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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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If anyone doesn't mind, Im trying to win a contest that lets you have a mini vacation in Santa Cruz and tickets to the Boardwalk. I would really appreciate it if you vote by clinking on the LINK and vote 5 stars and put in your email. Thanks a lot ahead of time!


I just uploaded an image as well but not seeing it on there yet...how long did it take for it to appear?


I think around 20 minutes, I went to eat dinner and it was uploaded. Im not sure why it took so long im guessing its the websites servers.

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Im looking forward to the new Crazy Surf, the OTSR were brutal on that ride. So the lap bars will be a huge improvement.

Yeah, that ride hurt! I definitely don't miss it. The new one seems intriguing, but won't be a major priority for me.

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Yep. The NEW Crazy Surf has landed. I thought the blue color scheme was better, but I guess I can deal with the "redness". Doesn't look like much of a surf is going on in the background though.


Photos taken by Donaven Staab, and posted on the official Boardwalk Facebook page








Photos taken by Donaven Staab, and posted on the official Boardwalk Facebook page

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I'm not really a big fan of getting my shoes wet as I don't like water rides that much. (not as much hate at Dan )



Sorry to advertise my photo, but it would be greatly appreciated if you go here:


and go ahead and vote. I could potentially win a mini vacation package to Santa Cruz and the boardwalk!


Did it!

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You could take your shoes and socks off and use this ride to wash your feet after walking around on the beach! Looks like a fun ride with no over the shoulder restraints!


Haha! Good idea! This may become the newest foot wash station. And I never noticed there were no shoulder restraints. Thank goodness, because those were so annoying.

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What? No photo credit? LOL Love the look of the new Crazy Surf -ds


You do know that those pictures were taken by that user unless they posted the source.


I wonder when they're going to open the ride, I'm thinking that they're going to open in it a week or so.

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What? No photo credit? LOL Love the look of the new Crazy Surf -ds


Omigosh! So sorry, Donaven! I will edit that right away! My sincerest apologies!




It has been edited. Again, sorry about that, and thanks for the pics. Look forward to seeing more!


Also, while on the SCBB topic, I heard they have a new mascot of some sort for the park now... I rememeber nominating this guy a few years back:



Yes, I drew that.

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They're the photos I took and posted on the Boardwalk Facebook Page. No worries. Just chiming in on the fun.


What? No photo credit? LOL Love the look of the new Crazy Surf -ds


You do know that those pictures were taken by that user unless they posted the source.


I wonder when they're going to open the ride, I'm thinking that they're going to open in it a week or so.

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What? No photo credit? LOL Love the look of the new Crazy Surf -ds


So... how long has the Boardwalk marketing department been lurking this thread?


But in all seriousness, welcome to TPR!


LOL! Thanks. Glad to be here. I've known of TPR for quite a while. Usually come check it out after a post shows up in my Google Alerts. I'll try to contribute as much as I can here. Dig the enthusiasm and knowledge here, for sure! Keep it up! -ds

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I took a visit to the Boardwalk this past Sunday (6/3/2012) to go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Boardwalk, as well as ride the new Crazy Surf.


The new Crazy Surf looks like a winner! The ride seats 18 across, with individual lapbars. The lapbars are free to open and close as you enter your seat. Once everyone is seated, the operator instructs riders to raise their hands up. With the lapbars in the down position, they inch towards your stomach in a smooth, hydraulic fashion. There are pinch points near the mechanism, so it is important that everyone keeps their hands up as the lapbars tighten.


The ride begins normally enough, in a very similar way to the old Crazy Surf. The motion is surprisingly smoother than the old Crazy Surf. About halfway through the cycle, the carriage pauses at the top and tilts forward 20 degrees (according to KMG). At the same time, the water jet begin to raise up. Just as the carriage begins to descend, the jets lower so riders don't get wet. This process repeats a few times, with the carriage tilting forward and back to vertical while stationary at the top.


I think the ride is a great addition to the park. The tilting, water jets, lapbars only, and comfortable seats give the ride a major edge over the old Crazy Surf. Even though the tilt is not that much, it would catch anyone off guard who is unaware the ride is able to move in such a way. The water jets give a great effect of nearly getting wet. Hopefully in the heat of the summer, the ride will turn into a water ride, with the water fountains staying high enough to get the riders wet.


Join me below for some pictures of my day.


Crazy Surf is now open!


Fun and safety sign. Note: "You may get wet."


Ride plaque


Best shot of the panel I could get. Note: There is a keyhole for "high water fountain" usage, which to me means that the ride has a mode to get riders wet!


Behind the ride


Here is what the ride looks like not tilted. And...


...here is the ride at a full tilt of 20 degrees



A view from Sky Glider showing the new Tater Twists stand. I tried one -- it's like a giant Pringle!


One of two new wooden walkways built on the beach. These new sections were an excellent idea. During busy times, these seating areas should help alleviate the traffic jams associated with the walking area between Merry-Go-Round and Giant Dipper. Note the tasteful benches, lampposts, and hanging flower pots.


Here is the other recently built wooden seating area. Apparently, the CA Coastal Commission was happy to approve the additions, with the caveat that no goods be sold on them. So don't expect any new food/merch.


Today was family fun and tour day for friends and family of Boardwalk employees. They gave "under-the-Boardwalk" tours. First stop, under Neptune's Kingdom to the Tech Services area.


They employed a talking robot to explain to us what exactly tech services does at the Boardwalk. (hint: anything and everything tech-related)


The talking robot in action


Next stop, Seaside Co. executive offices


Really awesome restored arcade machine


Another restored arcade machine


A floating Merry-Go-Round horse





Next, into the basement under the east end of the Boardwalk (starts below Cliffhanger and ends at Rock and Roll)




Really awesome retro poster!


Cave Train's second train, in storage


The back of the train, showing the auto-announcement buttons and E-Stop


Coming Spring 1992...leaving Fall 2012


A piece of the old Haunted Castle sign


A sign from the old Remote-a-Boats, which used to sit between Double Shot and Pirate Ship


"Wipeout - Coming Spring 1993." A retro sign from Boardwalk's old Chance Wipeout. The ride once occupied Fireball's current location.


"Typhoon - Coming Summer 1991." This Fabbri Kamikaze occupied Sea Swings spot a few years ago.


The Great Auto Race once occupied nearly the entire lower (East) area of the Boardwalk.




Looking East, past the different maintenance shops


Finally, a view of the Giant Dipper from one of the Boardwalk's outdoor break rooms.

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