body


Highland Brewing's Black Mocha Stout, a fairly well rated beer

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October drinking continues, as we seem to be really flying through this month.


Pretty solid! Nice spice and pumpkin balance plus there's some unexpected hop bitterness in this guy too (something that Smuttynose is prone to do). Of all the Pumpkin Ales I've had in bottles, this is definitely one of the top ones.


Next up, another local Pumpkin Ale. OK if you consider local the Northeast. This one from Smuttynose in Portsmouth, NH.


Very nice but interesting. It starts out very sweet but then some unexpected hop character rears it's head and sticks around.


First up, something local in the form of a Stoudt's Oktoberfest.

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Time to start trying something I got for my birthday, a variety case from Left Hand Brewing, who brews a pretty good Oktoberfest. Will their other beers hold up too?


Citrusy goodness! Not that the Juju was horrible, it just was odd.


Better switch to something not weird, Dogfish's Shelter Pale


Um, yeah. No idea whats going on with this brew


Left Hand's Juju Ginger, an ale with ginger. Ginger ale?? No, apparently it's beer with alcohol and stuff

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past couple of nights...


and tonight I stopped by Taco Mac on the way home from downtown to have some of their crappy wings and a couple of pints of Rye Pale Ale. 'twas a good evening, and the Terrapin was fresh and great as expected


Though I'm smiling, I honestly didn't think a whole lot of it. I was actually quite disappointed considering the love that Allagash gets, most if not all of the other dubbels that I've had were more enjoyable


To celebrate Allagash's arrival in Georgia, I broke out a bottle of the dubbel

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