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  1. Line that short, why didn't you ride more? I had a feeling someone would call me out on that. Yes, in retrospect I should have gone for more rides, especially since I didn’t get a front or back or ride. (One of the trains had the front seat blocked with tape, maybe a restraint issue?) I was a bit on a time crunch and just wanted to get some rides and experience the park. And honestly, the two rides I got on RailBlazer were really intense. I was satisfied!
  2. Went to the park this afternoon to get my first rides on Railblazer. It was incredible! My new #1 in California, displacing Twisted Colussus. Incredible pacing and airtime. I liked sitting solo, and it’s really cool how your feet are basically straddling the track. It also helped that the park wasn’t crowded. Waited 10 minutes each to ride Railblazer two times. They had riders enter the Fast Lane entrance, maybe because the line was so short? The grouper wasn’t taking requests. I asked for the back and was denied. The crew was efficient, helping gather loose articles and closing restraints
  3. Awesome review! Was the regular line packed for opening day? How were crowds overall since it was a Thurs?
  4. Any news on a potential “media/promo shoot” for Railblazer like they did for Gold Striker? Had a great time when they did this for Gold Striker (found out about it on this thread and registered online), although I remember there was a discussion about it being more for noise testing and less for photo/video materials. Maybe this isn’t needed for Railblazer? Thanks!
  5. LOL. I had that coming. In my defense, it was in the lower 30s in the morning (thus the frost) but yes, probably upper 40s/lower 50s when noon came around for opening. I didn't end up going, though. Wayyyy too cold out there! I have a 2016 comp ticket, so time is running out! Looks like there are some expanded hours this week before Christmas arrives.
  6. Anybody heading to the park today? Quite chilly in the Bay Area (frost!). Assuming the rides on Joker won't be as fast than when it's 80-90 degrees outside.
  7. I really appreciate the updates on Undertow. Cool to see it testing! Anybody make it out this past weekend? I don't see any updates on the park website or FB page.
  8. So it sounds like Flash Pass may not be worth it if you show up right at opening, and head over to Superman then work your way around the coaster circuit. How have the crowds been on the weekends recently? Looks like Flash Pass is offered on a decent amount of rides, and I know there can be long lines for some rides such as White Water Safari. Thoughts?
  9. I have been viewing these forums for a while, and finally decided to post! Really enjoy the site, just have been in read-only mode thus far. Went to the promo shoot today, and I have to say Gold Striker is amazing. Rode twice: once in the second row and once in the front row. So both rides were quite similar, with the front row being a little better due to view. I am also hoping that front row ride increases my chances of being in the promo material (although it will probably be difficult to actually verify). First ride was around 6pm, and we stopped on the lift about halfway up. This
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