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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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And those environmentalists never stop to think twice about how much money "Ride ABC" would have brought to the city in the long run, and improved the overall park.



This kinda reminds me of the absolutely facepalm-inducing story about that Movie Studio George Lucas was attempting to build in Marin.


A multi billion dollar project that would have boosted the city's economy and brought in high paying jobs...he even did numerous environmental studies....


Then all the NIMBYs started raising hell and high water over the dumbest stuff, and Lucas walked away from the project...


The kicker?


He's selling the land to a Low Income Housing Developer.


Here's a little bit more in-depth talk about the situation. Next time NIMBYs in Santa Cruz whine about the Boardwalk, someone should just show them this.

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Sorry to double post, but here are some pic from Santa Cruz today...


Were Off! (Sadly, Mr. Card Games on Motorcycles couldn't make it, he was sick.)


We Stopped at Betty's burgers. the innuendo of restaurant


(Insert fat ACE joke here)


We have arrived.


Let's start with some Dipper Pics




Then came FireBall, (even though I can't really get a good picture)


Oh! ok, well, that's better.


Let's talk about the new Crazy Surf


I think this one is much better then the old one.


Only problem, you keep getting rained on by the Logger's Revenge above you.


Sorry, but I seemed something happened to the GOOD picture of Hurricane I had. Well, enjoy this one anyways, you may not see this ride again.


One last Dipper pic

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Nice pictures! Who manufactures Crazy Surf? I'm trying to get a good look at the restraints and how they work, but it's difficult. Anyone know where I can find some up-close pictures?


How is Giant Dipper running? There was a report a few days ago about a minor collision. I've seen blue, red, green, yellow and brown trains on Giant Dipper. I'm wondering if they keep 2 on online, and cycle the others? I've only ridden it a couple times back in 1999, would love to get back out there.

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Crazy Surf is a KMG X-Factory.


I detailed a few pages back on how the restraints work. They are very unique! I can try to explain in even more detail if you would like.


Dipper has two Morgan trains which started out as black and yellow during the late 80s though 2006, and were switched to blue and orange (some say red) at that time. There has never been more than two trains on the track at the same time.

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^Thanks, those lap bars remind me a bit of the S&S Screamin' Swing lap bars. That's a pretty awesome design for safety and comfort.


Do the lap bars on Crazy Surf "staple" you in?


orange (some say red) at that time.


Ketchup is the color I think. Or is it Catsup?



I could swear I've seen Giant Dipper with a green train at one point. Perhaps it was the old Morgan trains from the 70s(?). Update - aha! I found some pics:



Very nice retro looking train (probably cuz it is retro duh!)


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Depending on the size of the rider, the Crazy Surf lapbars may staple you in. There is a maximum point that the bars move in towards you, so if you're really skinny, the bar will barely touch you, but if not, the bar will give constant pressure on you for the whole ride (kind of like the shoulder bars on an Intamin Looping Starship).


Cool that you found some pictures of the old Arrow train. I didn't know they had a green one!


EDIT: I found a few shots from Sting II, which shows the Arrow trains with another color scheme.




And here with a black (and red?) color on the interior:




And yellow here:



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@ 154bmag


Thanks for those awesome pics! Man, I miss SC sooooo much! I remember going to Betty's a few times. Nice to see a pic of their food


Looks like they're really letting the Hurricane go. It's looking all busted, rusted, and crusted now. So sad. Hopefully its condition will make the price lower. If I had the space, I'd buy it and have it moved to Phoenix, AZ where I live now... maybe start my own beachless boardwalk.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm a reporter for a newspaper nearby the Boardwalk, and I jumped on the opportunity to cover the Giant Dipper's 60 millionth rider celebration.


First off, the park was absolutely packed, being a Friday afternoon and with the free concert happening later.


I was told by the Boardwalk that the 60 millionth riders would be celebrated sometime between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. I got there at 2, and met up with Boardwalk representatives and other reporters underneath Fireball (which I got some great pictures and was dying to ride it).


Around 2:30, we were told to walk up the Giant Dipper's exit ramp. The riders were getting excited when seeing all the press, but were disappointed when they found out they weren't the 60 millionth riders.


After about three dispatches (I was amazed by how fast the ride operators work), riders in the red train took off. When they came back, they were announced the 60 millionth riders.


Prizes included a Giant Dipper sweatshirt and a bag full of Boardwalk goodies.


Also, Hurricane news: I was told that Hurricane's last day is Sept. 3, and ACE is tentatively setting up a farewell event on Aug. 26.


You can read part of my article here: http://www.register-pajaronian.com/v2_news_articles.php?heading=0&page=72&story_id=12861


Giant Dipper hits 60 million riders




SANTA CRUZ — Raul Vire, from Texas, had never ridden the Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk before Friday afternoon.


What would have been a milestone just for him ended up being a milestone in the history of roller coasters.


Vire joined 23 other riders as the 60 millionth riders on the 88-year-old wooden roller coaster Friday. The riders received Giant Dipper sweatshirts and an entire bag full of Boardwalk memorabilia.


“It feels really good,” Vire said, adding that while he knew the history of the ride, he didn’t expect to be a part of such a feat.


Kris Reyes, spokesperson for the Boardwalk, said the park still has higher expectations for the roller coaster.


For the complete article see the 07-27-2012 issue.



These guys were the 59,999,999th riders.


The 60 millionth riders, before they knew about it.


The announcement.


It's official!


The tail end of the 60 millionth rider train.


Newspaper photo opportunity.


Riders redeem their prizes.


Yep, it's crowded.


Fireball riders high in the air.


New Crazy Surf. I took a quick video of it, I will try to get it up Monday.


One of the Hurricane's last rides.


The Boardwalk has teased over Facebook that the replacement will be a coaster.


So long Giant Dipper! See you at 70 million! (but hopefully sooner!)

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Very cool. Giant Dipper is the only woodie I thoroughly enjoy, by far my favorite (No, never ridden El Toro, want to).


Very sad to see Hurricane go I was there on opening day in 1992..I am definitely going to need to take a trip to the Boardwalk between now and then to ride that baby one last time. It's a simple looking coaster but I love that half twist drop in the middle, I find it extremely enjoyable. I'm excited at the prospect of a new coaster at SCBB though, hopefully something a bit more modern.

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Pretty neat, read your article earlier. I had a feeling 60 million was creeping around the corner.


I've always been amazed at the Dipper's dispatch times...Why can't you run just like this, Grizzly crew? Grizzly...why can't your trains be more like the Dipper's trains and lose the 2 additional seatbelts?

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Hey everyone! I just got back from a 6 day vacation to Santa Cruz, and of course I had to go to the boardwalk (8 times to be exact). I rode the Giant Dipper at least 10 times (all in the front or last car of both trains) and of course all other rides! Here were my observations:


- I rode the Hurricane only once this week, it was just too darn rough! It has an insanely bad rattle and was just awful! It seems like they just don't care about it anymore until they get rid of it! I hit my head so many times on it that it was no fun. I used to love it so this was very disappointing.


- The Giant Dipper was interesting to say the least... It was busy almost all day everyday and even though the line is way out the door they refuse to run two trains until at least 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I know that they need more staff when there is two trains but thursday morning I counted 9 ride operators! Sometimes they just stood around. No good for anyone and it makes the line move slow.


- After the so called "accident" on the Giant Dipper, I noticed that the Blue train no longer has the "100 Anniversary" front end, it has what the old black and yellow trains had (SCBB logo on the wood base). I have a picture to post later.


- Even if they are running one train on the Giant Dipper, they now stop you on the brake run now for a few seconds, it's longer when they run two trains, it seems like they don't want anything to happen again. Also on thursday morning, they were having problems braking the blue train and they overshot it in the station at least 4 times when I was IN LINE. Of course they had to let the riders go again. After each overshot a new ride operator would handle the brakes and would VERY SLOWLY brake the coaster into the station, it was very aggravating to say the least.


- Wipeout is still the best flat ride in the park, bar none. The music,lights, and darkness help the ride SO MUCH. Amazing.


- Giant Dipper gave the best rides in YEARS to me, very smooth and airtime over every hill, the worst part of the ride is the last turn in the front though. I still think this is the best wood coaster in California and maybe the west coast!


These were some of my observations, I had fun all week and will still continue to come back to the boardwalk.

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- Giant Dipper gave the best rides in YEARS to me, very smooth and airtime over every hill, the worst part of the ride is the last turn in the front though. I still think this is the best wood coaster in California and maybe the west coast!
Agree wholeheartedly. I rode it about a year ago and was blown away by how much better it was riding than in the past, and when it's riding like that yes it is easily the best woodie in California and probably the west coast. Amazing for a woodie that was built in freakin' 1924! I'm really really hoping to be able to make it down there before 9/3 to bid farewell to Hurricane and I will certainly be taking a few rides on the Dipper as well if I can.
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