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The Vegas Thread!


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I was in town for the sole purpose of going to the opening, but ended up not making it to SLS...only in Vegas!


I did see the fireworks though!


Protip: the stratosphere lounge happy hour is pretty good...2-1 on all their specialty cocktails. And no need to pay admission to go up!

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So SLS was pretty cool. I like the vibe the casino gives off. It's hip and cool. I especially dug the dim lighting throughout. The bright casinos tend to annoy me after a while, especially at night.


Overall I think it was a really well done overhaul with some minor tweaks needed to smooth out the opening kinks. Hopefully it will help revitalize a mostly useless end of the strip. Hopefully Resorts World gets going soon along with the resort they are planning at the old New Frontier sight. Would be nice to see Circus and Strat have a reason to start fixing up their offerings.

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Hey friends! I know you've been wanting to know when the next building implosion is going to happen in Las Vegas. Well it's scheduled for 12:01 a.m. On January 13, 2015. The old Debbie Reynolds hotel on Convention Center Drive near The Peppermill Restaurant is slated for demolition! I'm giving you plenty of notice!


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So The LINQ Hotel began it's phased opening on October 30th. They opened about half the rooms. The rest are now all down for their remodel. The pool, spa and exterior of all towers is still being worked on (the removal of the pagoda roofs being my favorite part) but the casino is all finished.


I haven't stayed in the hotel but overall I'm hearing really positive things. The Acs are still wall mount, but they went through and did a full gut of the towers and replaced all plumbing and what not. I hear the rooms actually have water pressure now. I also like how they have a wifi hot spot in every single room rather than one every 6 rooms as is the norm in most hotels. This gives every room a much better connection.


As for the casino. I find this to be the one I end up at the most after work or when friends and family are in town. Their bars are great, TAG being my personal favorite, and the environment is very fun and friendly. I think overall Caesars did the best anyone could hope for with the property short of blowing it up.


Here's a decent opinion piece on the hotel...


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The $28 resort fee (tax included) offers access to the fitness center and Internet connectivity for two devices.


Improved WiFi that you can barely use apparently...Unless you are staying alone.


If I wasn't loyal to MGM properties (hooray for comps), I'd probably stay there one night out of morbid curiosity. I wasn't a fan of the casino (walked through it) because it just felt like more of that forced bland/modern boringness that's everywhere.

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^ When I was a kid, we always used to go to a restaurant called Hilda's Living Room Lounge in North Las Vegas.


I believe that Hilda was actually an Italian woman, but they had without a doubt, the best Mexican food we had ever had. It was a tradition to go to Hilda's every summer when we went out to visit our relatives (whom also lived in North Las Vegas). My family loved one of her creations: The Gordito, but I was not a big fan of beans so opted for the cheese enchilada instead - which was out of this world!


I believe that she sold it and the new owners didn't pan out - I think that it may have been for the most part due to the high crime/gangs that started invading the area in the mid to late 80's. I remember the last time we ever visited that we were a little leery of even getting out of our car!


Sad that no one in her family or any of her friends never tried to open up another location somewhere in a better neighborhood while still using her recipes.


Here is a link to a pretty cool article in the Las Vegas Review Journal where they give a shout out to Hilda's Living Room Lounge and talk about a lot of the Las Vegas that I remember as a kid visiting during summer vacation.


My how things have changed!



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Just got back from a little mini vacation to the Strip...


-Did the High Roller & enjoyed it for two reasons: our pod only had a total of 4 people in it and the views are nice once you get above the backside of buildings point. The music/cheesy video guy were annoying at times.


-Saw the MJ Cirque show: It's definitely more of a dance show with cirque elements mixed in, but it was lots of fun. Great dancers and really cool lighting/projection stuff.


-SLS is already a ghost town. There couldn't have been more than 100 people on the casino floor on Tuesday night. The Sayers Club was open as a lounge and completely empty. This place needs a signature element or it's toast.


-Hotel32 at the top of Monte Carlo is the best bang for your buck if you want to go for a luxury hotel. Speaking of Monte Carlo, I like what they did to the front. Opened it up more while keeping most of the themed entrance in tact.


-Restaurant Reviews...Double Barrel Road House had great wings & Chayo @ the Linq had good tacos at the taco Tuesday price of $3 (didn't think they would be worth their normal price of $18 for 3).

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