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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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Undertow didn't open today. Word is that it may open early next week. Although it may be ready sooner, they aren’t sure if they want to open it for the crazy busy Labor Day weekend.


I was out at the Boardwalk today and Undertow was testing just after noon, but later in the afternoon testing stopped, although a coaster mechanic was still on the platform working on things. For what it’s worth, the queue hasn’t even started to be built yet. I do have some information as to why the ride was so far behind schedule. I don’t know how big of a contribution this made, but here it is: Maurer didn’t ship the ride pieces how the Boardwalk thought they would. It apparently shipped in much smaller parts than anticipated, which left maintenance with the tasks of putting everything together with limited knowledge of the ride.


General update:


Some of these things might be months old – sorry if you are already aware of these changes. I don’t go to the park very often anymore.


Haunted Castle changes:

- The raised deck area when you enter the swamp is completely gone. The swamp now is at the same level as the rest of the ride.

- The swamp monster gag has been greatly enhanced and pops up very quickly and bounces around a bit.

-There is a brand new gag in the swamp – a giant spider! It’s a great gag. Very surprising and well-designed. The spider’s legs get closer to your car than just about anything else on the ride.

- There is something that looks like a snake in the bushes right in the same area as the dinosaur.

- The tree falling gag is still too late (has been like that forever)

- Overall, the ride keeps getting better and better as they tweak things. It’s still far from a world-class dark ride, but is heading in the right direction with each change and addition.


- Giant Dipper is running great.


- All rides are open (excluding Undertow).


- Fireball got a refurb last winter, and it’s running like the day it opened! It’s once again, smooth, forceful, and FULL of airtime. It needed some TLC and boy did it get it. The lighting package has changed also, for better/worse. The new lights only cover the ride carriage. The ride structure and pendulum are without lights. The lights the ride does have, however, are the modern color-changing type, and are neat to watch.


- Two politically-correct cavepeople (a caveman and cavewoman) have been placed on park benches so that guests can sit next to and pose with them.


- Marini’s has a permanent, new taffy/candy stand open, located across from the Merry-Go-Round.


- A lot of Cave Train's gags are either not functioning or partially working with respect to both the motion of the figures and sound effects. The ride could really use some TLC.


- That’s about all I can think of!

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Undertow didn't open today. Word is that it may open early next week. Although it may be ready sooner, they aren’t sure if they want to open it for the crazy busy Labor Day weekend.


I can't imagine they don't want it open for the 'last official weekend of summer'. Even if it has some growing pains, it will help with capacity around the rest of the boardwalk and at least earn them some credit that they got it open for the last holiday of the big season!

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^ That's true, and I would love it if they were able to get it open! Although, if they chose to open it on such a busy day and there is a breakdown with long delays, they are going to have a lot of angry guests (who have maybe bought tickets just for Undertow). Might be wiser from their standpoint to open for the first time on a less busy day. I guess it really depends on how reliable the ride is.




The Boardwalk posted this in response to a question on Facebook asking if Undertow will open this weekend:

Not this weekend. We are putting the final touches on the new ride and have begun the state mandated inspection process. Once this is completed we will open Undertow. We will announce the opening on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Google+) as soon as we know the date.
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Crossing my fingers it opens soon. I'm going to be generous and give it some time, planning on hitting up the 'Walk sometime soon (after WCB of course)...Not only do I want to ride Undertow and Giant Dipper, but there's a certain flat ride that I want to hit up before the 'Walk goes into limited op mode...this flat ride lives indoors and is set up to a fancy light package and techno music...that is, Wipeout!

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Okay, so I went on the Boardwalk on August 24th and 31st, and no Undertow. So I got a souvenir 99cent refill cup that advertises the ride. Happy about that at least. I guess I'll have to ride Undertow sometime next year. I suppose they're going to promote Undertow for 2014 since it's opening so late (just like they had to do for the Sea Swings (promoting it for 2009) because they opened it so late in 2008).

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Well I'm knocking on wood that Undertow will open up by by my visit on Sunday the 15th. That gives them this weekend and a whole week of downtime to iron out any problems!


I'm also speculating that they will really push for it to be open by the Golden Ticket Awards this weekend, cause they're hosting it this year.

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Found this on their itinerary:


Take a spin on the Boardwalk’s newest ride – a Maurer Söhne spinning coaster named Undertow. Other rides open exclusively for Golden Ticket guests include two National Historic Landmarks: The 1911 Looff Carousel and 1924 Giant Dipper as well as the Haunted Castle and some classic Boardwalk games. Appetizers, beer, wine, and soft drinks will be served.




Could it be? I do realize that the GTA and rides are not open to the public (this event is being held Friday) and is a private event. But still...could this mean that opening is just on the horizon?

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^I didn't know the Golden Ticket Awards were this weekend. Interesting its the same weekend as WCB.

Why is it interesting that it's the same weekend as WCB? The two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. We weren't even aware of the Golden Ticket date when we set the date for WCB.

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