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RCT2 Lost Objdata Help Thread

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Here is the complete zip right from the download page. Curious, was there a problem with the download for you? To get it to work I had to Right Click and Save Target As... in order for it to function.




Here are 15 random paths including the concrete path requested by MeMeMe. Enjoy


15 Random Paths.zip


Still working on the roof item PirateBayLove, those are a little harder to find.

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does anybody have the right side up spandrel wall by fisherman and rct mart? i downloaded the frasier million doller peir and it had it but i went to the sanario maker and it wasnt there. i dont think it was made by fisherman because it wasnt in the victorian decoration pack that i downloaded. it wasnt even in the pack at that park, it was just in the walls. can anybody help? it was called spandrel wall 2 rightside up.

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im looking for the objects for this park. its a park that i made on my old comp and i dont seem to have the files.

If anyone can get into this park, can u plz put the extract object with save file on and send it back to me plz.


I also got a design by another player. I cant remeber who did this but i think it was pretty cool.

Hillside Park.SV6


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3. SPELL CHECK YOUR POSTS!!!! There is a completely FREE spell checker available with the Google toolbar. A typo here and there is completely acceptable. We all are guilty of this. But when someone can't READ your post due to bad spelling, grammar, lack of capitalization, etc, that's a problem. If you aren't a good speller (and I totally admit I would be lost without my spellchecker) download it now: http://toolbar.google.com/


4. Do NOT use "internet shorthand" - Use the proper and complete spelling of words. Do not shorten "you" to "u", etc. You're not messaging on a cell phone, you're typing on a computer. You have a full sized keyboard in front of you - USE IT!

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I tried to open it and I still need XXBSHJO1/01F509F5P403D7.


First, just to let you know you do not need the number after the "/". They only mean something to the game, not people. So in other words you need "XXBSHJO1".


Below you will find another version of the "NE Bench" (saved game) from 2007. This one should download all the scenery items with the park without any issues. Just download it, double click on it and let it load. Also fixed is the guest entry problem that was caused by using the own all land function with 8cars. The border land has been restored and guests can now enter the park without issue. If you wish to build all the way to the edge of the map just use 8cars to change land ownership and build what you want and then change ownership back.


I need a standing peep scenery object. A table with umbrella object. And usable full tile paths if anyone has them.

The standing peep can be found a few pages back in this topic HERE. As for the table with umbrella I have two versions, one that came with the beach set from RCTMart and an version of the same I make color changeable. I used them in my water park. Which version do you want? Paths not a problem, just need to know what kind of styles you want.

NE Official Bench FIXED.SV6

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